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commitment you can trust. – Oh yeah. Casey Malone is serving up local. It’s time for the stories of our region. The tastes, the sights, the sounds, and the people in and around the Valley. Get ready for some local flavor on the Casey Malone Show! – Today, we revisit one of
my favorite cooking segments. Dog treats with Crissy and McCabe. But first, what is happening in Warren? We’ll find out when we
take the trolley tour. Well, we are about to go on a trolley tour of all the happenings in downtown Warren. And of course, before we take the tour we’ve got to meet up. An ideal place to have a drink or a bite in downtown Warren, right here, is part of the Best
Western, is this speak easy. We’ve got Tony and Pam
Schofer as the owners and you have totally
transformed this place into a speak easy! – We certainly have, haven’t we? – Yeah, now what was your
thought process with this? – I had a lot of stuff in my
house I needed to get rid of so we just brought it down here and shared it with all of our friends. – So, you’ve always collected, you know, all this kind of memorabilia
and antique stuff? – I think collecting is pretty pushing it. It just showed up one day and now we’ve got it here. – Now Pam, for the theme, I mean, speak easy is really clever. It really does feel very club-ish, because you come down the basement. How long have you been open? – Two years. Just two years. – And are you happy with the success? – We’re thrilled. We love being downtown
and the people down here are amazing and it just lent
itself so well to a speak easy because it was down in the basement. It just worked out great. Everybody loves it! – I must admit, I’ve been here and I’ve a couple of
your crabbed cod tails. You’ve got a great beer selection. And I mean, that is really necessary now. I think the higher end cocktails
with different ingredients you know, you really
need to have more of that rather than just shot and beer places. – Absolutely, the
customers that we have are a little bit more sophisticated and they want something
to keep them interested. Not just to have a drink. So, we’ve got great bartenders,
we’ve got great clientele, we have live music on the weekends, and we’ve got wonderful
food to go along with it. – Jim Cicchillo owns the Trolley and I ran into him a month or so ago and he was telling me about
all the different things that are happening here in
the downtown Warren area. You suggested the trolley trip and I think this is an excellent idea! What do you do with the trolley? – Well, myself and Paul
Clauser, who is my partner, we own it. We bought it from the city and we just kind of donate it. Or we use it for parades and any civic organizations like the Historical Society,
the Fine Arts Council, they have a tour event of
the city, neighborhoods, we let them use it just for free, they just pay for a driver. So, that’s what we do with it. – Now, do you need a special
license to drive this? – Yes. – CDL? – Yes. Which, that’s our driver today. – Do you have one? – No, I do not. – So you can’t even drive
the trolley that you own! (laughing) – Right. Right, well, I do drive
it in parades or something every once in a while. But, we have a driver
who’s driving today, Greg. He drives for us. – And we’re gonna really have a nice tour. We’re gonna see the brewery, we’re gonna go up Millionaire’s Row, and check in on some of the businesses that are really adding
to the great atmosphere here in Warren. – There’s a lot of new things
happening in downtown Warren and we’re really proud of what’s going on and we hope that it continues. (Rings trolley bell) – Well, my buddy downtown John Brown, he’s the Third Ward Councilman of Warren. He’s joining us on our trolley tour and I think Mocha House really started things happening in
downtown Warren, don’t you? – It was an old veteran’s club and Bill and Nick took it 25 years ago, it’s been in existence. We come down here for breakfast
and coffee every morning. It’s a great place. You’ll see everybody down
here and it’s all night long. You’ll see cars in here
morning, noon, and night! They do a great business and they have a really
really neat business model. – It’s really neat looking when you go in because they’ve really kept a lot of the original integrity of the building. Well, this beautiful
woman is Kitsa Axiotis and she and her husband, Bill are part of the revitalization
of downtown Warren! Mocha House, 25 years. How have you seen things change? – Well, we’ve changed in many ways. We’ve grown, we’re adding to our building. We’ve seen the ups and
downs of the different plants in the area that went down. So yeah, there’s been a lot of changes. – From day one, this has always
