♪♪ Bella: It was crazy.
It was out of this world. Girl: [ Chuckles ] ♪♪ Adam: Amazing. Pickles: Well, I think I’ve just
found a new favorite restaurant. Adam: I know, right, right?
Bella: Yeah, same. [ Chuckles ] Sbrocco: That’s fantastic. [ Indistinct conversation ] Sbrocco: [ Chuckles ]
Hi. I’m Leslie Sbrocco. Welcome to
“Check, Please! Bay Area,” the show where regular
Bay Area residents review and talk about their
favorite restaurants. We have three guests,
and each one recommends one of their favorite spots,
and the other two go check them out
to see what they think. But this week,
a very special twist as we invite kids to take a seat
at the “Check, Please!” table. 12-year-old Bella
is an avid baker. After school, she loves whipping up cookies and tarts
as fast as she can and eating pretty much
all of them before her little brother
gets home. And 13-year-old Gitika
goes by “Pickles,” a nickname inspired
by her favorite hockey player. It’s also appropriate
for a kid completely obsessed with savory bites
of every kind. But first, 13-year-old Adam
spends six days a week in the pool, playing
competitive water polo. After those grueling practices,
he is always starving. Luckily, he’s found
the perfect way to refuel with big portions of fresh
and flavorful Pakistani cuisine at Zareen’s Palo Alto. ♪♪ Khan: I want people
to experience the hospitality
of Pakistani people. I want people to come and see
the complex food that we have, this blend of spices,
the aroma. When I see people
go almost like, “Ah,” you know, that feeling
is priceless for me. [ Chuckles ] So, growing up in Karachi,
in Pakistan, and then I came here
to the States, I missed my food, and I tried to create
the recipes based on my childhood memories. Mini samosas
are my mom’s recipe, and it’s so labor-intensive. And we double-wrap them
so they are so crispy, right? And then we sprinkle them with a
spice mix that we roast ourself. So it kind of really gives
a different level of depth. The books came into it because
all our favorite bookstores got closed down,
and we missed it. Every time I see more kids are
reading our books than adults, and it makes me very happy
that they’re not on iPads. The thing that makes me happiest is when I see the second
generation enjoy our food. You know, I don’t want
our food background and roots to get lost. I love to see kids here. They like spicy food. In fact, they love it. And I want people
from all cultures, all countries
to enjoy our food. My message is that naan knows
no boundaries, you know? People from any place
come together in harmony and peace,
and we spread love. Sbrocco: Now, Adam, was it
your dad who turned you on to all these spicy foods
and cuisines? Adam: Yeah, that was
definitely my dad. He’s really into spicy food. He grew up with it
all around him, so he introduced me to it. Sbrocco: And you love it?
Adam: I love it. Sbrocco: The spicier,
the better? Adam: Yes.
I love the extra spice in my food.
It’s amazing. Sbrocco: So, what is it
about Zareen’s that keeps bringing you back,
time and time again? Why do you love it so much? Adam: The atmosphere
and the food, because it’s a really warm area. It’s nice, clean. Customers there are super nice,
and then just the feel of it. They have books
all along in the line, so you grab your book,
sit down, read while you wait
for your order. But food comes rather quick,
which I like, too. And the service
is always amazing. I will —
Sbrocco: What’s your go-to dish? Adam: My go-to dish would be
a silver spoon paratha roll. It’s this roll, a wrap,
with grilled seasoned chicken with uncooked yellow onion
and green chutney, and it’s wrapped in this
really warm paratha, which is a flat wheat bread.
Sbrocco: Mm-hmm. Adam: And just —
Each bite is just so filling and satisfying
and just tastes amazing. Sbrocco: Now do you only eat
one of them, or do you eat — Adam: Oh, I eat, on average,
about three. Sbrocco: Really?
Adam: Yes. Sbrocco: So, besides the wrap,
what else do you get? Adam: I would normally
get the chicken samosas and the Punjabi burger. Now, the samosas
are perfectly crisp and with a seasoned
minced chicken in them, and it’s just amazing. It’s super warm,
a little hint of spice, leaving that nice hot feeling
on your tongue, which I love and enjoy. And the Punjabi burger is, like, just your normal,
ordinary burger with this extra —
You can feel it. It’s more softer, so it kind of
melts more in your mouth. Sbrocco: Right.
