(dramatic music) – [Scott] Dude, this is my
first cheese burger pizza. – People have tried it without a bun, people have done different
things with pickles and stuff. – That sounds good actually,
do you have any pickles? – We got some pickles. Can we get some pickles? – You guys got picks? – My name is Scott, I
live and breathe pizza. But Mark is a pizza purist. – This is not pizza.
(buzzing) It’s not pizza.
(buzzing) I’m about to kick you out. – [Scott Voiceover]
I’m trying to bring him the craziest pizzas I can find. They all claim to be pizza,
but are they really dough? (jazz music) – [Mark] That’s the original pizzeria, they were bakers, I saved it. – You saved a lot of stuff. I found a Father’s Day card in this book. – This guy right here look. I always said if I ever go to Italy I want to go meet these guys. So I go to Italy, and
I didn’t even realize when I got back from Italy. – That you had met.
– I saw the book and I say, you know what, let me look,
and I was like, oh shit I was making pizza with his son. – But you didn’t meet the parents? – They’re dead. – Okay, so you can’t meet them? – No. – But you’re not, you’re not
making Naples-style pizza. – No.
– How crazy do they get with toppings, when you were there? – Not, no, not a lot of toppings. – I saw them putting hot dogs
and French fries on the pizza. To me that’s a little,
– They did that in Naples? – Yeah dude, they, that’s
a popular pizza in Naples. – That’s not a pizza. – It is pizza, absolutely. What about hamburger,
okay, hamburger on a pizza. There’s a guy in Queens
or something like that, that’s making like a cheeseburger pizza. I think it’s called Krave It. – It’s not pizza. Sauce and cheese, that’s it, done. – Yeah but wait a second– – If I put spaghetti on a
hamburger bun is it a hamburger? – No, because a hamburger
is all about the meat patty. – It doesn’t matter. – What do you mean it doesn’t matter? – It does matter.
– It’s not pizza. – I’m telling you in Naples–
– In today’s day and age, it’s not pizza. – Whatever.
– That’s not pizza. – Why not? – Cheeseburger pizza. – Different, but to me it’s
just a different kind of pizza. – No, it’s not. – No, okay. – So–
– Stop. – That’s it?
(calculator whirring) They would look at this, you know they look at this and
say this is not a pizza. Do you think that they’re
making pepperoni pizza in Italy? You know they’re not. I’m gonna bring some back,
and I wanna watch you eat it. Be able to persuade you that it is pizza. I don’t care if you like
it or not, it is a pizza. (somber music) I made it all the way out
here to Bayside, Queens because Mr. Mark loves cheeseburgers. So I’m gonna get him a
crazy cheeseburger pizza and bring it back as a reward for finishing his accounting for the day. Are you Vishee? – Scott? – Yes.
– Yes, finally. – Finally, good to finally meet you man. I’m here for one pizza in particular, I want that cheeseburger pizza. – Okay, got you. – Like, it’s cheeseburgers on a pizza? Even the bun? – Even the egg. (whistles) – I’m here to blow your mind tonight. – I gotta get one. You mind making me a pie,
I’ll sit down we’ll eat it? – I got you. – Thanks a lot, Vishee. This is my first time at Krave It and I’ve seen tons of pictures
of all the weird pizzas. And this cheeseburger pizza
is definitely a stand-out. And honestly, it makes me very nervous. ‘Cause I love burgers, I love pizza, I don’t know if I can
handle the combination, I don’t know if I’m strong enough. – Sauce, cheese, and dough. Scott, sauce, cheese, and dough. Scott, sauce, cheese, and dough. Pizza tastes best served
right out of the oven. It’s not a pizza. – What do you mean? – It’s not a pizza. – I brought you some. – Our pizza should look
better than it tastes. – Such a stickler. – No exceptions. Don’t come back here and
bring me this crazy stuff. – Sauce, cheese, sauce, cheese, sauce, cheese and dough, it’s not pizza. – I don’t know if I’m strong enough. – [Mark Voiceover]
Sauce, cheese, and dough. – [Announcer] Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Come on down to Krave It pizzeria to try to conquer the world
famous cheeseburger pizza. These are three, that’s right, three different kinds of cheeses. Grande mozzarella, shredded
cheddar, sliced cheddar. – The best cheese for the best pizza. – [Announcer] And don’t
forget 30 all meat, all American patties cut up into sliders, and distributed around the pizza. 30 (bleep) patties. – [Vishee] You wanna make sure every bite has a burger on it. – [Announcer] And while that’s cooking up, how ’bout we fry up eight whole eggs? – Sunny-side up ’cause we like them runny. We wanna get messy. – [Announcer] It’s no yolk. – Gotta get messy at KraveIt. – [Announcer] Cock-a-doodle-joke. – [Vishee] Now we walk over
