it’s me around the world episode and
Italy is one of my favorite places ever we know they’re known for amazing
desserts and Marie on facebook said Italian bakery and Edison best cannolis
ever Maria Maxie loud rap tell me about the Italian
bakery for our family bakery has been here since 1981 we do have a really
largest online community in addison my grandparents came here from Italy I grew
up with a very large Italian family Italian bakery La Paz area pub Laura
Casey star in Chicago we’ve made a few cannolis on the show before so it’s
actually with Noah’s cannoli an Italian is plural so we’ve made a lot of
cannolis her on the show all this time no one’s ever told me that why is the
Italian bakery should cause of that it has been a family about 15 since we’ve
opened and we’ve never changed it once so you’re sending me in the kitchen to
start to process legit with Franco my dad they’ll be making noise cannolis
looks like it happened all right Franco see I’m going to be
saying everything wrong all day you can call me things
no no I’m excited but first we’ve got to do the dough first shelf
Franco solves the dough runs it through the press and it’s time to cut be
careful I think I’ll stick to my day job but thanks to Franco’s partner guy tano
a whole tray is ready to start shape going to make them like it yes thank you
look I’m only for one year I love having the cheering can you come with me to
every shoot yeah how many cannolis would you go through a week five it’s awesome
so everyone coming in basically is going to order some we’ve got a lot
so let’s Brian I’m off to meet Lisa to finish off our cannoli
I was the next family member you are the cannoli filling experts I am yes or
these today you’re the cannoli filling expert take the cannoli cream fill it on
each side dip it and the finishing touch is the powdered sugar these look
beautiful it’s time to eat and I get to meet the rest the family so laughs
sister saving the best for last you get the best part everyone had to
work you get to eat of my sister said before you save the best for last
I love it they look pretty good I have to say you know you did a good job
what a pity so super creamy in the inside the riposte off the shells
purposely crispy this is really good one of my favorites I’ve gotten to meet the
whole family but we’re missing one member you haven’t met my mom I say
let’s pack up some cannoli and let’s pack up the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica which
is perfect because it has seating for up to eight and let’s take the whole thing
let’s go true you