Adam: Has that extra spice which is just amazing.
Sbrocco: [ Chuckles ] And how many of those
do you eat? If you eat two…
Adam: I would only eat one. I’d eat one.
Sbrocco: Only one. What was your experience
when you went, Pickles? Pickles: Oh, I think I just
found a new favorite restaurant. Sbrocco: Oh, there you go!
High five over there. Pickles: I love that because,
you know, growing up, I’ve eat Indian food
my whole life because both of my parents
are from India, and I had a very narrow, almost,
view of what it could be, like, paratha, rice, curries. I went to Zareen’s,
and my view just went, like, from this to that.
Sbrocco: Isn’t that awesome? Pickles: I think my favorite
dish was the lamb gosht, the lamb stew, because it was
super creamy, the sauce. And one thing I find a lot in
Indian foods around the Bay Area is that the spices
just kind of get muddled. Sbrocco: Mm-hmm. Pickles: But here, every dish
tasted so different, and the meat was
just perfectly cooked, and you could taste each spice. Sbrocco: Tell me what
your experience was, Bella. Bella: It was amazing. It was, like, stepping into
a whole nother world when you go in there. And I loved how
it kept to its roots. It was so colorful
and beautiful. We had a lot
of different breads. Sbrocco: Mm-hmm. Bella: There was one
with saffron and milk, and it was so good. Pickles: It’s called sheermal…
Sbrocco: Okay. Pickles: …and it’s
kind of this flatbread, and it’s very, very sweet. It’s like a dessert in itself.
Sbrocco: Mm-hmm. Bella: It was crazy.
It was out of this world. Sbrocco: Yeah. Bella: I really enjoyed
the gola kabab sizzler. I found it went very well
with the saffron milk bread, and the onions and the meat
were so good together. And I love how everything — it wasn’t just tasting
with your mouth, but, like, with your eyes
and with your ears. Sbrocco: I love that,
“tasting with your ears.” Bella: It was just awesome to
see brought out, like, sizzling. It was, like, still cooking.
Sbrocco: Oh. Pickles: If you’re looking
for something bold, I will say palak paneer,
and I will have to say, before going in,
I have always hated paneer. Then, I went there,
and I had just one piece, and I fell in love
with that dish. And they’ve done something
different with the spinach, and I think they haven’t blended
it as much but more chopped, so you can really
taste the texture. And the paneer did not have
that weird texture it normally does.
Sbrocco: Right. Pickles: It was almost like
a piece of meat. Sbrocco: Did you have
anything else, Bella? Bella: The chicken tikka masala
plate was amazing. And I love the way
that they paired all the different sides
with it, that went with
all the heavy flavors, and I really enjoyed that. Adam: One of the great things
about Zareen’s is that they have
complimentary chai, which is tea in Pakistani.
Sbrocco: Mm-hmm. Adam: And it’s nice
to go up there, get a nice warm cup of tea.
Pickles: Yes. Adam: Go back to your table,
really easy and convenient. Sbrocco: Did you feel like you had a food adventure
with eating down there? Bella: Yes, it was awesome,
and I really enjoyed the mango lassi,
and they were so nice about it because they asked
if it was our first time going, and they gave us
an extra one for free because it was our first time. Pickles: They’re very nice.
Bella: Yeah. Pickles: The people there…
Sbrocco: The service is good. Pickles: The service was a thing
that really stood out for me. I have a shout-out to give
to my waiter. I don’t know if any of you had
him, but his name was Alexander. He asked us to call him Sikandar
because Sikandar, I think, means “king” and because of
King Alexander, right? He was singing Bollywood songs,
and it was so fun, and he was so helpful, and I just loved having him
as our waiter. So thank you to Alexander,
or Sikandar. Sbrocco: And talk a little bit
about those desserts. Pickles: I got this. So, firni — it’s almost
a pudding, a rice pudding, again, with,
I believe, saffron, maybe even a bit
of cinnamon in there. I’m not sure,
but it’s very rich. But it’s not too filling,
and that’s what I like. You can eat a full meal and then
still have space for dessert. Sbrocco: Did you — Being the baker that you are,
did you get dessert? Bella: I didn’t, because
they were out. I got so mad.
