the big boss on Twitter said we need to
give Mimi’s deli some airtime and I mean who’s gonna mess with the boss not me so
we’re here let’s get to fry whose ninny Nene is my big sister you can’t shout
out my big sister shout out to big sis yeah so my mom and dad started the
business they met at the corner store my dad on my mom was gonna go buy cupcake
mix and my dad’s like look at baby I won’t give you those cupcake mix hmm all
right you could pay me later then they made me and the store ten minutes I need
you Sanofi enemy an enemy doable on song hi now
there we go you like jay-z shuttle McCauley B why
isn’t he nice akagi’s that’s what makes nina’s truly Chicago Vestas our love for
people and our love for our community honey just makes this a really welcoming
environment they’re gonna come in and should you like your family I like that
they’re so personable it’s like being in your family’s house let’s talk about our
dessert let’s do it we’re all about the fried hello about that fried bad that
fried know they know we’re doing two different kinds desserts a bowl fried
the first one is the sweet empanada then the besitos de Cuba that they see
this is the cutest name baby little kisses yeah I do think while we’re here
we gotta come up with a Nene cuz there’s the nae nae now watch me
whip whip watch me nae nae but we Chicago is gonna bring up that Nene oh
wait do the knee do me do Damini we got the dance moves we got the scene we got
the Hwanhee baby and we got Brittany baby hey we’re ready let’s go ridiculou
here ready Bobby first up sweet empanadas hop was cool enough to do some
shopping here yes so pops chops Ronnie drops all right let’s drop let’s
get it take some of this peanut butter just Sam okay we’re gonna take the
apples that pop so generously chopped up for us
all that em hey empanada Hey and I’m fork fork fork fork yup there we
go time for our little baby miss eat those
drop these in the fryer the whole thing yeah pull em out Brittnay no tortilla
chip left I put like one first layer water guava another layer then we’re
gonna save one more to put right on top o or not patter it up all over that is
besitos de cuba let’s get into reverse no ladies uh-oh you know I’m gonna take
care of you though ready oh no it’s fried it’s super light the
fact that they’re flour chips make them like a cloud no guava it’s definitely
got like a tropical feel to it borders are open now we can go we can go do our
little Cuban things sand in our toes guava in our team lava we could get our
best eat those a lot of people ask us what the secret ingredient to it is in
this hope it’s done and the guava and the guava right now our empanadas peanut
butter and apples is my favorite thing that’s the healthy version this is the
fun version all of you but right now it’s like your favorite childhood
classic breaded and deep-fried you might as well just order in bulk and I needed
that’s any me that’s the way there’s the owner it’s the way we do it here watch
me meanie Hey you