Canjica – Brazilian Desserts To finish the June Festival recipes, I am going to
make Canjica for you! To make canjica I put 500g of white corn (canjica)
with water and leave it soaked overnight. After 24h, I’m gonna drain this water and rinse
the corn – then, I cook it in a pressure cooker for 30 minutes. Pour water enough to cover the corn in about
10 cm height above it. Then just put the lid on and cook for 30 minutes. I drain the corn again, rinse it and put it into
another large pan with 1 tin of condensed milk, 1 liter of whole milk,
2 cinnamon sticks, 5 cloves or more if you want, then I add 1 cup of freshly grated coconut – it can be the dried
coconut, but I prefer it fresh one. And 2 bottles of coconut milk (400ml). I put everything in the pan and cook in medium/low
heat until it turns into a creamy and delicious cream! Do you know the texture, honey? That tasty cream? Moustache: Like a baby food. Not that thick, almost like that. It has to be slightly more liquid than
a baby food. Moustache: Why they don’t make baby food
with canjica flavor? After your canjica is ready, just add a cup
of toasted peanut, if you like. I toast mine and remove the peel, then just serve and it will be delicious! If you like canjica as much as I do,
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