– Hey, welcome to Sorted. We’re a bunch of mates in London looking for the the
exceptional things in food that will help make our, and your, lives a little bit better. In amongst constantly ribbing each other, some of us are chefs, the rest
of us, well, we’re normal, but every video we make always starts with a suggestion from you guys. (upbeat club music) Hello, welcome to FridgeCam. This is Jamie and I’m Ben. – And today we’re pitching
our chefs against each other. This is the battle to end all battles. – Our mates Ben and James
who are actual chefs are going head to head. – In what can only be described as the Ultimate Chocolate Dessert Battle. – This is our most technical battle yet. It’s gonna be hot, it’s gonna be steamy, and it’s gonna be the hardest yet. – And we’re not even cooking. (Ben laughs) – Three.
– Two. – One.
– Go! – My dessert is inspired by a pockos fact from a few months ago,
the Tunnock’s Tea Cake. Tunnock’s Tea Cakes are
banned from REF cockpits. It’s a bit like a Wagon Wheel, same ingredients, just different shape. So I’m doing tempered chocolate to encase marshmallow, jam and biscuit served with creme Anglaise and caramel nuts. The biscuit couldn’t be simpler, it’s one, two, three in ratios. One part butter, two part
sugar, brown sugar and treacle and three parts flour, plain and ginger. (upbeat rock music) The biscuit dough is
pretty dry and crumbly I’ve brought it together, rolled out between two
sheets of grease proof and I put it into the freezer to set up that way I can cut perfect
disks the size of my domes and bake them and they
should stay perfectly round. – What are you making James? – Pistachio and rose tartlets. – I’m gonna love this
and you’re gonna hate it. – The first element to my dish is a white chocolate, pistachio mousse. It’s lightened with whipped
cream and then set with gelatin. I’m gonna blitz some pistachios. (food processor blitzes)
(upbeat rock music) I’m gonna melt this in the microwave. It’s white chocolate. (upbeat rock music) I’m just gonna stir and then add the rest. I’ve made a mistake already. I was meant to put my gelatin in there before I poured it into
my white chocolate. It’s fine, it’s fine, not a problem. (upbeat rock music) – The dollop of jam in
the middle of mine is plum and I want it a nice pink color so I’m also adding a dash of grenadine. It’s equal ratio, plum and sugar boiled at about 122 degrees Celsius. (upbeat rock music) – This is my pistachio
and white chocolate mix. It’s got the gelatin in it and now I’m gonna add
it to my whipped cream and my mousse will be finished. The pistachios are gonna give a tiny bit of texture to it as well. So the mousse is a bit smooth, the pistachios are textured, and then I’m gonna set it in the freezer. If it’s not set and I
pour hot glaze over top it’s just gonna collapse. – The marshmallow part of mine is a classic marshmallow except I’m flavoring it with Sloe Gin. So it’s a sugar syrup brought
to 118 degrees Celsius, that’s got Sloe Gin in it, and it’s set with gelatin leaves which have been dissolved in Sloe Gin and it’s all whipped into egg whites. – I’m putting in some
non-traditional parts so it’s not quite traditional but it is a classic, traditional dish. – The reason why I’m gonna win this battle is that the dish that I
made and the recipe that I was probably the most proud
I’ve ever been of any dish. So if I don’t win it,
I’m probably gonna leave. Just to let you know. Now that’s gonna influence because either you want me to leave or you don’t. – Come on. Come on. – I’m making my pistachio
and olive oil cake layer which is like a really airy cake. So I’ve whipped the eggs with sugar and then I’m just folding in, keeping as much air as possible, folding in pistachios and polenta and a little bit of flour. And this is gonna sit
underneath my mousse. (upbeat rock music) – 10 minutes, 106 degrees Celsius for the perfect ginger cookie. (upbeat rock music) – [James] Sorry, Ben, what are you doing? – While you were maundering,
looking after the judges, I’ve made one giant marshmallow with the bit I don’t
need for the tea cakes. – (mocks) Make a marshmallow. – If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s the judges, like,
you got a sweet tooth and you like being fed with booze. (blender whirls) – Ben’s dish is just a twist on a dish that’s been mass-produced
for over 100 years probably. Is that what we want to see from the Ultimate Chef Vs Chef Battle? – If it’s the best one you’ve ever tasted, then maybe but maybe not. – Do you know what’s really interesting? We got this brief and individually we both came up with
something that’s dome-shaped. Which just upsets me to no end ’cause to think that I’ve
got the same brain as Ben is extremely, extremely depressing. – I love you too. With a bit of luck, my dome
will have a nice shine to it but to give it a little bit
of height and extra dimension, I’m also doing a caramel nut. Usual caramel, just the
point it’s gonna crack. Dip in the nut on the end of a skewer and get that very natural drip. (upbeat rock music) – I’ve made my sweet pastry dough, it’s just a standard pastry dough and that is gonna go into the fridge, rest for about an hour and
then I’m gonna roll it out, rest it for another hour and
then I’m gonna blind bake it. – It’s what I love about a
one, two, three ratio biscuit, is you always get a beautiful biscuit with a beautiful snap and this one, heavy on treacle and ginger. I’m gonna blend all the off
cuts into a crumb for the plate. (biscuit crunches) Do you want the rest of this? – Is it not good? – It’s alright. Next I’m gonna make the jam
that goes into my mousse. First thing to go in is grape juice, liquid glucose, sugar and pectin. I’m adding elderflower cordial and rose water to my
