What do these three
snacks have in common? Well, they’re all
made in the microwave. Today on Household
Hacker, we’re going to show you how to
quickly and simply make single serving snacks
and desserts using just your microwave– oh, and
a few ingredients that you can find anywhere. Let’s get nuking. Turn a small amount
of these ingredients into this single serving
of delicious banana bread built in just a few
minutes and very little hassle. Start by lightly misting
a large microwave safe mug with non-stick
cooking spray. And then add one fifth a cup
of flour, two tablespoons of brown sugar, one
packet of sweetener, an eighth of a teaspoon
of salt, an eighth of a teaspoon of baking
powder, an eighth of a teaspoon of baking soda, an
eighth of a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, and then blend them
all together in your mug. I know that sounded like
a lot, but hey, it’s really not that difficult. Now, add one egg, one
tablespoon of milk, one tablespoon of vegetable
oil, one fourth teaspoon of vanilla extract,
and then half of a banana that’s overly ripe. And then mix it
all together well. You’ll find a list of all the
ingredients in the description. So don’t worry if you
didn’t catch all of them. Place your mug in the microwave
and cook it for 90 seconds. Keep an eye on it because
the bread may rise over the top of your mug. If your bread is still just a
little runny after 90 seconds, throw it back in for 30 to
90, but keep an eye on it. Feel free to add a little
sprinkle of cinnamon. What you’re left with should be
a soft and delicious afternoon snack with very little hassle–
but a lot of ingredients. You can also make a
delectable Nutella brownie in the microwave using
just three ingredients and a minute of your time. It’s a piece of cake. All you’re going to need here
is an egg, flour, and Nutella. Measure out 6 and 1/2
tablespoons of Nutella and place it in a large
microwave safe bowl. Toss in one large egg
and whisk it together until you have a blended
gooey consistency. Now, add about two tablespoons
of all purpose flour and mix it together
until your ingredients look like a smooth cake batter. Of course if you clean
up the edges a bit, your end results will look
much more presentable. Next, place the mug
in the microwave and cook it until your brownie
is set and firm on top. This takes roughly
45 to 60 seconds. But be careful not to overcook
it, because it will dry out. It’s best to let it cool for 10
to 15 seconds before serving. But you can kick it up a notch
by adding various topics. And now you’re left with a
chewy, chocolaty oversized cupcake in a mug that will
convince others that you’re a gourmet dessert chef. Well, sort of. Whip these basic
ingredients together for a healthy gluten-free
oatmeal cookie dough snack in less
than five minutes. Add two tablespoons of
oats, 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of coconut flour, and
then add a quarter of a teaspoon of baking powder. Make sure you’re putting
it all into a microwave safe mug or bowl. Mix all the dry
ingredients together until they’re well combined. Now, add one tablespoon
of brown sugar and three tablespoons of milk. We’re almost there. Just stir it all together until
there’s no large clumps left. Next, you’re going
to need one egg. But you’re going to
remove the yolk first. Use a whisk or fork and beat
the egg white into your batter. Once everything’s
mixed well, just add one tablespoon
of chocolate chips. And mix a bit more
before placing it all in the microwave. Just like with the brownie,
cook on high for 90 seconds. It doesn’t seem
done after that, you can throw it back in
for 30 second increments till you’re satisfied. Not only is this single
serve dish gluten-free, but it’s concocted
without butter or oil. Delicious. Who knew that you could
satisfy that sweet tooth using just a microwave and a
few minutes of your time? As always, thanks for
watching and tuning into Household Snacker. We’ll see you next time. Make sure you’re subscribed
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