Hi guys this is kunal this side and today i will show you how to make caramalised coconut ladoo. First heat boil water in a pan and add an unopened can of condensed milk. Cover the pan and boil it for 2 hours. it’s been 2 hrs now we will turn off the gas. Remove & cool the can completely. Now open the can. The condensed milk is nicely caramelised. It’s quite a simple recipe. We will take 2 cups of dried desiccated coconut in a bowl and we will add 1 cup of this caramalised condensed milk. Now add vanilla extract. cardamom powder. Now mix it nicely Now using your hands mix it well. And now we will shape them round into ladoos. Now gently roll the ladoos into dessicated coconut and we will plate them. And our caramalised coconut ladoos are ready.