Chef Pete here and today. I’m going to be making the world’s hottest brownies I’m taking the pleasure that usually comes from eating brownies and turning it into pain I’ll be adding the special ingredient of Carolina Reapers, which are currently recognized as the hottest pepper in the world But I know there’s going to be some controversy in the comments about this claiming that pepper X is Actually the hottest pepper in the world however pepper X is not yet been officially Recognized and I can’t actually buy it yet So just put your pitchforks away just for now and make do with the Carolina Reapers, okay? It’s still gonna be super spicy. But Ed Currie if you’re watching this and want to send me of pepper X then I’ll be more than happy to eat it. Alright., Let’s get cooking. As you can see I’m using a premade brownie mixture today But I just got back from a trip from Amsterdam and over there. They make incredible Brownies really delicious, so I really need to find out what their special ingredient is Time to add the Reapers. In here we have eight Carolina Reapers eight Carolina Reapers are going into my brownie mixture as well as some Carolina Reaper chocolate because I enjoy a few chocolate chips in my in my brownies. These guys are huge look at one! Chop them up and add them in The smell I’ve had so many bad experiences eating hot stuff like stomach cramps me throwing up that when I smell it I’m kind of now preconditioned to feel ill. That is not a good sign Here we have it, eight Carolina Reapers all chopped up and you can see the hundreds of seeds Those are the things that are deadly. Lets add it into our brownie mixture Now for the Carolina Reaper chocolate so this is chocolate infused of Carolina Reaper being added to brownie mixture infused in Carolina Reaper So it’s a super Carolina Reaper infusion of chocolate and chili Right now it looks absolutely delicious… At this point I’d usually lick the bowl, but today I think I’ll give it a miss So here we have the world’s hottest brownie Now I’ve cut into it I can get a bit of the smell of the Carolina Reaper It looks like a normal brownie But looks can be deceiving so the Carolina Reaper brownie challenge is about to commence I have to eat this whole brownie once I finished off this brownie will then have a two-minute pause before I’m allowed to drink any milk This is slow burn because the brownies still moist they kind of melted my mouth And it coats my whole mouth before the heat of it starts. It;s killing the back of my throat now, but because the brownie is so sticky It’s stuck to my entire mouth, and it goes I could stick it to my throat Got to eat this and then two minutes. I’ve had a cold recently so hopefully it will clear my sinuses There’s so much brownie! What doesn’t help is the brownie is still hot, as in heat hot, so it’s hot heat and then hot spice. Now two minutes to go, I’m just going to sit like this for two minutes What’s difficult is it’s all stuck in my teeth and all around my mouth, so it’s just kind of burning into my face, deeper and deeper I have to brush my teeth. This is a long 2 minutes my whole face feels like it’s peeling off A minute to go. Definitely clearing my sinuses. It is a really good cure for a cold if you have a flu or a cold from the Christmas holidays then just eat a super hot brownie Thirty seconds… the whole brownie’s just dribbling out of me I think the brownies I had in Amsterdam were much tastier. I can’t get it out of my teeth This is actually a really good tactic Well if you enjoyed this then please give a thumbs up and subscribe so you can stay up to date on all my future Delicious recipes thank you watching goodbye