been a really favorite spot. I mean, you really build a place where people can congregate. – Yes, we’ve always welcomed everyone. Families, business people, so we appreciate everyone’s business here. – So, Jim we’re now
approaching Millionaire’s Row. – Millionaire’s Row, we just turned down Mahoning Avenue, which
is Millionaire’s Row. – The house was built in 1854 and Dr.Woods was the inventor
of, I believe anesthesia, when they did surgeries. – Wow, so Dr.Woods had
his office in the back and then he lived in the front. This is really, and your
sister lives in this house. It’s a beautifully restored home. The Casey Malone Show returns with more from the trolley tour! Summer means Magic Tree. Look at this patio, this is one of my favorite
places to be on a summer night. – Casey, we have all the things
going on at the Magic Tree on our beautiful patio. We have the Saturday Summer Music Series, not to mention all the other goodies. Like our seasonal menu. Absolutely. – Oh, lookie! – That’s our Can of Chips,
our Cedar Plank Salmon, and this is our Casey
and the Sunshine Salad. How do you like that? And then, our seasonal drinks. That’s our Mermaid Water,
and it ain’t no water, by the way. And this is our fresh Blueberry Mule. – Oh, that is beautiful, I am telling you. What is your slogan? – Come to the Magic Tree
to eat drink and celebrate. – And I say repeat! Summertime is here, the living is easy, get to the Magic Tree. Cheers. – Cheers. – Five Buck Burger
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valley for over 20 years. – Right between South Park and Main Street in downtown Warren, is Dave Grohl Alley. You know he was born in Warren. Nirvana, Foo Fighters,
and they pay him tribute with all kinds of really
cool murals along this alley. And what is right in the middle? Modern Methods Brewery
and that is our next stop on the trolley tour. So, smack dab in the middle of Grohl Alley is Modern Methods Brewery. You come in and what is
that, a freight door? – We call it a roll up door. – The roll up door. And Adam Keck is one of the
owners of Modern Method. I got to tell you, this
is a little hidden gem! – Thank you, yeah. We try not to be too hidden, but we are in Dave Grohl Alley
so it’s a little tucked away. – Now, where did the name come from before we go into the history. – Sure. So, the name comes from the
sign that was one the original Warren City Hall that was put up in 1909 and it just said, you know, anybody coming to the city
opportunity, it’s here. Warren, the city of modern methods. So, when we were trying
to come up with a concept for the brewery, I’m kind
of a big local history nerd. I saw that sign and you know, I was like, why aren’t we kind
of embracing this history? – Now, let’s talk about
the beers real quick here. We’ve got a little tasting flight. – Explain to me what some
of your favorites are. – Sure. So, I poured you, I do
want to make it clear, we serve a lot of dark beer, but I gave you kind of a lighter variety since it’s nice and warm out today. Number One is our Darlene American Logger. It’s a great easy, if
somebody comes in and asks Hey, do you have anything that’s like, insert your favorite light logger here. We pour a Darlene and
we’re like 95% on it. So, number 12 is our Hazy New IPA. We call it Hop Fart. But, you’re getting big kind of pineapple, tropical flavor notes from
really aggressive late hopping. And it’s really easy drinking. So, 14 is a very traditional
farmhouse season. I want to put hat one on there, gonna be totally different then Hop Fart, but also like, a lot of flavor. – That’s smooth, yeah. – We fermented it pretty aggressively so it gets really dry. Almost, like a wine character. This last one was your request. This is our Sour Goza. Traditional German style with
a little bit of coriander and salt in it. But that really tart lactic
character that we get from. – Ugh, those sours! – They’re super drinkable,
really refreshing. Especially on a hot summer day. – So, the only way we can enjoy this in the comfort of our homes
is with a growler, correct? – Sure, yeah. We’ve got 32 ounce glass
growlers, 64 ounce glass growler we’ll fill it, you know, you don’t have to buy one here. We’ll fill yours if you’ve
got one from another brewery. So, we’ll fill those up, but we’ve also got crowlers,
they’re 32 ounce cans and we have these cool little three packs that make it look like a suitcase. If you get the three pack we pass a six dollar discount onto you. – Well, we’re gonna end
the trolley tour here at one of my favorite places. I just love Nova Coffee Company. Unfortunately, I think John and Logan knew that we were coming (laughing) they made sure they left! No, really Jim, this has
been really interesting. And you really love your
community, don’t you? – Absolutely, yes. We’ve been down here since 1984. Me and my wife started our first business and ever since then, I
fell in love with it. – I really thank you
