(laughing) – Get it away from me. – [Host] We find the
world’s pickiest eaters, transform the foods they hate
with three incredible dishes, then teach them how to make it. – That smells so good. – This is the Picky Eater Challenge. What’s up, y’all? I’m Chef Yadi AKA happyhealthylatina
AKA the people’s chef, and today we have a super
special victim named John who got set up by his girlfriend, Tam. You know sometimes when
you’re living with your boo, you find out certain things
they just will not eat? We found out that John
hates him some cauliflower. – I can’t stand cauliflower. What’s that that wrestlers
get, cauliflower ear? And you eatin’ cauliflower after the name of a cauliflower
ear. That’s disgusting. Why the (bleep) would
you eat some (bleep) … I mean, some stuff like that, I’m sorry. – I love cauliflower, but people have really
strong opinions about it. Cauliflower can be anything
that you need it to be. I think, like Bob Ross, it’s a cute little
canvas you can work with because it’s bland, y’all. So we gotta bring the flavor to it. Let’s do it. The set up is John and Tam are gonna be led in by our producers, come to set thinking they’re
gonna have a regular meal. The goal here is to get John to do a 180 when it comes to cauliflower and actually cook it for himself. (buzzer)
– I don’t like… – Hello! Oh, hey, John! Come on down! Time to play with Chef Yadi! He seems so terrified,
it was like (screeching) – Oh my God, look at the (mumbling). – Feel like she’s always
playing tricks on me, man. (laughing) – Welcome, John and Tam. What do you think about
your digs, your new digs? – I wanna burn it down. – I definitely have a big
challenge ahead of me. I thought he was gonna run off camera, but come on back, John, because
we’re about to reel you in with some cauli-surprises. – This is my intervention. – Tam and I are here to be
the wind beneath your wings, your cauli-wings, okay? (snaps) Garcon Garrick. The first thing I need to do is see how much John
actually hates cauliflower. – Come on, brother. Brother, brother, come on, brother. (groaning)
(laughing) – We got you a nice raw
piece of cauliflower. Is there any part of this
that makes you wanna cut it, take a little bite?
– No, nope. Look at how you’re just breaking it off. – So, I see the look of it
is something you don’t like. – I’ve seen it kind of crumble too. – So, texture, taste (snaps). We’re moving through some different culinary
techniques right now. So, this one is roasted. You’re seeing a little bit
of a different texture. – If you eat just the
burnt part, it’ll be okay. – Nope. – [Yadi] How does this one look to you? – It don’t look good, it
don’t look appetizing. – [Tam] It’s pickled. – [Yadi] What if we all went
for a little baby piece? – [John] All right.
– [Tam] Okay. – What the hell is that? – This one is blended cauliflower. – Hell no. – And we still haven’t gotten one that you would want to try. Let’s talk about what
you guys do like to eat. – Vietnamese food, Chinese food. – I love swine, I love pig. – So you like salty, you like savory, you like strong flavors.
– Mm-hm. – He likes his fast food, American food. I think he needs some help
exploring the other food groups. – It’s just unhealthy. I’m trying to eat healthier, that’s why. – You’re trying to get better as a couple. – Yes, ma’am.
– So now I’m about to give it the people’s chef, Chef Yadi spin, and we’re about to take
you to flavor town. – Okay. See y’all in a few. Your boy John is here to
give Chef Yadi a struggle. He does not like the texture,
the smell, the taste, basically everything
about the cauliflower. I need to grow a new vegetable. So I’m about to give John
three different dishes in three different ways. I need to bring everything
I have to this challenge. For the mashed potatoes, I’m hoping to take John straight back into his childhood classics. He said he loves and he misses American food and comfort food. We’re gonna deconstruct the cauliflower. I’m going to need to break it down, so I’m gonna bring it
into a food processor, take that liquid out, and then I’m going to need to emulsify it and not let it get too gummy and to still maintain the
integrity of the mashed potatoes. Yes, mash has a lot of morals. So we want it not to be a
soup, not to be a puree, we want it to be a mash. Those are three different culinary terms. We’re showing cauliflower
can be good old comfort food. What are you smelling,
what are you seeing? – It’s… I see mashed potatoes and grits. – Okay.
– With butter floating around just sitting in there. All right, let me see. – How does it taste? – It’s not bad. It definitely looks and smells and lot better than it tastes. I think it’s just the cauliflower, man. – It had the look. Once
you eat a little bit of it, you can tell that it’s not potatoes. Okay, okay, but you tasted a little more than you’ve ever tasted. – [Tam] I’m gonna taste it.
