– There’s a lot of beans in there I hope you sleep by yourself. Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba!
(laughter) (drums playing) – My mom is from like
a really small village in Tobago which is like the
sister island of Trinidad. – Yeah. – Each village has their own harvest so around harvest time Black
Cake is always coming out. – This my friends is a
very very very very very popular dish called
Tembleque, all I’d eat was frijol negro which is like black
beans with rice and tostone and Tembleque, like that was like my diet whenever I went to Puerto Rico. – My family would get
together on the weekends and there was this lady like up in 181st you’ll see like a long
line in New York City there’s people waiting to
buy the Habichuelas con dulce – My father he does a lot of poetry and we go to like African
and Caribbean festivals and we’d go and buy these from the street vendors. – My first introduction to Pain Patate was probably during my communion because it so hefty sometimes it would
literally be the only meal it’s like what are you in the mood for oh today Pain Patate and then they would just make that and then that’s what you would have for dinner. – This is like the most
Cuban thing I’ve ever said My tia Yoya would take the bus and visit my grandfather, my
grandfather’s sister, and she always made flan for us, when it was time to see Tia Yoya, it was
time to eat some flan. Even though flan is very popular in other countries if I didn’t choose this I would be disowned by my own people. I love you! – You ready? – I’m ready let’s do this. – Yo you ain’t ready for this! – Don’t drop it I swear to God – I got this. – Cookies are awesome, they
have the cross in there – Those cookies came straight from the Dominican Republic, alright? So you enjoy every cookie. – That’s really good. – It feels like the yam was soaked in there for so long, it’s really sweet. Let me dip it in the beans actually. – That’s a good idea. You’ve discovered something new. – Open up like a Jamaican
Dominican fusion treat store. – Oh my God. (laughter) – We’re gonna be rich, okay we gotta cut this is our idea.
(laughter) – Cheers. – La Haim. – Yeah great, it’s coconut-y but it’s not. – It’s subtle. I did a good job when I made it. That’s so funny you don’t like coconut I don’t like raisins. – Tell me what you taste. – It’s so good it’s almost
like a bread pudding. It doesn’t feel unhealthy. – Wow you should tell my Mom that. – I’m so impressed with this, I could eat this all the time, thank you so much. It’s so good, thank you. – [Mother on Phone] You’re welcome. – I like her so much. – My mom is dope. – It dances, even the flan knows how to dance meringue, bom-ba-dom-ba-dom – Check this out. – It’s really good. – I know, I know my shit. I’m gonna dive into this flan, this looks like an enemy from Final Fantasy 7. That is bomb, that is very good. – Yeah it looks like there’s hair in it I didn’t realize that it was
because of the sweet potato. Considering that I’ve
been eating sweet potato every day like a good girl. – Why? – It’s packed with nutrients, this is not an after school special, what is happening right now we are crossing the streams. – The funny thing about
the Caribbean is like you pretty much like remixes of each other – I was raised in the Bronx you know there’s like Dominicans,
Puerto Ricans, but this is awesome and I actually want to like look up the recipe and make it. – It’s crazy that I visited your country but did not have your country’s food and I am missing out clearly. – I feel like at home, having you eat that Tembleque, like my heart is happy. – And my mom is happy. – Yes. – That you at some Black
Cake from Trinidad. – You know I live by
Jamaicans in New York City and I never ever tasted this, I’m glad I was able to taste
this, this is delicious this is amazing. – Shout out to the Cubans, this is bomb. – Shout out to the Haitians. (laughter) – Crazy man. (laughter)