Onion and cheddar caramel cheesecake Mmm it’s good It’s a classic cheesecake. It’s a good cheesecake yeah. The meat turnover? Mmm it’s good. nice and flaky and buttery pastry like croissant
and the meat inside is curried has a curry flavor. It’s pretty good. It’s a chocolate pop. chocolate lovers will love these it’s kind of like chocolate fudge it was
really good actually. Oh yeah? And you don’t like chocolate that much. I know this is
actually very good it’s not too too sweet and it tastes exactly like
chocolate- it’s really good vanilla yeah There you go Try it and see. How is it? It’s good- it’s real ice cream actually. Is it? It’s not soft serve? It says soft serve. But it tastes like real ice cream and it feels cold. Thank you Oh that’s a swan! Haha. How cool is that? Turkey- it’s a turkey. Haha. That is cool. Look at that. Thank you! thank you
Roast lamb? First time eating lamb on this cruise. At the buffet? Or did we have it in the main dining room? I don’t think so. First time this cruise. Burrito? Want Burrito? Thank you. Hi can we have a burrito? Do you want topping? Topping over there. Very big. Haha. Oh yeah- now it has a nice kick. With shrimp, onion, Roasted corn, lettuce. Pretty good. [laughter] Fries are pretty good. It seems kind of soggy. I don’t like the fries. they’re not crunchy at all There’s bacon in it- lots of bacon two pieces of bacon – two strips of bacon there’s raw onion, cucumbers I mean tomatoes, lettuce I didn’t get a bite of the patty. Let me get another bite. The bacon it seems kind of dry. Oh yeah?
Overcooked it? Something. It has a nice crisp but it’s like very dry. It’s not bad. There’s an onion ring in it, with lettuce tomatoes and pickle barbecue sauce The meat is juicy. Nice crunch of the onion ring. Haven’t taken a big enough bite grabbing the vegetables too. Mmm. That’s a good burger. Can I have a smoked salmon on bagel? The hot dog do you like it? Uh huh. oozing out yum. land this is supposed to
be filet mignon is it yeah fancy I asked for medium rare but that looks kind of
like almost well done it’s not bad but I wished it had been medium rare Pretty good. How are the fries? Mmm really good. Better than
the Guys burger fries? Oh yeah. This is brownie. So moist. So chocolaty. Crunchy on the
outside and moist on the inside? And I think there are walnuts inside the brownie. Soft and gooey brownie- I like it a lot. Crab cake lots of crab meat apple salad pretty refreshing This is the thickest layer of creme brulee crust. I know you normally eat it with the crust but that’s too sweet for me It’s a good creme brulee very nice and creamy. Yolky.
Very good? Yeah. For the main course I will have the penne Can I also have the red fish fillet? so buttery there It’s good. Typical escargot. Kind of tender very buttery. My goodness. The flavor of the herb is actually pretty good. Is that garlic bread? Mmm hmm. The garlic bread is really good.
It’s very garlicky and crunchy too. also ladies and gentlemen at this time I
would like to take this opportunity and it’s my true pleasure to introduce
to you one of the most important persons of work
ladies a gentleman he’s the person handling a crew of almost a hundred fifty
preparing thousands of meals a day- all the delicious food Put your hands together for one of the best chefs of the 7 seas – Chef Riley [applause]