Adam: Yeah, that happens often. Bella: I was so sad.
Adam: It’s just really crowded. Sbrocco: Yeah, very crowded.
So, any tricks to getting in? Do you go early?
Do you… Adam: You want to go
in their off-hours. Sbrocco: Mm-hmm.
Adam: Getting, like, there pretty early in the mornings
on the weekend would be great. That’s, like, the dream time
to go to Zareen’s. Sbrocco: Right.
Oh, good. Now it’s not gonna be, ’cause
everybody is going to know. [ Laughter ]
Pickles: Good job, good job. Sbrocco: Your secret is out,
Adam. I’m sorry your secret is out.
All right. Adam, your spot,
give us a quick summary. Adam: If you’re looking for
a quick spice, great service, and just a great
overall atmosphere, I’d recommend Zareen’s.
Sbrocco: Okay, and Bella? Bella: If you want great food
with beautiful art, I suggest Zareen’s.
Sbrocco: Okay, and Pickles? Pickles: If you’re looking
for an introduction or a return to some Indian-Pakistani food,
then go to Zareen’s, the place
with some great atmosphere and some great service.
Sbrocco: All right. If you would like to try
Zareen’s Palo Alto, it’s on South California Avenue
in Palo Alto. It’s open for lunch and dinner,
Tuesday through Sunday, and the average dinner
tab per person is around $20. ♪♪ ♪♪ Bella has a sweet tooth, and one of her
all-time-favorite sugary treats is a big frosty shake
topped with, you guessed it,
oodles of whipped cream. Luckily it’s only a skip
and a hop from her home to her
burger-and-milkshake mecca. Located in the heart of
Oakland’s Glenview neighborhood, it’s Park Burger. Server: You’re welcome.
Enjoy! [ Indistinct conversations ] Barber: I’m an Oakland girl,
and I’ve been here since I was a month old,
and not to disclose my age, but I wanted a place
that would represent Oakland with great food
and great community. Barbero: You know, we were like, “What would we like
to feed our children?” And, yes, everyone wants to give
their kids super healthy meals, but let’s face it, kids like cheeseburgers,
shakes, fries. Barber: And fries. ♪♪ I’m Tic Barber, and I’m
the owner of Park Burger. Barbero: I’m Tipu Barbero, and I’m also the owner
of Park Burger. The key to a delicious burger, I really think that
it’s important to start off with a really good bun. And then the second component is to have
really flavorful, clean meat. Barber: Most of the names
that we have for our burger are named after our neighbors. It just reflects what we’re
all about and community, so if we are inspired by you, then you might get a burger
named after you. Barbero: Yeah, so we always have
people come up to us and say, “What can I do to get
a burger named after me?” Barber: And with the Twinsies, which is the slider burger
that we have, it’s named after our kids,
which we have twins, so we called it the Twinsies. Barbero: And I feel like
we’re a part of the fabric of this neighborhood now. Barber: I try to remember
my customers by their name and try to remember
their order. Barbero: We have a lot of
families with kids who come in because, let’s face it, most restaurants don’t want
a bunch of kids running in
and tearing the place up. Child: Three, two, one,
blast-off. Barbero: You know,
we’re parents ourselves, so we don’t really mind that. All: Welcome to Park Burger! Sbrocco: All right, Bella. It’s a good local spot,
isn’t it? Bella: Oh, it’s awesome,
and I love Park Burger because every time I go, I always bump into
someone that I know. And, you know, you sit down.
You can just hang out. And they have a beautiful map
of Oakland on the wall, and you can find
where you live, and you can hang out
with friends. It’s a great place. Sbrocco: We’re gonna do
Backwards Day and start with
the milkshake first. Bella: Okay.
My go-to milkshake, when I go to Park Burger,
is the brownie because I love
getting the chunks of brownies through the really big straw
with the chocolate. It’s so good.
Sbrocco: Mm-hmm. Bella: But one of my
all-time-favorite shakes of the week
is the birthday cake because it tasted
like yellow cake, like, straight from the oven.
