The whole idea for the dessert
dish is based on my childhood. Chocolate is just one
of those ingredients synonymous with Mexican cuisine. So I really want the judges
to transport to my hometown and to just close their eyes
and be like, this is Cesar. Cesar, you look like you’ve
been through it, my friend. Like a back alley brawl. Yeah. Not many people come into
this competition with blood on their jacket and
finesse on this plate Thank you. Please describe your dish. I have a flourless chocolate
cake, tamarind caramel, and spicy pepita brittle. All right, Cesar. Let’s not forget that you
guys are neck and neck. So close, that so much
is riding on this. When I cut into this,
It shouldn’t fall apart. Because if it starts to break
down and become brittle, that means it’s overcooked. This is make or break.