for reaching out to me because we’re here on a beautiful day and it’s such a beautiful
setting with the square and the courthouse and
you can see everything just filling up all
around downtown Warren. So, whole lot of living going on. – Yes, a lot of apartments
are getting renovated. I have to put a shoutout to Mark Marvin. – Yeah, Mark Marvin, we
got to interview him next because he’s got the theater coming back and let me tell you right now, the lunatic tour will continue. Part two when we’ve
got more to talk about. – Yes, absolutely. – Is that a deal? – Anytime, yes ma’am. – Alrighty. The Casey Malone show will be right back with more local flavor. – Hi, I’m Elizabeth Bernard. I’ve been giving the people
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family’s in the store. – Well, as you can see,
today the Casey Malone Show has official gone to the dogs. – Yay! – We’ve got some very special guests. We’ve got McCabe Patrick, my
dear friend Crissy Patrick and we’ve got Goober. – Goober in the house! – My mom’s dog and you know, Crissy spoils miss McCabe rotten. – I don’t think so Case. – I think you do. – How can you spoil a dog? – He has birthday parties,
he has anniversary parties. – Summer parties. – Summer parties, more
celebrations than the humans have. And Crissy always makes special treat, so we’re gonna make the doggy ice cream for these warm days and we’re
also gonna make pupcakes! – Pupcakes are first up. – The pupcakes, oh,
they bake in the little mini muffin tins and frosting is optional. All of these ingredients
are good for the dogs, lots of protein. So, let’s get cooking for our doggies. The ingredients you will
need for this recipe, One large apple, peeled,
cored, and shredded. One and one half cups wheat flower, quarter cup oatmeal, two
teaspoon baking powder, half a teaspoon baking soda,
half a cup plain yogurt, half a cup water, quarter
cup vegetable oil, two tablespoons honey, two eggs, one cup shredded cheddar cheese. For this recipe, frosting is optional. But, if you would like to make it, eight ounce low-fat cream cheese, two tablespoons yogurt,
two tablespoons honey, two to three tablespoons flour. We’ve preheated the oven to 400 and I’ve greased the mini muffin tins. The first step will be? – Mix our dry ingredients. – Okay. – We’re gonna use two bowls for this okay? So, I’ll be dry ingredients. – I’ll be wet. – Great Casey! (laughing) – Alright, first you
take your wheat flour. – Okay. – Your oatmeal. – Mm hm. – The baking powder. – M’kay. – And baking soda. – Now, in the other bowl I
will put together the yogurt. Now, Crissy says that McCabe is a fan of the low fat vanilla. So, that is what I bought for this recipe. – Okay, that’s fine. – You could use the plain. – A lot of people just
use the plain yogurt, he kind of leans towards the vanilla. And for our next recipe, the pupcakes, you can either use the plain
or if he likes the vanilla. You know what Casey, whatever he likes. – Whatever McCabe wants. – He gets. – He gets. – We try not to make it too hard. Now, this is all of our
yogurt, the water, the oil, the honey, and the eggs. I wanna see, I’ve watched
as you do it on TV before. – I’m not a really good egg cracker. – Razzle dazzle me with that. – Okay (chuckles nervously). – Now, you just keep stirring that up. I gave you all the hard stuff. – No pressure. – See, how I take the easy stuff? – Yeah. – How you doing? Don’t get any shells in my dog’s treat. – (laughing) See, you make me nervous! – I would’ve preferred you
did that in a separate bowl. Okay, now. – Here we go. – Now, we’re gonna mix up those
wet ingredients really nice. – Crissy’s very bossy. – And then we’re gonna get our we can add our apples
to the moist mixture. – Okay. – And of course, the cheese which is… – Which McCabe already had
his little snoot in this. – This is not actually the correct amount because somebody had to taste test. (laughing) He is a cheese freak but who isn’t? Now, we mix that up and
then the next step is combine your wet mixture. – Now, I have the hand mixer out. – Oh, that’ll be way better. – Okay, than doing it by hand. – Sure. – Alright. – It’s yummy. When you smell this baking,
you’re gonna wanna try it. – Well, I could eat this. – And it tastes good. – There’s nothing in there that. – No, it’s all people
food and it’s all good. You can do low fat yogurt, you can do the low fat cheese, the wheat flour is good for you. – Well, I think that looks combined. – Yeah, it looks great. – So, we should start
filling the muffin tins? – I would do that, yeah, because we’ve got our oven
ready to go and they’re quick. What are you gonna scoop them out with? Now, we fill our little, I like the mini, feel free to use the big tins. – Should we fill it
all the way to the top? – Yeah, give them a little
room because they do puff. – So, we’ll fill them
