Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my
virgin kitchen it is the last day of our mug month playlist today please do not get as
upset as I am about it, but do not worry we have already had breakfast in a mug, mac and
cheese in a mug and sweet and sour chicken in a mug, you guys followed up with some ideas
for yourselves, Ben wanted to see fish, I am Ben will you do something fishy in a mug?
Srijit wanted a biryani in a mug, I was wondering if you could make biryani in a mug, but we
have had a lot of savoury on this playlist and I had a sweet tooth so combined together
these three ideas, can you make a smores version of a banoffee pie in a mug? Something I want
to see in mug month would be a cheesecake, this week I would like to see something like
a chocolate chip cookie in a mug, that makes my friends a smore banana cheesecake in a
mug, amazing times, so if you want to have a go at making this, hit pause on the video
now, write down all of these ingredients, this is how we do it, start off by using your
spare mug, I used a tractor mug, plonk your butter into it then place in the microwave
just to melt it through, to make it all runny like a butter drink.
Then simply grab some biscuits, chuck them into a food processor, whizz them up, until
you have nice crumbs, then tip those into the mug with the melted butter working it
all through until it combines, once all settled tip in your chocolate chips, give it a good
bung through together til nice and combined, keep it in the fridge while we move on.
Chuck your banana bits in your spare mug and mash them up with a fork until nice and smooth
and pulpy, then just chuck the rest of the filling ingredients for the cheesecake in
there, get it all combined, work it through until it is a sort of pale skin colour, before
a sun tan that kind of look. Take your fancy mug out of the fridge and add the cheesecake
topping nearly all the way to the top, level it off, and now we have to put it in the microwave
to cook through the egg, we are going to put it in there for 2 minutes 30 seconds in total
open it up about half way through as it does get a little bit bubbly, keep going then carefully
take the mug out and give it a darn good grating of chocolate on top for a secret hidden chocolate
layer. Kind of like the Narnia of chocolate layers.
Oh before we finish this off we need to create a new playlist Month right, so mug month is
over it is either hybrid month or pie month on so go on there and
vote for it. Hybrid month is kind of like the cronut, you know the croissant / donut
crossover, we will do some of those with your ideas, I have got an amazing one with choux
pastry. Or pies we can do cherry pie, stuff like that.
Anyhow to finish it off we are going to get ourselves a tub of marshmallow fluff, and
just work it all around the top, now to toast it you could put it in the oven, with marshmallow
fluff it is very temperamental, or you could get one of these, a chefs blow torch, that
is right they work absolutely amazing for this so work your way around it, the harder
you go on it the more scorched it will get to give it that nice camp fire effect so get
a good balance of it and keep in the fridge until you are ready to serve looking amazing
lets have a nibble. Shiver me timbers what a stonker this is so
good guys give it a go you must try it, remember it is an 800watt microwave, so it may be a
little less if you are using a more powerful one. If you missed any of the other mug recipes
in the playlist check them out there and click away remember to vote for the next playlist
you want to see, if you want to be in the video like the guys at the beginning email
me [email protected] and that is it I am going to eat all this, love ya