to our buddies, our buns. – [Announcer] Bun-day, bun-day, bun-day. This pissed off pizza is egg-streme, egg-regous, eggs-cellent. Why don’t you give it a fry? – And we hypnotize with our
homemade chipotle sauce. – [Announcer] Super charged
with sesame seeds and cilantro. – Voila, boom, done. F my life. – [Announcer] Boom, done, F his life. See for yourself, Scott. (lips smacking) – Uh oh. (dramatic music) (laughing) – Ready? – No, no, I, uh– – Well you gotta get ready. – I want to walk you through
my emotions right now. – [Vishee] Let’s do it. – Overwhelmed, confused, excited, I’m hungry is my number four. – It’s like this is mind
f-ing you right now. – Seriously my mind is definitely
getting hurt a little bit. So, it starts with pizza
dough, normal pizza style, and then from there it goes off the walls. Little meat slider patties, fries, bacon the fried egg and then
the buns, sesame seeds and the Chipotle mayo on top of it. – Ready? (dramatic music) (music mellows down) Let it hit you, let it hit you. (psychedelic music) – There is drama in that bun. Okay, cause at first I was scared, I’m gettin’ all this bun action. – Bun action is good. – Yeah but then the bacon came up. – Yeah kicks you right in the ass with it. – Yeah and spicy. – That’s the chipotle kickin’ in. – Oh it’s the chipotle, oh
my God, and then the egg. You real… This is over the top, right? – Go big or go home. – [Scott] This ain’t your
grand daddy’s cheeseburger or your grand mommy’s pizza. They all probably say, it’s not pizza. What do you say to them? – This is the new age pizza movement. – New age pizza movement. – Yeah we’re just here
doing pizza our way, our style and our style is street. It reminds you of when you were a kid. Reminds you of just a
regular burger joint. – [Scott] The egg though,
what egg are you gettin’ on your regular old burger? – Egg was just a last
minute thing we threw on it. Our first attempt was without the egg and then one of my guys was like, yo, let’s try it with an egg. I was just like, yeah, let’s do the egg. – [Scott] How does this
fit in to the grand scheme of New York style pizza? – I don’t think we fit
in at all, we’re outlaws. People come in and people look at it and they’re like, what are they doing? Fried chicken, waffles,
cheeseburger pizza? What are you doing? When I say try it, they’re like, holy shit. And then from there it’s just, that’s it, it’s over
for them, it’s Krave It. – [Vishee] That’s it, it’s
over for them, it’s Krave It. Yeah, let’s do the egg. – I mean look, I know, I know Mark, is Mark.
– Of course. – And he’s gonna think
certain things about pizza. To me this is absolutely a pizza. – Nothing makes me more nervous more than the old school traditionalist pizza guys because those guys have
been doing it forever and I respect the hell out of them. But now me as a newcomer,
complete opposite out of left field. I feel like a lot of them might look at me and be like what’s going on? What the f are you doing to pizza? Are you sabotaging pizza? – You obviously know Mark. – Yeah, he’s gonna be,
why, what are we doing? Then I feel like a lot
of them will be like you know what, this is good,
it’s a change, it’s different, you know it’s 2018,
everything is different now. Maybe pizza needed this change, not that pizza was boring, ’cause pizza could never be boring but let’s try to give pizza
a little bit of a makeover. You know, so, hopefully he’s listening and he can give some kind of love. – Well honestly my
definition of pizza is that, it’s a dough that has
stuff baked on top of it and I don’t care if you add stuff after it comes out of the oven. I don’t care if you add cheeseburgers. I don’t care if you add
a used Honda afterwards, like, it’s a pizza. It may be weird, it may look different but the pizza that we’re
eating today is weird to the people who were
eating pizza 50 years ago. – ** – And the pizza that
we’re eating right now is gonna seem normal to the pizza of a hundred years from now. So, that’s why I say, no doubt in my mind, this is a pizza. A weird pizza, and you are a weird man but I love weird things. We’re definitely brothers in that sense. – Just made my day. – I don’t think anybody can argue, Mark can argue and he’s
like a stubborn guy. – It’s alright as long
as I got your approval, I can live with Mark, you know. I know where he’s coming
from, he’s old school. It’s good to hear from
like pizza geniuses, pizza guys, pizza connoisseurs. – Thanks a lot man. – Weird pizza. (gentle music) – Alright Mark, put down the phone. Stop texting me, I’m here already. Check this. – What the–
– Cheese, cheeseburger pizza. – [Mark] Do you have a
cutter for this thing. – I got a small blade. You have like one of those huge blades? – I don’t even know where to begin. – You got like a mezzaluna,
you know we could like, (imitates splattering) – No.