It was so good. Sbrocco: And it’s big
and thick and… Bella: Yeah, it’s so wonderful. Sbrocco: Yeah.
Did you guys get milkshakes, since we’re starting
with milkshakes? Pickles: Yes, of course.
Sbrocco: All right, Pickles. Pickles: You can’t go to a place
that’s known for its milkshakes and not get the milkshake.
Sbrocco: That’s right. Although Adam is over
there going… Did you get a milkshake, Adam?
Adam: Well, I did, actually. Like, my parents convinced me.
It was a milkshake place. I had to try it,
and I got to say, it change my view on milkshakes. Bella: Good.
Adam: I cannot lie. That Oreo milkshake I had
was amazing. I just… Pickles: Bella,
you converted him. Bella: Oh.
Sbrocco: Why was it so good? Adam: It was just the cream,
like, the coldness, the Oreo chunks.
It was just so good. It was — It left such a nice
feeling in your mouth. You can just feel it traveling
all the way down your stomach. It was just the best. Pickles: The milkshake I had
was the shake of the week. It was a black cherry shake. I don’t really like
drinks or foods that have a cherry flavor
because it… You know, the medicines
always have that cherry flavor. Bella: Yeah.
Sbrocco: That’s true. Adam: Yeah.
Pickles: It’s like, “Ugh.” But this was really good. Like, the black cherry
did not taste like medicine. I did not get the whipped cream. Sorry, Bella.
I know I’m letting you down. Sbrocco: Yeah.
Pickles: But I loved the shake. It was very good, and they had
little cherry chunks in it, and that’s what I really liked
is that they had the actual food that it’s made of
as a real thing. Sbrocco: Now, we started
with the milkshakes. Now let’s get to the burgers.
Bella: Okay. I normally don’t get burgers,
but… Sbrocco: What?!
Look at his face. Bella: I know.
Sbrocco: What? Adam: What?
Bella: I know. Pickles: What? Bella: They’re also known
for their chili, believe it or not,
and it is so amazing. It just tastes so rich, and you can just taste
the different layers and elements
stacked on top of each other, and you can taste
that it took a while to make, and it’s so good.
The cheese — Sbrocco: Is it a really
spicy chili, or is it… Bella: Not spicy in the sense
that it makes your mouth hot, but it has different spices
where you taste, like, layers. Sbrocco: Did you have the chili? Pickles: I did not have
the chili, but I had the chili hot dog.
Sbrocco: Oh, okay. Pickles: A hot dog
with chili on it. Bella: Then you had some chili. Adam: I had the chili fries.
Sbrocco: Wow. Bella: There we go. There we go.
Adam: We all had the chili. Sbrocco: Yep, you can give
a chili high five. That’s it. Pickles: Chili high five.
Sbrocco: Okay, chili dog. Pickles: So, it was really good. The chili, like she said,
it has all the layers. It’s very creamy,
very rich flavor. It’s bursts in your mouth.
It’s very hot. Sbrocco: But not spicy hot.
Pickles: Not spicy hot, yeah. Very temperature hot…
Sbrocco: Right. Pickles: …so you took a bite,
and you’re like, “Oh, I have to just
keep eating and eating.” Before you know it,
you finished the whole thing. Adam: The chili was really hot,
which is why I really liked how the fries kind of
cooled that down for you. Like, after that,
you have your milkshake. It just flushes that all down. It’s just a great feeling. Sbrocco: That’s called
a perfect meal. Adam: It really is. Sbrocco: Did you have
the burger? Adam: I did. Sbrocco: We got to talk
about the burger part. Adam: I had two different
burgers, actually. I had the classic
cheeseburger because I just wanted to see
what they were really known for, and I had
the King Solomon burger, which is a chicken burger, which I felt like
could’ve been better. I felt like the chicken was just
a little too overfried, and it was just — the buns were too thick
for that burger. But for the beef burger,
it was fantastic. The buns were amazing —
nice, light, toasted. And the beef used —
perfect size. It was just really well made. You can tell that the patties
were definitely homemade. Sbrocco: Very fresh beef,
and… Adam: Yeah, very fresh,
really well cooked. Sbrocco: …brioche buns, yeah. Adam: It was just amazing, like a whole adventure
going on in your mouth. Pickles: I had
the Ramirez burger, which was my favorite dish there
because I love Mexican food and I love burgers, and
it just put the two together. Sbrocco: Mm-hmm, right.
