– Hi, I’m Sage, welcome back to the Addictive
Wellness channel. Today, we’re going to be making chaga tea. I’m gonna show you how to do it, this is one
of my favorite herbs in the entire world. It’s so easy, so inexpensive to make, and
just one of the most incredible things you can ever put into your body. Definitely something I would highly recommend
you experience and judge for yourself to see how good it is. So, we’ve got all our essentials here and
we’re gonna also be going in a bit to the benefits of chaga mushroom and what makes
this thing so incredible. So, you can take a look at this here, and
this chaga mushroom is something that grows on, primarily, birch trees. It grows in the northern regions of the world
in colder climates. So you have them in places like Canada, the
northern areas of The United States, especially up in places like Maine, for example. Then you have it in Siberia, some places in
Europe, in Korea, so it’s growing all over the place in the northern regions of the world,
and it is just a powerful, powerful substance. So, when we deal with medicinal mushrooms
like this, they’re often found growing on trees, unlike regular nutritional mushrooms,
which are growing out of the ground that you might use in cooking. But these are seriously medicinal. So, with this chaga mushroom, we end up breaking
it into smaller chunks as we have in here and we’re gonna take this pot full of water,
about two thirds full with water, and it’s gonna get about a handful of these chaga chunks. Now, with mushrooms like this, if I just tried
to take a bite out of this and eat it, it’s like trying to eat a piece of wood. I could chew it up and probably kind of digest
it or eat it. But I’m not gonna get anything out of it. It has cell walls made up of chitin, which
is one of the hardest substances in all of nature. And you’re not able to break through it just
with your chewing or with your digestive enzymes. So, we need to extract this. So, there’s many ways you that you might be
able to consume chaga. You can get it in capsules, for example, and
that would be a powdered extract, or you could buy the powdered extract in powder form, going
one step back, or you can get it as a tincture, or you could buy actual chunks of the raw
chaga mushroom. But if you’re getting it like that, you have
to do some things to it in order to be able to consume it. So, you can extract in alcohol and go into
the direction of making a tincture of your own, or you could just do it a little simpler
and do it as a tea as we’re having here. So, we’re gonna do it as a tea and that’s
gonna get out, primarily, the immune-active components. Some of the more adaptogenic compounds in
the chaga you would have to extract into alcohol to really get them. But we’re gonna go over the immunological
side of things here today, because chaga has compounds in it called, beta-glucans. These are a form of polysaccharide, it’s a
long-chained sugar. And what happens is these come into your body
and they basically get chopped up into smaller pieces by your white blood cells and they
attach to your white blood cells. And in essence, what they’re doing is teaching
your white blood cells how to do their job better. It’s like you could think of it basically
as an operating system upgrade for your immune system. It’s really taking things to the next level
and giving your immune system a whole new set of tools to work with, it’s amazing stuff. And we’re gonna just put this, and oops! We’re gonna put this– Let’s try that again. So, we’re gonna put this chaga in our water
here and what we’re gonna be doing is simmering this for about three hours and that is gonna
really break down those cell walls and allow these polysaccharides and all that immunological
weaponry that’s gonna come into your body to be released into the water. It’s gonna really break things down. Now, if you wanted to take it even to the
next level, and really make this some serious strong stuff, you can simmer it for three
hours, then freeze it overnight, and then simmer it for another three hours the next
day. Basically, that is really helping to bust
open the cell walls as the water freezes and expands and then you’re just getting the maximum
out of this chaga. And so, if we’re gonna be doing it, why not
do it like that? You know, if you’re short on time, just do
the three-hour method. But if you really wanna make some serious
powerful medicine here, you’re gonna simmer it, freeze it, and simmer it again. Three hours on either side and freezing it
overnight. So, there’s some other really interesting
compounds that you get with chaga. For example, betulin and betulinic acid. That’s primarily in this black section you
see on the outside on the inner portion, it’s more light brown. But this dark section is that betulin and
betulinic acid. And this is, the research is showing more
and more, one of the strongest anticancer compounds out there and it is just a powerful
compound to incorporate into your herbal strategy. There’s also some other really interesting
research going on with chaga. For example, it’s been shown in animal studies
to increase energy and endurance, and it’s a supreme antioxidant. It’s really high in SOD, Super Oxide Dismutase,
which is one of the most powerful antioxidants out there. So, we’ve got this in our water now, and we’re
just gonna take this and go boil it and have it simmering for a few hours. Now, after you’ve made this one time and you’ve
strained out the chunks and you’ve enjoyed the chaga tea, don’t throw the chunks away
because they can still be used. You can get three, four, five, sometimes even
more batches of tea out of the same chaga chunks. You can see how for the small investment in
a little bit of chaga, you’re gonna make yourself a lot of chaga tea here. So, the way you know that you shouldn’t be
using the same chunks anymore is when the water doesn’t change color. If you’re just boiling it and boiling it and
it just simmers along and the water is still really clear, then you know it’s time to let
those chunks go and make yourself some new ones. But you should be able to get several rounds
of really strong, rich, dark brown chaga tea that’s just gonna be such great, super herb
medicine for your body. So now, as this is gonna be extracting slowly
on the stove as it simmers away, we’re gonna fast forward in the time machine and show
you what we’re gonna do once it’s done cooking. Now, I’ve separated some out into a smaller
pot and you’ll see in a second this has such an incredible dark color, a lot of which comes
from the betulin and betulinic acid. These are compounds contained in the outer
darker part of the chaga mushroom. You can see the inner portion is more of a
light brown, but the darker part with the betulin is on the outside, and there’s a lot
of really interesting research going on with betulin and betulin acid for cholesterol and
its ability to help get rid of LDL, low-density lipoprotein, the bad cholesterol that we don’t
wanna have in our body. So, just another really fascinating compound
of chaga. It’s gonna be working in your body in so many
ways. And now, for the final touch. This is my little secret here that just takes
the flavor and experience of this drink to the next level. We’re gonna add just a couple drops of vanilla
stevia. Chaga actually contains vanillic acid on its
own. So, it’s almost like it’s primed and ready
for that component of its flavor to be expanded. So, you just put a few drops of vanilla stevia
in here and whether you’re having this as a hot drink or whether you’ve let it cool
and you’re having it as an iced drink the next day, it’s amazing. And this flavor, I just, you have to to experience. I’m gonna taste it now and kind of try to
express to you how good it is, but you gotta try it for yourself as well. Oh, it’s so warm, so rich, so full and satisfying. And this is a drink where at the times when
I really been on it and been pounding the chaga tea and having tons of it really strong,
it’s some of the times in my life, actually, where I have felt the most robust health and
vitality, and just felt immunologically untouchable. It’s really amazing in that way and it’s not
just something that I’ve felt internally, but actually, been able to see it on my skin. And when I’ve had some of the clearest and
best, and healthiest-looking skin is at the times when I’ve been really going to town
with the chaga. So, this is something you can feel on the
inside, you can see on the outside, and I can’t wait for you guys to try it and let
us know what your experience is like. So, thank you so much for joining us. Really hope you’ve enjoyed this. If you could share it with your friends and
so everyone can learn about the amazing wonders of chaga and experience it for themselves,
I would be totally honored and really grateful. Thanks so much for joining us and I hope to
see you again soon. Wishing you all health and happiness.