All right. Just talking.. having a conversation cause you know it’s nothing Why did we get her a seat if she’s just going to be on the floor? This is the veggie “Benny” Yes that bacon and egg thing Look how delicious What up, peeps just popped in here kickin it at sauce pizza and wine They have an awesome Caramelized onion and sausage pizza, which is incredible. So I got one of those in addition to my other lunch And we popped in here for some mac and cheese for baby suds What’s your name? Chris. How long have you been doing this? A while five years. You got a good technique. Thank you. What got you into this? Money. I just needed a job. It’s all about the money, huh? Yeah. I’m not gonna lie. I just needed a job. Yeah, but then you took over with the craft, right What can you show us the masterpiece here? Look at this. It’s incredible. Ah, you’re making me blush, you’re making me blush now. This is the whole team, huh You guys are nice See ya It’s the kind of awesome service you can expect when you come to Sauce. Thank you guys appreciate it! So it is here the sausage and onions have an incredible blended combination of flavors, perfect sweet and salty balance It’s delicious. You love it, I love it. We are at the Mini Time Museum of Miniatures here in Tucson. It’s a Museum of miniatures so we’re gonna check it out with baby SuDS. Check out the Mapmaker, the Restauranteur, and the Chocolatier . Check out this European honeymoon Designed in 1980 and The lace that you see, it was actually bought in an antique shop and it inspired the whole project. There are 52 miniature dolls in their original glass domes. The dolls are actually made from grains of wheat And then they’ve painted the features like the hair and the body and limbs and then the dresses are made with Swiss silk. cause we’re from Philadelphia and the Eagles won the Super Bowl last year and we’re really really excited about it and we would like to see that at this museum. We’re here at the Miniature Museum. I believe it’s called the Mini Tiime Machine Museum of Miniatures in Tucson Arizona. Let me tell you something Miniature things are awesome, and they’re amazing. They’re really cool. It was surprisingly interesting. I wasn’t like oh my god, I’m so excited to see this miniature museum. I mean nobody says that, right? I mean I guess some people say that. No offense to those people but the level of detail was amazing. So they try to use the original material to make the smaller version so if it’s like a wooden chest, they would use small wood or if it’s a metal cabinet. Yeah like from a small tree. By the look you get in there and it’s like watch so there’s amazing the original material to make a smaller version So if it’s like a wooden chest they would use small wood or if it’s AIT’s like a metal many trees that grow There grow little mini trees. when they could. when it wasn’t possible, they would use other things that we mentioned in the video. baby SuDS is late for a nap. She’s under the weather so we have to go soon. Before Jordan harasses the docent about creating a mini… What’s a docent? Um, listen just one other thing I want to say. The amount of Dudes in there with neck tattoos getting super into this place is really high. True story. Miniatures just capture everybody’s imagination We’re here at Seis which is of course Spanish for roku which is of course Japanese for Cho Which is of course Gujarati for six which is of course French for sei which is of course Italian for six, which is of course English for hold em up. Hold em up. English for that. whatever that is. It’s an awesome. Very authentic place it’s a very big deal here in Tucson and they actually make their corn tortillas in house, which is very unique. It’s actually not corn, it’s masa tortillas which they make in house, which is very difficult and very unique so, you know you’re gonna get an authentic delicious experience if you come out to Seis So I’ve got the avocado tacos with shredded cabbage cheese, salsa, black beans on the side and a delicious spicy crema on top and baby says has a pretty standard cheese quesadilla with cilantro rice. What are you having? We have the pock chuck chicken taco platter here As well as the mixed seafood platter with shrimp, grilled yellowtail, and Alaskan cod So enjoy. me Hi everyone, we are at Mercado st. Augustine, which is the first public market in Tucson What are we having? The chocolate maple syrup with smoked sea salt It’s a beautiful flower shop in the mercado. really interesting, unique items for your home. We’re Blue Maven. We specialize in flower arrangements, plants. We have a boutique shop. Local-made? It’s gorgeous. Blue Maven, if you are in Tucson. Thank you! Ah I like this one. What is that? This is fresh mozzarella that my brother made today. Ooh fancy! By himself! Don’t worry, it has flavor. What’s with the face though? This disdainful face. I’m “Deniroing”. It’s nothin. It’s nothing. It’s really nothing to me. It’s really nothing, alright? Just talking..having a conversation We’re Naan &. Challah. Let’s Adventure Out Into the World! Please subscribe to our channel and hit that notification button for new videos every week.