– Oh, please. – Oh, it’s good! – [Yadi] If I’m gonna get
John to cook with cauliflower, I’m gonna need to really wow him on the next two dishes. Can we have a palette cleanser? – What is this? – Blueberries, strawberries, honey. – Really? – ‘Cause this is not the only
thing that we’re gonna taste. – What? – Ohhh! Sushi rice is its own style of rice. It’s a short-grain, sticky rice, and we’re working with basically
a waterlogged vegetable. I’m gonna have to squeeze
out all that extra liquid and then I’m gonna have to reincorporate the vinegary, sweet flavor that sushi rice traditionally has. So I’m gonna be making
its own little marinade, and then you’ve got your
crispiness from that taco, and it’s gonna be all wrapped in there like a yummy little baby. But I can’t overcook it or else it won’t hold its structure. You’ve got nicely seasoned fish that is gonna have a little
bit of spice and kick to it. I really want him to see the sushi rice and the whiteness of it, really feel the flavor as he bites into it that it tastes like sushi. – [John] Oh, my God!- – That looks so good. – [Yadi] And I gave it the
same treatment as sushi rice. – Oh, this don’t, this don’t even — where’s the cauliflower? – For this one, you put your hands out. – Ew, somebody get him a napkin! – God (bleep), that’s good. – Did you taste the cauliflower at all? – All I tasted was
delicious deliciousness. – I’m finally starting to see John allow himself to think
past the cauliflower. Did Chef Yadi do it for this one? – I’m a sucker for sushi, man. – Cauli-gang, cauli-gang, cauli-gang! – Naw, we ain’t gonna
say cauli-gang, but … – Arancini is kinda complex. My challenge is really can I
make this cauliflower stick but not mushy, ’cause
a lot of people think cauliflower is mushy when you rice it? Can I get that sear on it by bringing it into the
oven or by frying it? When he has the arancini ball, he’s about to get blown back
into another galaxy of flavor, because he is going to
experience creaminess, cheesiness, smokiness, crunchiness. He’s not even gonna have time to register where’s the cauliflower. It’s everywhere. I’m not just putting this cauliflower in the pressure cooker, I’m putting myself in the pressure cooker, ’cause these balls need to work. If they fall apart in
my hands, I will cry. I don’t wanna drop the ball, my people! I present to you arancini balls. Have you heard about arancini before? – Not until now. – [Yadi] Let’s try it out! – How do you like it? – You don’t get to try it this time. Mm. Go ahead. Psyche. – Stop doing that! I
really wanna taste it. – Where do you think the cauliflower is? – I think it’s in the trash, ’cause this ain’t cauliflower. – It’s the entire ball. – Naaaw…
– It’s only coated in panko. The entire thing is cauliflower. – Seriously?
– That’s amazing. – Oh, man. – Is it possible to say that you like what
you’ve experienced today? – I don’t like cauliflower. But I like Chef Yadi’s cauliflower. – Wow! This all comes with the grand prize of you get to cook it! Oh! – I gotta cook for real? – You’re gonna learn to cook this dish, and you’re gonna get in
the kitchen with Chef Yadi. I’mma be there as a coach, but that’s gonna be all you, boo. One final cheers. Cauliflower shooters. – Told you! I knew it! – He’s washing down
cauliflower with cauliflower. – You lying. – Sorry, I had to do it to you! – This tastes like applesauce, man! – The taste-testing
couldn’t have gone better, but for me, I’m looking to really impart a skill on John and Tam that they can do it for themselves. – I just don’t think that’s gonna happen. The way she presented it was with so many different types of flavors and putting her own little spin on it. – I want John to feel confident, not just in being able to make it, but I want him to be
amped about cauliflower and telling people, you don’t even know what cauli can be! Okay, John. So the first
thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna create some
flavor by roasting some garlic. We’re about to make it
rain some oil on here. Okay, John, it’s your
nemesis-slash-BFF, cauliflower. We are gonna make this
into rice right here. Ooh, you’re touching
the cauliflower, John! Brave man over here.
– Just get it over with. – That’s about the
consistency we’re looking for. – Now the smell’s getting to me. – It has a lot of water inside of it. Wrap it up like a cute little baby. Squeeze! – [John] I can taste the smell. (laughing) – That is what you didn’t
like about cauliflower. So what we’re gonna do now
is release the cauliflower. We’re about to make us
some shiitake bacon. Just gonna go butter, mushrooms, liquid smoke, soy sauce, sea salt. Look at that beautiful
crisp and sear on them. So we’re gonna get these
mushrooms in the pan. – Team work make the dream work. – We’re gonna put in some peas. Now we’re gonna find some cheese, and you’re gonna incorporate all that by giving it a nice mix. Oh, yeah. We’re just gonna make our risotto. We’re going to put some butter in the pan, white wine, some garlic. All that nasty water we
took out of our cauliflower? We’re gonna put this flavor back in there. – [John] Okay, all right. – [Yadi] Just get some regular
marinara, mix it all up. Now let’s go ahead and
let’s put some cheese on it. That’s our Parmesan. Now we wanna go in with our mozzarella. Smells so good! Let’s finish it with a little bit of salt. – Gosh, that is amazing. – So let’s mix our cauliflower rice and our mushroom-and-pea mix. That is the inside of our arancini balls. – Can you believe it’s cauliflower? – I’m looking at it like cauliflower don’t even exist in this dish. – [Yadi] We’re gonna put
some smoked sweet paprika right into our Italian breadcrumbs. Take a nice, big old scoop in there. Perfect! Tam’s gonna hook us up with some egg wash, and then we’re gonna get it
all up in our breadcrumbs. Remember how you thought
they were fried earlier? – Yes, yes, I did. – They’re actually baked,
you’re finding out. – Sorcery, man. – [Yadi] Then we’re gonna
layer it with some pesto with a little bit of Parmesan
cheese, shiitake bacon, and then you’re gonna
zest it with some lemon. – [Yadi!] Oooh!
– [Tam] Wow, that looks good. – It tastes almost like yours.
– Almost? What do you mean? – I think it’s right on point. You got the crispiness, the crunchiness. – Honestly, this probably might be the only way she can ever
get me to eat cauliflower. – I think you did really, really well, and I’m very proud of you.
– I will cheers to that! Thank you for being game to try something you were totally afraid of. – Thank you for showing me a better way and a different path, ’cause I would literally
walk out of here today with the same stigma that
cauliflower is disgusting. – Can I be so bold as to say that today’s picky eater intervention actually worked?
– You have to say it worked. – It worked, it worked. – I guess a little Yadi dance. – You do a dance? Do
the dance, do the dance. – The champ is still here undefeated! Every vegetable you send my way, I slay! I don’t think there’s one
that can take me down. Chef Yadi’s out! (triumphant music)