We have a very,
very special guest. One of the most prolific pastry
chefs anywhere in America. She is the mastermind
behind Sprinkles Cupcakes. Candace Nelson? All of you, please
welcome Candace Nelson. Oh, wow. Holy crap, it’s
Candace Nelson. Candace introduced
me to cupcakes, and that’s what really
sprang my whole journey is a pastry cook nine years ago. [beep] I can’t believe she’s going
to taste my macaroons. I’m both as terrified
as I excited. It’s an absolute
honor having you back. First of all, congratulations. Thank you. 24 stores. A second new restaurant opened. That’s right. And this gorgeous tower. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It looks amazing. Thank you so much. Well, I hope it will
prove inspiring to you on your macaroon
making journey today. Macaroon is a seemingly
simple cookie, but can be surprisingly complex. There’s only a few
ingredients that go into one, but there are so many
things that can go wrong.