Pickles: They had the chipotle sauce.
Adam: Yeah. Pickles: They have the thin
chips on top of the burger, and it was all creamy.
It did fall apart, though, so it was kind of hard to eat.
Sbrocco: Right. Pickles: But if you’re looking
for something that’s a bit different
and a but out-there, then you should definitely
get the lamb burger. I loved it, personally,
because of the boldness and the very strong flavors. Like, the lamb is very tender. It just melts in your mouth. It’s like butter. Sbrocco: Okay, and what about
the sweet potato fries? Pickles: I think those are
all-time favorite of everyone in the group. These ones were, like,
really tender, and they had all these spices. They’re crispy on the outside, and this gooey warmness
on the inside. Bella: The garlic fries
are amazing. I love how they have
chunks of garlic. Like, it’s not, like,
any powder or anything. It’s fresh garlic, and it’s just sprinkled over
with Parmesan cheese, and it’s so good. Adam: So, one dish that I had
was the sampler, which was French fries,
sweet potato fries and the onion rings,
and that was amazing. Pickles: Yeah.
Bella: Yeah. Adam: It had all your favorite,
like, side dishes all in one. Basically, it would be, like,
a full meal for you. I feel like the onion rings were a little overcooked
and really thick. They’re really hard
to get into the onion. The fries were a little
too salty, I feel like. But overall,
that sampler dish is like… You should get that
while you’re there. That’s just
the perfect combo. Sbrocco: Just a little
less salt maybe. Adam: Yeah.
Sbrocco: And again, you guys brought groups.
Bella: Yeah. Sbrocco: It’s really
family-friendly. You said it was
really good service. Adam: The atmosphere
was really nice. You have people of all ages. It’s, like, kids coming back
from their soccer games, from all the different sports. Warm and welcoming, and
the service was amazing, too. You could see they’re
constantly cleaning, and you can see how hard
they’re trying to make you have, like, the best food
experience possible, and I really appreciate that.
Sbrocco: All right, Bella, your spot,
give us a quick summary. Bella: If you want to go
to a place with great community and great food,
then head to Park Burger. Sbrocco: And Adam? Adam: If you’re ever
in the neighborhood and you want some really
well-cooked meals, go to Park Burger.
Sbrocco: And Pickles? Pickles: If you’re ever
in the neighborhood and you want a great meal
with some friends, head to Park Burger.
Sbrocco: All right. If you would like to try
Park Burger, it’s on Park Boulevard
in Oakland. It’s open every day
for lunch and dinner, and the average dinner tab
per person is around $20. ♪♪ ♪♪ Pickles grew up eating
plenty of spicy food, and though she can
take the heat, she still appreciates dishes with subtle and balanced
flavors. Authentic Mexican delights
keep her coming back again and again to her spot
in San Jose — Tu Mero Mole. ♪♪ Ignacio: “Tu Mero Mole,” it
means, like, “the one and only.” Woman: Wow! Maria: The phrase that we relate
to in Mexico for enjoyment, like, doing what
you really enjoy. Hi. Ignacio: My name
is Ignacio Flores. I’m the chef-owner
of Tu Mero Mole. Maria: My name is Maria Flores, and I’m also the owner and
the manager of Tu Mero Mole. Ignacio: We are serving here
mole poblano, which involves
a lot of ingredients. We got six types of chilies:
 chile negro,  chile mulato,
 chile ancho, chile pasilla. We used to cook ours at home
when our kids were little, and they’d bring their friends. Little girls will come up
to the door knocking and… Maria: “Can you make me
a quesadilla?” Ignacio: “Can you make me
a quesadilla?” Maria: I have some families
that bring the kids because they love my rice,
they love my beans. The little kids are craving
which agua fresca they had today —
the watermelon, the pineapple. I have my certain traditions,
as well. [ Laughs ] Tamales.
