Oh hi there, Happy Thanksgiving! I’m here today in our Arlington office celebrating
Thanksgiving with my Arlington family. Did you know that Thanksgiving actually
started back in 1621, where the first meal had things like waterfowl, ham,
venison, squash, lobster – things that we’re not familiar with. It was in 1887 when
the White House came up with a cookbook with the more traditional Thanksgiving
fare that we serve today. Turkey cranberry sauce, mashed potato. You know but here at AvePoint we took it to a different level. Do you want to see what
we’re having today? So check this out! We got pizza, we got curry chicken, we got stuffing, we got tteokbokki, mashed
potatoes, green beans, chicken, veggies and – boy an endless assortment of phenomenal dessert. Now speaking of cookbooks, we came up with our own cookbook as well. You can download today the definitive Office 365 groups cookbook. Where in we
have industry leaders and great chefs as well, show you how to create office 365
groups in different ways. For example, we’ve got things like, let’s see, how to
create groups and teams. We’ve got all the necessary step-by-step guidance on
how to do it. We have string scampi on how we create groups in stream. So really
good stuff, practical that you can use today and make sure you have a
successful recipe for Office 365 groups. So with that, I got to dig into my
Thanksgiving meal but before you wrap up from our family to yours we want to
greet you a very happy Thanksgiving! And we are so grateful and thankful for all
your support until the next one bye!