Hey everyone! My name is Yela and today we will be discussing about Catnip, also known as Nepeta Cataria. Here you can see that it can be distinguished among other plants by its leaves. It has a triangular shape and has teeth-like structure to it. Usually when catnip is at its full-bloom, it would look like this, with flower buds. The flowers are aesthetically pleasing because of its light purple color, thus sometimes they are used as a garnish for cooking recipes. Nepeta Cataria got named as ‘catnip’ because it attracted lots of felines due to its pungent smell from the leaves. Catnip is often referred to as a cat’s marijuana, discreetly however, it does smell a lot like cannabis. Catnip is frequently used for relieving stress and anxiety, sleeping troubles, reliving discomfort in the stomach such as gas or indigestion, sickness for children such as fevers and colds. Catnip is typically made in tea-form because it is easily consumable and will give immediate results. Generally, parents would give their children catnip tea when they are having trouble sleeping or when they are sick, to help them recover faster. A story that I found rather interesting about catnip is that it is used as a ‘love spell,’ but also brings happiness, love, good luck, and beauty. For summoning a love spell, by holding catnip in the palms of the hand until heated, any hand-held contact with another individual the bond will last endlessly as long as the plant is in safe keeping. Traditional medicine has claimed that catnip was used as a natural cough remedy. A study that was published in the Journal of Ethopharmacology concludes that catnip has antispasmodic and muscle relaxant abilities. Another scientific review from 2015 includes catnip on a list of herbal supplements that is medically beneficial for other inflammatory symptoms such as asthma. In my honest opinion, I think if I blended a little bit less catnip into my ice cream recipe, I think it would taste better. I realize now that catnip is very strong, so it overwhelmed my dessert. However after it did made me feel more relaxed, so I would recommend using catnip in other cooking recipes. Usually others claimed that they have used it for meats, so I suggest incorporating catnip for that.