Hey guys! Welcome to Inspire to Cook! Today, I am going to show you how to make a cool banana treat We are going to do some delicious caramelized bananas And I am going to show you the best way to serve it as well I am going to do one frying pan portion So I am going to use 2 bananas for that 1 table spoon of butter 2 table spoon spoons of honey a pinch on cinnamon And some salt First thing of course is to peel the bananas and you want to make sure the bananas are nice and ripe but they are not soft And I am gong to slice up the bananas into half inch slices or so about this thick So we are going to switch up our cook top on medium and we’ll put about a table spoon of butter it has to be unsalted butter And I am going to add 2 table spoon of honey My honey is beautiful. it came from the local farmer You don’t have to be precise with this recipe, but about this much honey and I’ll add in a pinch of cinnamon And a pinch of salt for flavor And we’ll mix everything up until it completely dissolves You want it to become one in consistency before we put the bananas in When you hear it sizzling, you want to add the bananas in the pan be careful not to burn yourself And when we add the bananas in, we’ll fry them for 4-5 minutes on each side After a couple minutes, we’ll give it a good shake to make sure they are not going to get stuck It’s been about 4 minutes and you see how nice and brown they are almost golden and we are going to flip them over some people like it when someone cooks for them but you just have no idea how good it smells And how beautiful it looks while you are cooking it This is the true beauty This is probably the best moment when you watch it caramelize And getting it right into the perfect dessert condition After I flipped the bananas, I actually held them up on the cook top for about 3 minutes because the caramel has gotten to the perfect condition And I am taking them off Look how beautiful and caramelish it looks And I am about to show you the best way to serve it I am gong to put a scoop of vanilla ice cream And I am going to through a couple of bananas right on top of it look how beautiful it looks and the taste that it’s going to produce is just going to be amazing imagine the caramel, the vanilla… …and the ice cream nice and warm bananas and cold ice cream well I am going to try the caramelized bananas first just by itself the smell is just beautiful, it’s just inviting you to eat it umm it has a little bit of flavor of dried bananas but the caramel is just amazing you almost want to smell it as much as eat and it’s time to enjoy some ice cream I am going to cover the caramelized bananas with the melted vanilla ice cream just like that and I am going to get a little bit of ice cream umm Umm this is the best taste I’ve ever had my wife behind the camera so wants to try it but, uh I just have to enjoy it all look how beautiful it looks the combination of cold, refreshing vanilla ice cream and fried caramelized banana you can just taste it by looking at it this is incredible guys well I hope you guys enjoyed this video Let me know in comments below what you think And I’ll put the link at the end of the video to where we’ve made the homemade ice cream Amazing ice cream, go try it as well and combine it with the bananaz and we’ll see you next time – my legs -what’s up with that it was a leg work out leg work out day – it’s firmer much firmer hahaha HI! – HI! HI YOU DOIN GUYS?! hahaha you never do that? – NEVER Watch next by inspire to cook: Homemade Ice Cream, Naked Tomato, Best Pizza REcipe, Marshmallow S’mores