jam and it’s finished. I just stick it in the freezer. (upbeat rock music) I’ve just taken my sponge out of the oven. I think it’s gone well. It’s so hard to tell
whether this is cooked. I’d put it back in. (everyone exclaims) – So to temper the
chocolate, three temperatures to remember for dark chocolate. Take the bowl of chocolate
up above 45 degrees Celsius. I did that over a pan of steaming water. Then chill it down, I used a bowl of ice water to
submerge my chocolate bowl in, make sure none of the water gets in and you wanna take it
down to 26 degrees Celsius and then you want to heat it back up over the steam again to 32 degrees and then you want to
use it pretty quickly. Last time I did this,
they were perfectly shiny, perfectly encased but perhaps a little thicker than I wanted. So we’ll see if we can still
get the first two factors but make it a little thinner. – This bit you can’t screw up can you? The chocolate has to be glistening. – Well you can screw up. – I want to give you–
– Not again. (laughs) – It can’t be two then. (laughs) – No, you just can’t screw up, can you? (both laughing) – Let’s do this. To temper dark chocolate,
I am using a microwave and I am bringing it up
to 47 degrees Celsius and then bringing it down
to 31 degrees Celsius and then pouring it over acetate and putting acetate
over the top of it again and that’s just gonna make it shiny on both sides, hopefully. – I love these Chef Vs
Chef Battles because the disagreements they
have are so different to how the normal battles,
that we generally have work. In the normal battles,
we’re arguing because somebody said somebody
else’s recipe alikes and these Chef Vs Chef
Battles, they argue about what temperature to
temper your chocolate at. – Temperature set, now I need to layer the marshmallow, the jam, the biscuit, press in and fill with
more tempered chocolate. Last time I over filled them. In an attempt to not do that, this time I might’ve under filled them. Should’ve tempered 250
grams of dark chocolate. – Week nine of the
Ultimate Chocolate Dessert Chef Vs Chef Battle. – [James] Pomegranate seeds
go into the jammy thing. – He could call that
Pommy-Jamate couldn’t he? (judges snickers) – [Jamie] What’s he doing? – I’ve just taken my mousses,
my mousse-I, meese, meese, my meese, I’ve taken my
meese out of the freezer. So I’m gonna scoop a little
bit of my mousse out, I’m gonna put the jam in and then I’m gonna put the sponge on top and I’m gonna freeze the whole thing. – Slightly stabilize my custard
with a bit of corn flour so just need to cook that out now. And I want a thickness that hopefully I can blob on to the plate. As a cold custard. – Tell me you got that. (upbeat rock music) – The year is 2024,
Taylor Swift has just won the ultimate presidential
election against Kanye West. We still don’t have dessert. (upbeat rock music) – The cases go back into the fridge to rest for about another hour. Now I’m gonna make my mirror glaze which is dark chocolate-based. It uses gelatin and condensed milk. (upbeat rock music) Then it goes over the domes,
they go in the fridge. Once the tart cases have rested, they go into the oven at
180 degrees for 10 minutes and then I take the beans out and give them another five minutes. (upbeat rock music) (dramatic music) – It’s 2053, Elon Musk’s mission to get us all living on Mars, paid
off, this is where we are. We’ve recreated this sort of studio and we have anti-gravity boots on. Let’s eat something shall we? It sounds like crispy pastry. Cheers.
– Cheers. – [James] Good shine
from the mirror glaze. – You could see a face in that chocolate. – Wow! Don’t you think the sponge
is more like treacle pudding? – Yeah, yeah!
– In terms of consistency. – It’s drenched in that gel. This is really hard to comment on Chris. Never had anything like it. – No. That has to be some of the thinnest, crispiest pastry I’ve ever had. – I think it’s pretty well perfect when it comes to balance
of rose, olive oil, pistachio, elder flower
and rich, dark chocolate. – That’s the shiniest chocolate
I’ve seen Sorted ever do. – Decadent. – But, elegant. – De-legent. – De-legent. – Good. – [Jamie] I’m looking forward to this ’cause I’ve enjoyed many
a tea cake in my time. – [James] Get a bit of custard though. – [Ben] Get a little bit of
the Earl Gray custard as well. – Oh there’s custard as well? – Little bit of ginger. – Cheers!
– Oh cheers! (group laughs) – Yeah, boys. – Whoa. – Eh, boys.
– Eh, boys. (both laughing) – What a snappy ginger snap. – I love the fruit, it’s very nice. – The marshmallow is so light but the chocolate was so rich
and then you get a bit of the heat from the ginger
and the ginger snap. Do we need to go away and confer
and come up with a winner? – Let’s go back here, sure. – Okay, just take one of these. – I was gonna take the
whole thing but yeah. (suspenseful music) – Isn’t that great? We go away for two minutes,
another dessert comes back. – How?!
– Yeah. So what we had to do, was
look at it from one way only. Which one would we order off a menu, in a restaurant. And we decided the gin tea cakes would be the one that we would order and therefore Evers is our winner. (competitor claps)
– Wow. – It would be. That’s the one I’d go for again. That is, they’re two of the best desserts I think we’ve ever had on Sorted. – Yeah. But it’s not always up to us. So who would your winner be? Which dessert would you choose? Which one would you like to eat the most? Which one would you order
off the menu at a restaurant? Comment down below and let us know. – If you enjoyed seeing
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