He loves my tamales. Ignacio: She makes
great tamales. We call our menu
“regional Mexican cuisine.” Like, we have, from Yucatán, we have from Veracruz, we have from Puebla. We have dishes from
my hometown in Jalisco. We are colorful. You know, we like pink,
we like red, you know? Maria: Colorful is happiness
because, like, when you have a bright color,
you’re full of life. That’s how we are in Mexico,
full of life. When we opened
this little hole in the wall, he says, “You watch, this place
is going to be very unique, and people will love it.” Sbrocco: All right, Pickles,
we got to ask, where did this nickname
originate? Pickles: Okay, well,
I play ice hockey, and I have my jersey. Sbrocco: Whoo-hoo!
Pickles: Yay! And basically, what it is,
is that my favorite player, Mark-Edward Vlasic
on the Sharks, is an inspiration to me
because he’s a defenseman, and I am a defense player. And when I started playing,
my friends all thought, “Hey, you know,
he’s your favorite player, and you kind of play like him,
so let’s call you Pickles,” and it works because
I love the food pickles. I love everything pickles, so that’s why my nickname
is Pickles. Sbrocco: Well, let’s talk
about your restaurant. Pickles: Cool. Sbrocco: What is it that you
love about this place? Pickles:
Everything is authentic.
I think one of the things we were talking about,
with Zareen’s, which I think also reflects
back on Tu Mero Mole, is that you walk in and you feel
like you’ve stepped into Mexico. All the walls and
the tables and chairs, it’s a very bright color. Everyone is really,
really friendly, and the food is, like,
10-star quality. Sbrocco: Right.
And what is it that you go for? Pickles: I go for
different things each time. I love their enchiladas,
especially their chicken ones. So, it’s filled with this
really tender chicken and a spicy sauce, and the sauce is really,
really creamy. And it just complements
the chicken very well, but you don’t lose
taste of the chicken. But I think my new favorite dish
is the cochinita yucateca. Sbrocco: Right.
Pickles: It’s very flavorful. The pork is very, very tender,
and it’s very juicy. The onions on top are one of
my favorite things about it, because while the dish itself
is a bit more mild, the onions add
that little kick to it. The onions are very spicy,
and they’re crunchy. I also really like their mole because their mole is made
using so many ingredients. Sbrocco: Yeah. Bella: I usually don’t
like mole, but I found this really good. It was really interesting, and it had many
different flavors. And you could tell that it was,
like, made with, like, love. I like how the chocolate
was used as something savory, because usually you think
of chocolate as something sweet, but the chocolate really
gave it an extra flavor and made it really complex.
Sbrocco: Right. Being a dessert person
that you are, at least mole has that little
kick of chocolate, right? Bella: Yep.
Pickles: So, Tu Mero Mole’s secret ingredient is plantains.
Sbrocco: Ooh! Let’s say it like this —
[Whispering] secret ingredient. Pickles: [Whispering]
Is plantains. Sbrocco: So nobody will know
except us, right? Adam: I had three
different dishes. I had the mole enchiladas, I had the steak fajitas,
and I had the tacos — the beef tacos.
Sbrocco: Oh, yes. Adam: And I think the beef tacos
are what took me away. Like, I wasn’t a huge fan
of the place, I must say, but the tacos
were beyond my expectations. I feel like they had the perfect
amount of onion, cilantro, the extra little taste of spice,
and the tortillas were — you could tell
they were homemade. Bella: Yes.
Sbrocco: Homemade. Adam: Super smooth, soft,
very well cooked. It was amazing. And the steak in the tacos
were amazingly cooked. Pickles: They make everything
from scratch. Bella: I had
the tacos dorados de tinga, and I loved it because
it reminded me of breakfast. It had potatoes, which was,
like, I love potatoes, and they were fried,
and they were so good. And that’s kind of
what blew me away. Sbrocco: Right. Bella: And also the salsa bar.
That was awesome. They had this really
interesting salsa where it was made from peanuts. I found that really interesting. Adam: I think the salsa bar,
that exceeded my expectations. Like, all these different
type of salsas, just ready, lined up for you. That just really, you know,
satisfied my taste buds. Like, I really enjoyed that. Sbrocco: And what else
did you have, Bella? Bella: I had the shrimp, which
was one of my favorite meals. It was so good, and I liked how
the shrimp was cooked perfectly. It wasn’t rubbery,
and it was in, like, this broth-salsa kind of mixture,
and it was so flavorful. Sbrocco: Yeah. Pickles: If you’ve ever had
their dessert, the flan. Sbrocco: Adam is over there
going, “Yep.” Bella: Yeah. Adam: The flan was
very flavorful. It was nice and, like, soft,
really creamy, super flavorful, and I really enjoyed it.