about right to the edge. – Yeah, give them a little room. And if you want to use big muffin tins, I do this for when he’s
having his friends over because it’s easier to
pass out to everybody their own mini cake. If you’re just making it for your dog, you might wanna use the big one and just break him off a piece of it. Now, we pop these into the
oven that we preheated at 400. – That’s the microwave. (crew laughing) – Oh, I don’t cook a lot. – Go to the lover oven Crissy (laughing). – This easy Malone kitchen. – 20 minutes. – Alright, 20 minutes. We have it at 400 and the
pupcakes will be ready to sample. The boys are getting restless. – While the pupcakes are
baking, we’ll make the frosting. But you say McCabe is
not a fan of this, huh? – No, made it once one birthday party and I never did it again. He didn’t care for it. – Well, we’ll show you how to make it. Maybe your pooch will like it. – Anything you don’t want
the calories, I do that too. – I’d think I’d like to eat this. It’s cream cheese. – And we did the cream cheese (laughing) – Whoa, slow down Nelly (laughing). – Hey, this is high tech here. – Now, that’s a little
bit of just cream cheese, the yogurt, and now the honey. – Okay now, don’t stir
that in the flour yet. We’re gonna use that just
as a thickening agent to get it to look like a frosting. But let’s get all this blended. – So, you add a little. You know you don’t need to use, when they say two or three
tablespoons of flour, it already does have a nice consistency but just a little thickened so it, okay. I’m not a fan of, maybe that’s why he
didn’t like the frosting. – And then we’ll put that in the fridge until the cakes come out of the oven. – Right on. – Perfect. This is the recipe that I really liked when you told me about it. – Well, summer time. – And it’s doggy ice cream. – Ice cream, how could you go wrong? – And it only has three ingredients. – That’s why I like it, easy. – Three ripe bananas. – I’ve got two in there,
this is my last banana. I just like to break them up a little bit. – One cup of creamy peanut butter. – Creamy peanut butter. – And this is a 16 ounce so. – Half the jar. – Half the jar. – You’re doing math! – And then, for your creamy consistency, and you did get the 32 ounce. – Now again, this is where your yogurt goes by your dog’s taste. He prefers vanilla. Why, I don’t know, but you
could use plain yogurt as well. And now the yogurt. – Mmm. – Now, we gotta get them. Sometimes, you know, we
mash our bananas first. – Now you can be really neat
and just spoon it in like that because it’s really really soupy. – And if you’re in a hurry, you could just put a paper towel down and pour it right over there. Also, an easy tip with
these plastic containers, I give them a little shot of Pam in there. Makes them come out nice
once they’re frozen. But, if you don’t have the ice tray, another thing you could
use is just a freezer bag. Pour some in the freezer bag,
let that get good and hard, kind of level it out when
you put it in your freezer so you have a nice surface and
just cut it as you need it. For your dog, if you just
want to cut a little piece on a hot day. Give him a little ice cream treat or you have friends
visiting who have children and they’re having ice cream, why can’t he have ice cream too? – Why can’t the dog have a treat? – There you go! Now you’re just gonna pop
those right in the freezer. You could cover them with plastic. I would let them freeze
for at least two hours then you can cover them. – You know, these are pretty easy recipes. But that’s exhausting. – I tried to help you out, it’s
just dealing with the dogs. (laughing) Usually you keep them out in the back yard with their friends, you
whip up their bakery. You know, I watch this show and you always have to have a pairing. My suggestion is, every dog owner knows, you pair dog parties
with a nice cold beer. I prefer an American, but
you’re going a little crazy. – A little Stella. – Enjoy. – I mean, this was a lot of work. Cheers. I’m gonna try one of these. It really does look good. – You know, these are good. – They’re delicious. – These don’t even have that
blah blah diet taste to them. These might be good for us Casey. And with a Miller Light! – Pairs perfectly. – May I say, woof! – And make sure if you have
a little dog like Gooby, you cut these up or put them
in the baggy and break it up. Because they can’t handle that big a cube. – If you think you’ve got a dog, some will just lick it and enjoy it, some want to take the whole
thing in their mouths. – So, be careful. – Cut them up. – But, we’ve got all the
recipes available online just go to CaseyMaloneShow.com. Crissy, thank you. You love my dog. I love McCabe. – I love him, love you! – Love you! The Casey Malone Show is sponsored in part by Denise and John York and
the DeBartolo Corporation.