Cherry Bomb this is my favorite recipe to make after dinner because there’s no consequences to it. Starting off with some natural raw cherries. They’ve just been pitted and frozen. High in Vitamin C and then I’m going to make chocolate. So this is just a chocolate cherry recipe. A little bit of honey, try not to over do that, but antiviral, antibacterial, and I’m putting in some cocoa. So cocoa and honey. Chocolate, done. Now I’m just going to add a little bit of filtered water. And blend that together. You can use any blender for this combination. Very simple, very gentle. This one’s a bit runnier because I’ve used filtered water, sometimes I try and make it a bit creamier. That runny cherry consistency. I’m going to put a dollop of Greek yogurt on top. There’s good probiotics and a little color contrast. A little protein and away we go. I’m going to try not to spill this all over myself. Mmm so good. Chocolate and cherries – winning combo. Cherry Bomb. If you want the full recipe click the link.