– Growing up going to
the market with my mom, it was always Lyndsay
don’t touch this, don’t touch that you’re
gonna spoil your dinner. Well thanks to our
viewer Lindsay with an I, we’re here in Evanston
at Foodstuffs, and we’re going to
eat all the samples. We called each other
this morning apparently because we match.
– We do. – So I’m thinking
you must have put out all these samples
around the store because you knew we were coming. – We put a lot of samples
out on a regular basis, get a little taste of what
Foodstuffs has to offer. Everything that
you see behind us we make on a regular basis. The menu does change every day. – It’s always sort of a staple, my mom loved Foodstuffs. – I’ve never had anything
that I didn’t love here. – Everything is just
right here for you to just browse and grab it,
kind of like a grocery store. – I like that it has
gourmet foods, unique items, everything’s just yummy. – When you go grocery
shopping with your parents, it can be kind of a chore,
but I know when I was little I got something
sweet at the end. What’s something that you
think would be a good sweet? – [Sal] The Monster Bars. Heaven in a bar, cookie
dough, caramel, M&Ms and Oreo. – Who would like those? Am I gonna be making
these with you today? – You’re gonna be making them
with Laura, our pastry chef. – I would say I’m
about ready to try a little piece of
heaven, but I might try a couple samples on
my walk over there. Chef Laura, I’m chef Lyndsay. My eyes are as wide as saucers looking at all these
ingredients and all this sugar, so let’s get started. The Monster Bars and Bites begin with Foodstuffs
homemade cookie dough. Can I just Chuck the rest in?
– Chuck it all on in. There you go, perfect. – [Lyndsay] How did you come
up with the name Monster Bite? – Monsters of the Midway. We’re all Chicago Bear
fans, so we said hey, let’s have something
that says Monsters. Some for the table,
some for the bowl. – Can you tell I’ve spent a
lot of time in the kitchen? – You can eat and
I’ll work how’s that? – Now that’s an
offer I can’t refuse. With the bottom layer
set it’s time for the caramel, Oreos,
M&Ms and of course another layer of cookie dough. Fat-free, sugar-free,
calorie free? – Everything, we take
all the calories out. We are gonna decorate
the tops and then it gets to go in the oven. Take our Oreos you just
cut them into four pieces. We can have a race to see
who gets to the middle. – [Lyndsay] Man, I’m
gonna beat you Laura. – [Laura] Then you better
get four hands going. – I definitely
didn’t win that race, but lucky for me I still
get a second place prize, Monster Bites. These are Monster Bites.
– Good. – Yeah, is there
caramel in there? That’s pretty good.
– So good. – They’re amazing and I
just bought a Monster Bite. – That’s it? – It’s chewy. – Are you a food critic?
(laughing) It’s the moment we’ve
been waiting for. We are about to try
the Monster Bars and the Monster Bite so. – You ready? – Yes.
– OK. They’re so crunchy and chewy. – [Lyndsay] The caramel
it is so decadent. – [Laura] Little
kids love these bars. – [Lyndsay] I can see why. Every ingredient is just
the dream ingredients that make up the heaven bar. – [Laura] The secret is
under baking the dough. – Are you allowed
to tell us that? – We’re allowed to say that. – This is the stuff.
– It is good stuff isn’t it. – The Foodstuffs.
– The Foodstuffs way. (upbeat music) – [Elliott] After the break.