Hello Friends, Welcome back to Icepani Videos Guess Whats happening this Summer My Favorite movies is releasing CARS 3 Its going to release on 16 Jun I hope you are planning to watch Cars 3 with your father Because I am going to watch it. Shhhh, its secret To celebrate Cars 3, we will be making Cars Cake. Yeeeh We will be using Twinkies for the base Some Huge Marshmallows for the wheels Some Life Savers on the top of the wheels Some Skittles for lights and eyes We will be using Red Icing because Lighting McQueen is red and he is the main character of Cars Its Joker that will be driving my Car Lets get started making my favorite movie Cars I have opened One Twinkie. I have got Two Marshmallow that I am going to cut in half Please ask parents to help you cut the Marshmallows I have two Bamboo Toothpick (skewers) that I will be using to put through Marshmallow, Lifesaver and Twinkie First put it through the Twinkie Lets make Lights with red icing and skittles Lets stick skittles I am going to put some icing for driver Seat and Driving wheel I am going to put my girl into her driver seat I am using a life saver for the driving wheel Lets put the driving wheel My car is ready