hello welcome to my cooking channel today I will show you how to make a very simple but delicious Vietnamese summer tree it’s sweet like bean soup this one has always been my favorite dessert since I was little let’s begin first up we’re going to need to start with a black bean in water for about an hour before cooking this will have to soften the beans a little bit and shot in the cooking time and the one stopped flowing on the surface usually the ones that already combat just remove them wash the beans and then add in about a little water then bring to a boil after that turn the heat to low and then simmer until the beans are cooked all the way through it’s going to take about an hour or so now in the meantime let’s cook the grass jelly there’s cooking instruction in detail on the back to follow that one and you’re going to be fine inside the package you’re going to apply a soup a banana extract then we’re going to use at the very end and the jelly powder just pull the powder into a saucepan together with a liter of water [Music] so well and we’re going to cook this over a medium-high we’re going to need to stir the jelly constantly until it turns really smooth and convinced the liquid is going to thicken up really quick and you’re going to see the jelly forming on the side of a saucepan that means it’s done now quickly transfer the jelly into a glass or caramel container and let it cool completely when the jelly becomes really firm you can put it into the fridge then unmold it and slide it into coops [Music] [Music] now the gel is all prepared we’re going to put it back into the fridge it’s time to get back to our black bean soup if you can easily smash your bean with your fingers or your chopsticks that means it’s good to go now separate the black liquid from the beans and then add in the beans a cup of sugar then stir for about five minutes over high heat [Music] let it cool for about 10 to 15 minutes now we’re going to add the liquid that we separated earlier back into the saucepan then I’m going to send out the suit with 1 liter of water half a taste and adding some more sugar to your preference so for 2 liters of water I add in 1 and 1/3 a cup of sugar it tastes really good now and we’re going to put it in the fridge until we are ready to be stuffed this dessert usually stuffed with crushed ice or ice cube just pour in the glass the soup with the beans and the jelly to elevate the flavor with on a triple or two to three drops and a banana extract that we saw earlier then chop up with some shredded coconut and enjoy [Music] so I really hope that the video was helpful and SOA don’t forget to share what you put on instagram with hashtag booboo cooking thank you so much for watching and I see you next time [Music]