Hola everybody! I’m Vero Welcome to VeroSweetHobby! The movie Cars 3 is just about to premiere and I’m so excited because I’m the only one in the whole YouTube Network that is launching this cake! We’re going to be making together a car that it’s really awesome! I love CARS! And this one is especially nice because the colors and the way it runs and for what I saw in the trailer It’s really fantastic. Lets make together this car of Jackson Storm! if you want to know how to make this Super exclusive car from the new movie Cars 3 you have to watch this video all the way until the end remember if you want to have all of my tutorials for free every Friday, you have to by pressing the red button down below and and press the little bell to make sure you get all of my videos every Friday. Because this car is so brand new You cannot find this templates anywhere else my husband who is pretty amazing with a computer made me these moles last night If you want to have these templates, I’m going to leave you a link down below in the comment box and you’re going to have the instructions to see how to download them. First thing we use is this mold, because I want to know how long the cars can be and how high these two shapes are the first ones we need to start craving the car. I’m going to put this shape right here, and this shape right here This is going to give me the length and the width of the car I cut this part right here, and I measure it with a ruler just to make sure that I go straight. So we get a block of cake like a rectangle I would eat all of this because I have a fat soul! Look at this! Have a serrated knife right now because the first thing we have to do is to level each of the levels of the cake So I’m going to get rid of this shape that is kind of rounded in the top because we still have to add another layer of cake on top, then I’m going to measure with my molds: this one is going to give me the length So I’m going to know that how to cut the front this is extra, and we’ve gone straight to my husband. This is so delicious! if you like chocolate, give me a LIKE right now, and tell me in the comment box down below If you would like me to explain to you how to make this amazing chocolate ganache. So delicious this is like amazing. I’m resisting the sensation of eating the whole cake now Once I have the shape of the car ready to go and covered in chocolate I put it in the refrigerator while I start working and meeting my gray fondant, because I really want my car to be a little bit more firm before I start placing all my fondant to cover it competely. I’m going to start making the wheels now with this beautiful blue, with this blue I create all the details that will make this car shine and show the true personality of Jackson Storm. I have these stickers, and I print them in these edible paper. I cut them out and now I’m going to glue them into the fondant. Am guys so excited I [am] so proud of myself I can’t believe this is like the first Cars cake that I ever made and it’s so cool! The first 3D cars cake this is like a major achivement! If you like this cake don’t forget to give me a like nd comment down below and let me know which cake you would like me to do in the future. If you want to win the real CARS that I’ve giving away on June 16th you have to subscribe to my channel Go to my Facebook page and like me there and follow me on Instagram all that info is on the comment box down below you have until June 16 to participate! Thank you so much for always being there! Don’t forget to subscribe, and see you next time. Chau!