Sbrocco: Mm-hmm. Bella: Yeah.
I liked the flan, too. I liked how it was very creamy,
and I also had the churros, but I didn’t really
enjoy the churros. They were too sweet for me,
and they — Sbrocco: Well, they’re sweet.
Bella: Yeah, they’re very sweet. Pickles: Like, if you have
a sweet tooth or you’re really looking for something sweet,
you should get the churros. But if you’re looking
for something which is just, like, a nice finish
and it’s just a blander, then get the flan
in that case. Sbrocco: If you have any room
for dessert, right? All right,
I want to ask you guys this. If you were to open
your own restaurant… Pickles: Yes? Sbrocco: …what type
of restaurant would it be? Pickles: It would be
a meat-lover’s food truck but with a bit more
of a formal air to it. I would have really good
escargots, cassoulet, meat from
all different cuisines, and bring together
a spicy flavor, but in a formal setting.
Sbrocco: That’s fantastic! All right, Adam,
what would you do? Adam: One thing they’re missing
in places near me is a really good
ice cream place. So, I’m not really heavy
on the meat. A place where you’d want to go,
tell your friends, “Hey, come here.
We can hang out here.” And you know,
different flavors, not just, like, basic chocolate,
vanilla, cherry, or mango. Like, different —
Like, try to make it a unique twist on ice cream, maybe add some frozen yogurt
there, too, because I feel like that’s
what’s really missing now. Sbrocco: All right.
And Bella? Bella: If I had a restaurant,
I would probably have, like, a different kind of country
for every week or something, where it’d be different food
from different places. Sbrocco: Around the world
in 80 dishes, right? Bella: Yep.
Pickles: I like that. Sbrocco: All right, this is
your restaurant, Pickles. Wrap it up for us.
Pickles: Okay. If you’re looking to broaden
your view of Mexican food, head to Tu Mero Mole,
which is a place with great service
and amazing food. Sbrocco: And Adam? Adam: If you’re ever looking
for a nice little twist on classic Mexican food,
Tu Mero Mole is the place for you.
Sbrocco: Okay, and, Bella? Bella: If you want bright food
at a bright place, I suggest you head
to Tu Mero Mole. Sbrocco: If you would like
to try Tu Mero Mole, it’s on Woodard Road
in San Jose. It’s open every day for
breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the average dinner tab
per person is around $20. I want to thank my fantastic
guests on this week’s show — Adam, who shared
the authentic Pakistani and Indian delights
at Zareen’s Palo Alto; Bella, who likes to shake it up
at Park Burger in Oakland; and Pickles’ pick,
Tu Mero Mole, offering tempting  pueblo
specialties in San Jose. So, join us next time
when three new guests will recommend
their favorite spots right here on “Check, Please! Bay Area.” I’m Leslie Sbrocco,
and I’ll see you then. In, everybody, and out! All right.
Did you guys have fun? Pickles: Yeah. Bella: Yeah.
Sbrocco: I did. So, now it’s your turn. We want to hear from you
if you’ve visited any of our “Check, Please!”
restaurants. You can post a selfie
on Instagram, join the conversation
on Facebook, and tweet us anytime. And don’t forget
to visit our website to see all your favorite
episodes again anytime. Cheers. Sbrocco: One of her all-time
favorite sugary treats is a big “froshty” shake — shroshty-she-she-shake. Everybody say that with me
five times. Frosty shake.
Bella: Frosty shake. Adam: Frosty shake.
Pickles: Frosty shake, frosty shake.
Sbrocco: And Pickles. Pickles: Pickles. Sbrocco: And your summary,
Pickles? Pickles: Oh, oh!
[ Laughter ] Sbrocco: I’m not
offering you pickles. Okay, I don’t have any pickles
on the table. No pickles there.
Pickles: [ Laughing ] ♪♪