hello to all friends of good food this recipe is Sicilian the typical Sicilian sweets we will use: 500 grams flour 200 grams of sugar 200 grams of butter 4 egg yolks half a glass of marsala begin the pastry is flavored with marsala you can replace with milk to soften the pastry we put flour and sugar mix ok simple recipe add egg yolks now working with your hands put the butter in pieces very simple knead the butter must be put little by little we with the fingertips ok and now keep working that smell good! add the marsala ok knead consistency as improves almost ready I’m planning to make many videos perfect Now let rest in a plate to rest 30 minutes in the fridge well we are always here in waiting here is a little curiosity of my kitchen a souvenir from Calabria onions from Tropea Also of chilies now we prepare the filling of ricotta cheese we will use: 500 grams cottage cheese cottage cheese is the best sheep 60 grams of chocolate chips 120 grams sugar 1 egg a layer of sponge cake It serves to avoid that inside there are too many liquids everything is ready putting the ricotta add sugar candied we can rest but many do not like you add an egg ok we put a bit of cinnamon add the chocolate chips let stand in refrigerator cut a layer of sponge cake iron the base of the cake make a 2-3 cm puff There are still? all right alive youtube! the comunication! and now I brought you the first disaster put the base into the buttered pan and infarianta perfect! insert the layer of sponge cake do well edge add the ricotta filling level do the above layer iron well try to do of dough this is the size of the pie so we take it calmly everything is ready can go turn on the oven to 180 degrees static I recommend! use a yolk for above we are at a good point! sprinkle with a brush We expect to see the end! definitely the best I could do at home cook at 180 degrees for one hour It is now ready decoriamola be careful that it is cold! to arrange in a baking tin easily the turn perfect! putting icing sugar we can make the strips with cinnamon we take help from the sheets wow this delicious Sicilian Cassata
baked …. then try it and let me know if you like? We have to have a little bit of time to make the cake It is really good a typical recipe and very characteristic for me is the Sicilian cheese cake followed Basil Channel and many recipes then fine and good fun
next every Friday a new recipe! Thanks bye