– Nothing? – Is that what that thing is called? – Yeah. – I’ll do it. – But go between the buns. Don’t interrupt the sanctity of the buns. – I gotta get a pizza cutter. – Okay, get a real one. I’m gonna give it one cut,
I think you’re just a wimp. – No, ’cause you’re gonna mess it up. Are you ready?
– Yeah. – What did you do? – I cut a couple of them for you. (suspenseful music) How are you gonna attack this? Are you gonna pick it up and fold it?
– I don’t know. We gotta get a plate for this. – Here you don’t have ketchup
in your whole building do you? – Are you kidding me? – Look, this is what it is,
it’s a cheeseburger pizza. You got a pizza crust, right? There’s cheese. – What? – There’s sauce on here, that’s sauce. – Yeah.
– Okay. – You gonna tell me this is pizza? – Look, I’m not telling you anything. I’ve learned my lesson, I’m
not telling you anything. Just letting you do what you gotta do. – [Scott] Wow, you got
the bun in there too. (intense music) (Scott laughs) – I was waiting to see your face and it is worth every moment of waiting. – My jaw hurts. Yeah, you only took two bites. – One bite. – You’re still working on bite number one? – Uh-huh. I’m done. – [Scott] But, is this a pizza? – This is a cheeseburger
on, a bacon cheeseburger with hard boiled eggs and french fries, on pizza dough, not pizza. – Okay, so this has pizza dough? – [Mark] Yes. – Okay, so that’s one of
your elements that you need. – You just wanna argue
for the sake of arguing. – I’m just trying to make a point here. What on this pizza is beyond the realm of legality in pizza?
– The buns. – Okay, so what if we take off these buns, I’m just saying for argument’s sake. Pizza or not a pizza? – Not a pizza. – What else that you see
right now, violates pizza? – Egg. – If we like remove this egg, pizza or not a pizza? – The hamburger. – That’s illegal? But what about if you take
a meatball and slice it up? – A meatball’s a meatball,
a hamburger’s a hamburger. French fries gotta go.
– Okay. – That’s gotta go.
– Okay. – This gotta go.
– Don’t take the bacon off. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You’re taking the bacon off? – I just wanted to eat the bacon. – But you say, pizza or not a pizza? – It’s pizza dough.
– It’s a white pizza. – It’s pizza dough. – It sounds like you’re
saying to me, not a pizza. – I’ll let you know if it’s pizza. (dramatic music) – Pizza or not pizza? – I don’t know anymore. (both laughing) I really don’t. (triumphant music) – Does that taste like pizza to you? – It doesn’t taste like any
pizza I’ve ever had before. But, I feel like academically speaking, it’s pizza, you know what I mean? – Let’s, I want to test
your pizza knowledge. What do you call a white pile of potatoes? – What do you call it? The uh, what is it, not the Flammkuchen, the other stuff, not the onion stuff. Flammkuchen is the Alsatian in the pile. – I opened a can of worms. (upbeat music) – [Scott] To me, this is a pizza, to Mark. – I don’t know. I love bacon, I love cheeseburgers. I even love this orange stuff. What is that? – But if you wanna know for yourself, you gotta go eat it at Krave It. Thanks for watching Thrillist. Check us out next time. Now I’m gonna go in for one
more piece, just ’cause I like. – You didn’t even finish that one. – Yeah I know because it got all messed up and it started, detach everything. I just wanna feel what you
felt on that first bite. I know and I wanna– – You gotta get all this stuff in there. – That’s what I’m, is that what you did? I don’t know man, I’m not,
I don’t have a big mouth. – [Announcer] Alright I’ll take
it from cock-a-doodle-dough. – [Man] Yeah! – [Announcer] Cock-a-doodle-dough. (coughs)