(upbeat music playing) – Hi! It’s mystery author Ellie Alexander, and I am so excited to welcome
you to a special episode of the Torte Test Kitchen. I am not, I repeat, I am not
a professional pastry chef, (laughs) but I am here on location at
Paddington Station with Sarah, – Yeah! – Who runs a professional retail kitchen. – Yeah! – So that’s kinda like, you
know, some baking props, right? – Yeah! (laughs) – And we are going to bake something from Live and Let Pie today. Stay tuned. (upbeat music) Sarah, thank you so much for
having me to the store today. – Of course, we’re happy to have you. – I’m so excited to bake with you in a real professional retail kitchen. (laughs)
– Yeah! – And today we’re going
to make a delicious, very easy recipe for
cherry almond hand pies from Live and Let Pie, but before we get baking, I wanted to chat a little bit about real
life here in Ashland because one of the things that
I hear from readers so often is “Are you making this
all up? Is this real?” And I say, “No, Ashland is a real place.” – Yeah! – Indeed, we are here in Ashland, Oregon at Paddington Station, which
in the Bakeshop Mysteries I refer to as London Station. Well one of the things I think that I hear more than anything from readers is about kind of the mother-daughter team, Helen and Jules in my Bakeshop Mystery and how they sort of like,
have created a community and a place where everyone feels welcome and how does that translate to Paddington? – Well, I think we’re a lot like Torte. We have a dynamic duo of Pam and Kelly who are mother-daughter. – I love that! – I know, it’s great! And they’re also really community based. We do a lot of things where we work with the other businesses
in town and the chamber, creating lots of events
and things to try to help just all of the shoppers in Ashland experience the great times here, and we just did a really awesome event down at our new store,
which is the Express, the Paddington Express, and
we did a Wonderland bingo, and we had twelve stores within the town within a block of each other playing, and so it’s just a great
way for people to get to see the whole Ashland shopping experience. – That’s so great. – Yeah! – And for you, you’ve
been in the Rogue Valley for a long time.
– Yeah. – How would you sum up the community of Ashland and the greater Rogue Valley? – I think they’re really
thoughtful about each other. – Uh-huh. – I’ve lived a lot of different places, I’ve lived in the Midwest,
I’ve lived on the East Coast, and there’s just a real
sense of community here and supporting each other,
and I think Pam and Kelly really are committed to that. And I think just any of our
preferred customer programs are really a representation of that. We give back like two
percent of what our preferred customers spend to the
Ashland Schools Foundation. We also do really awesome work with the Ashland Emergency Food Bank. We do our annual open house
and we usually donate– – Can’t wait for that. – Yeah, it’s so much fun! And we usually donate
at least a ton of food, that’s always our goal.
– And a ton of food! A ton! You’re not saying a ton
like in a figurative sense. You mean, like,
– A ton. – A literal ton of food.
– Yes. We have huge garbage cans at
each store that we fill up the whole day and people are so generous. And really, the open house
event is to really thank the locals because while
a lot of our business is with people out of town,
I think it’s just a way for us to say “Thanks,
thanks for supporting us, “thanks for still coming
in, thanks for being here.” And they get that, and they
want to give back as well, and I think that really sums up Ashland. – That’s so great. It’s so true, it really resonates with me. And for readers who might
be local, the open house is always the weekend before
Thanksgiving, is that right? – Yes, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. – So it’s great timing this
year because my tenth book, – Yes!
– A Cup of Holiday Fear, – Ooh!
– Is coming out, and I know from previous years
of coming to the open house, Paddington is completely
decked out for the holidays. – Oh yeah. – Carolers upstairs here,
there’s probably going to be hot cocoa.
– Yeah. – There might be something
with a Cup of Holiday Fear, so stay tuned for that.
– Yeah! – We’ll see!
– Yes! – So, today we are baking a recipe from Live and Let Pie, like we talked about, and this story came about,
well I should tell you that the premise of the
story, first of all, is that two young girls are
swimming in Emigrant Lake, which is a real place here. – Yep. – And they come up and
they discover a skull. Ahh!
– Ah! – And that leads them to the past, and so there are kind of two murders that Jules is solving in this book. And the reason that came
to me for inspiration was because there really
were two young girls swimming in the lake back in like
2007 when the lake levels were really low, and
they found the remnants of an old town buried
under the lake waters. – Wow! – I know, creepy, right? So I don’t think there’s
anything quite as sinister going on here at Paddington, other than maybe coming to
find adorable picnic gear. (laughs) Or get a new picnic basket. But I have heard that there
might be a mysterious past. – Yeah, well we are in
a historic building, and so it was built in 1904 by J.P. Dodge, and he had a furniture shop here and it passed through a couple hands, and then our founder, Judy
Patterson, took it over and then Pam and Don came
up from L.A. in the ’90s and bought it and sort of ran with it and made it into what it is today, and now we have four
stores and everything else. – And these great historic floors. – Yes!
– And tin ceilings. – And the ceilings.
