Hey Everyone, today I am going to show you easiest Eggless bread pudding recipe it is very easy to prepare and you don’t need oven or egg for that it turns out very creamy and soft let’s hit 20,000 likes on this video, so that I can come up with more such amazing recipes you can also check out some awesome dessert recipes on my English Channel, link of the same is description let’s begin take a pan to prepare caramel for that take 3/4th (approx 100gms) cup of sugar melt it on lowest flame once it starts to melt, rotate the pan like this don’t use spatula at this point cook until it comes to caramel color you can see sugar has melted and the color has turned little darker cook it for more 15-20 seconds to get the syrup more darker and keep an eye on it because it gets cooked very fast this is perfect color, let me show you guys turn the flame off transfer it in any cake tin or mould you can even use silicon or steel mould spread it evenly to create a thin base or layer of it I am using a big tin here if you want to make small individual puddings, you can use ramekin moulds or you can even use small steel bowls available at home take care of your hands because it is very hot at this moment this is ready now we will keep it aside to set meanwhile, let’s do all the preparation for pudding take 5 bread slices of which I have removed all the corners I am using white bread but if you want to make it healthy you can use brown bread break the bread into small pieces and add it in blender jar blend it so our fresh bread crumbs are ready let me show you guys the texture our fresh bread crumbs are ready take 2 cups (approx 400ml) of milk in a pan don’t turn on the flame now we will first add and mix all the ingredients and then we will turn the flame on add 1 cup of sugar in it you can add 2-3 tbsp extra sugar, if you want your pudding to be more sweeter add 2 tbsp of custard powder for thickening i am using vanilla custard powder you can also use corn starch instead of custard powder but custard powder gives nice flavour to the pudding mix it well, so there are no lumps whisk it for a min or 2 custard powder should get properly mixed this smooth mixture is ready now turn on the flame start cooking it on low-medium flame keep stirring in between with a whisk or a spatula it is to mix it with a whisker because it doesn’t let the lumps form you can see mixture has started to thicken cook it more for 3-4 mins on medium flame mixture is sticking on the spatula this means it has thicken nicely this is perfect consistency i have cooked it for 4 mins don’t over cook it this is the perfect stage now we will start adding bread crumbs add 2-3 tbsp breadcrumbs to start with and mix it don’t add entire bread crumbs at once otherwise it will get lumpy and you won’t be able to handle it then you will again have to blend it that’s why add bread crumbs in batches mix it continuously to prepare a thick mixture out of it keep the flame on medium use whisker to mix it to break the lumps if there are any bread crumbs are well blended with the mixture you can see that cook it for one more min this consistency is perfect turn the flame off and remove it from stove then add 1tbsp butter this will give the smooth finish and gloss to the pudding and salted butter enhances the flavour of any sweet butter has been mixed transfer it in the tin over caramel pat the mixture with the help of a spatula, like this our cake tin is ready i had kept 4-5 cup of water to heat in a pan and i have put a ring/stand in it once water comes to a boil, put the cake tin over it for steaming cover it with a lid and let it steam for 30-35 mins on medium flame or until it is properly set in between you can check whether it has been set or not with a tooth pick or knife it it is not cooked you can cook it for 5 more mins on low flame you can steam the pudding in pressure cooker as well you have to follow same process for pressure cooker as well just remove the ring and whistle from the lid cooking time will be also same, 30-35 mins let’s remove the lid and check, it has been 35 mins pudding has been properly set you can see figure it out from the corners you can confirm it by piercing it with a tooth pick or knife let me show you by touching it with my finger remove it and let it come to room temperature after that i have kept it in refrigerator for 3-4 hours now it’s time to demould it first thing run the sides with a knife to loosen it up then invert it upside down in a plate tap the tin like this and carefully remove the tin you can see how easily the pudding got demoulded and pour the remaining caramel in tin over pudding let me cut a piece it is very soft and smooth from inside let’s take a bite it is very creamy i am going to take one more bite so wasn’t that easy to prepare at home? your homemade eggless bread pudding is completely ready if you enjoyed today’s recipe then like the video, share it and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel i will meet you with one more dessert recipe until then take care and Bbye 🙂