the drive on route 34 is always sweet
and it’s even sweeter when I’m headed to Angie’s sugar buzz bakery in Sandwich
Ella Noi thank you for the suggestion on Facebook today I’m going to get mushed
sugar buzz on how long have you guys been here right off my favorite Highway
Route 34 I’ve actually been in this building for 20 years it used to be a BP
gas station and I thought you know what there hasn’t been a bakery in town for a
really long time so let’s turn this gas station into a 8th Grade I actually walk
here every morning this is my stock before I go to work and I visit with the
other folks I come here and just want to chat it’s a friendly homey place and I
enjoy it it makes you happy when you come in and you’re happy when you leave
this is the spot to be there’s no question about seeing all behind me and
I’m getting my sugar fix I need to eat so what are we gonna be baking today
we’re going to be making Scotch aru’s today there are traditional rice
krispies treat with peanut butter and then it has a chocolate frosting on top
delicious let’s get baking I’ve never really made rice krispies a greeting as
a kid I’m still follow your lead okay well a lot of people cook them on the
stove but here we don’t have that option you will never make them out of stove
again after you do this we start by melting the butter for my recipe I use
two and a half bags of marshmallows oops oh I lost my hey every now and then one
gets away one might get away right now so no throw marshmallows in
hello this is what we’re talking about time for the peanut butter this is where
we really need to get our work out and I guess we got to get into it yeah I
didn’t do it well it’s you look good I just drop them onto the pan and then
normally I would script for but I know you want it not I give that to you I get
to eat like a kid this is good stuff now we got a major topic bring on the
chocolate and butterscotch hello this was must have somebody’s effing let’s
eat I am addicted to these catchers the helmet tasted the wrong it’s delicious
what look ever we just got trying I’ve had my bug had
my coffee and now it’s time for the sugar but it’s still kind of depressing
all right let’s dig in did you out in there are they in my hair
yeah thanks man don’t forget and be refer the perfect amount of peanut
butter for super gluing the marshmallow and I know it is it just reminds you of
being a kid why is angie sugar buzz bakeries
Chicago’s best the treat that you know your mommy when you were a kid and it’s
something that you can enjoy us an adult my mom never made him like this my mom
didn’t either Angie sugar buzz this pretty much got me
through my pregnancy the baby loved them I love them and now you’re going to love
them make sure you comes right off of cuteness highway about 34