– Yeah, uh-huh. – And the windows and also
our beautiful brick walls. So all those things are part
of the original building. And Pam and Don have both
really tried to keep with that even during our renovations and
whenever we redo the floors. We always keep the original
floors as much as we can, and even in our other locations
they’ve really tried hard to keep it as original as they can. – So when they have done renovations to kind of modernize it, have they discovered skulls
hiding in the closet? – Well, no skulls that I’ve heard of. – Phew! – We have found some coffin
nails and things like that and just, you know, fun things. And a lot of my coworkers have actually talked about a run in with our ghost. – Ooh! – Yeah, so we’ve named him George. We don’t know his real name. We have found that it’s
usually a male type entity. I have not personally run into George. – Nuts. – But we had numerous employees
who have said they have, and sometimes at night when
we’re turning out the lights, we’re just extra cautious. – Smart, smart move. – Yeah. – Well, George might have to work his way into a future book, we’ll see! – Yeah, that’d be fun. – All right, well, I think
we should get to baking. So I’m excited to learn
some of your tricks. I know you have a few little tools for us. – Yeah. – Specifically a cherry pitter. – Yeah, we’ve got our cherry pitter. This one’s really nice
because it’s a scissors. So if your hands are slippery
and things like that, you can just slip the cherry in. Bam, it’s done. – Perfect! – And so that’s a really nice one. I also have some really
great rolling pins here. – But what I’m thinking about this is, that’s a good murder
weapon, don’t you think? (laughs) – It could be, yeah, yeah. If somebody snuck up on
you, that would definitely– – Just saying.
– Be a good one. And then we have our nice silicone mats which are always great for
both rolling out the dough and then for also baking. – Yes! – Makes clean up easier, all those things. And then we also have our egg separators, and I also use this for olives. – Oh, okay! – Scooping out olives ’cause I love olives and I like more than one. (Ellie laughs) So I just use it for that. And then we’ve got our pastry brushes, and again this is silicone, so you can pop it in the dishwasher, really easy to clean up. And then we’ve also got our
really great baking sheets. This one actually was voted
number one in Cook’s magazine. – Excellent. – It’s made by Nordicware,
which is all U.S.A. based, so that’s really nice. It’s a U.S.A. company. And then we’ve got our really
great Kuhn Rikon knives. So, we’re going to use
all those fun things. – Don’t put that near
me, I’m just warning you. (laughs) All right, well let’s get to it. – All right! (upbeat music plays) – So that’s it! They’re so simple! – So easy. – And, you know, you tuck
it in a picnic basket, and you’re good to go. You don’t have to bring a fork, a knife. You’ve just got a pie, and you’re good.
– Yeah! It’s great.
– I know. Thanks so much for making this with me. – Of course.
– Before we wrap up, I know that Paddington
has some booking shipments coming up soon.
– Yes! Yeah, we’re doing a Harry Potter event. – I love Harry Potter.
– Yes, and we’re really excited about it. I think it’s going to be
one of the most epic events actually in the whole town. There are 26 stores participating in this. So it’s July 31st from 1:00-3:00 p.m. – Which is Harry Potter’s birthday, right? – Yes, which is Harry Potter’s birthday, so yeah, that’s what we’re celebrating. And actually, our event
coordinator here had the great idea since now we have four stores, we’re going to do each
store as a Hogwarts house. – Oh, I love that! – I know! So, here at the mothership, we are going to have Gilderoy Lockhart. – Okay. – And he is going to be doing Defense Against the Dark Arts crafts. – Excellent.
– And things like that. Then next store at Inspired By Oregon, it’s going to be house Slytherin. – Oooh.
– Ooh. So we’re going to do Polyjuice Potions, and Bellatrix Lestrange may be there, which is really cool.
– Ooh! – And then across the street
at Paddington Jewel Box, we’re going to have Ravenclaw, and they’re going to
be doing Ancient Runes and readings of runes and things. – Cool. – And then at our brand new
store, the Paddington Express, we’re going to be having Hufflepuff, and Professor Trelawney will be there to teach us how to read tea leaves. – Ooh!
– Yeah! – That sounds fun. – It’s going to be so much fun! – And anyone can come. Do you need a ticket
or anything like that? – No, it’s totally free.
– Okay. – And you’ll get a map.
– Okay. – You can start at
Treehouse Books or anywhere. We work hand in hand with them a lot doing awesome kids’ events
throughout the year. And yeah, there’s a map and it shows you exactly where to go. – How cool is that?
– Yeah. – The other exciting thing
to share with readers is that you guys are going
to offer an exclusive special for the next couple weeks, right? – Yes, we’re really excited
about having your books here and having you come here and do this, so if you come on the Mezzanine, which is our very top floor
in Paddington Station, and say “Live and Let Pie”. – “Live and Let Pie”! – Yes, when you make your purchase, you get ten percent off select items. So those items are our
Norpro cherry pitter, since we were using that today. We also have our egg separator. – That is such a cool tool. – Yes, very helpful and handy. We also have our Kuhn Rikon paring knives, which are wonderful knives, and then any baking sheet, any baking sheet you want
you get ten percent off, and any silicone baking mat or rolling mat you get ten percent off. – So great!
– Yeah! – Readers will be set for pie! – Yeah, come on down! – Whether you’re a local
here in Southern Oregon, or like we talked about,
there are so many tourists who come through over the summer. – Yeah. – You could score. – Anybody. – And I am doing a special
giveaway in honor of being here at Paddington Station and making such delicious picnic fun food. I’m going to give away a signed
copy of “Live and Let Pie” as well as some Torte
merch to one lucky reader, and all of the details
on how to enter that will be here on the post. Thanks again for having me, Sarah. This has been so much fun to cook in a professional retail kitchen and see some of your amazing gadgets. – Well I’ve had a blast and I’m definitely going to make these at home. – Yay! (laughs) You should, too! Be sure to subscribe to my
channel and click the bell to get notified whenever
I share videos like this. And comment below and let us know what’s your favorite kind of pie. Is it a hand pie or just
a full on old school pie? Happy baking! (upbeat music)