I’m at spitting J in humble Park because
Facebook J said we had to come they say you spin me right round baby
right round this soda fountain pie shop hybrid is an
odd two decades fast how did you get the name spinning J full complicated short
crisp spinning jenny which is a nickname for the flying maple seed helicopters
like this necklace necklace belongs to my grandmother and this bar was her
childhood soda fountain bar was built in the 20s and we found it on Craigslist of
all places that’s pretty amazing this whole entire place is so comforting it
really has that nostalgic feel why open up a bakery we didn’t want to do just a
pie shop we wanted to do something a little different so we thought about pie
and ice cream together which we didn’t think was going on anywhere in the city
I’m surprised there aren’t more pine ice cream shops because for me ice cream and
pie are just like always go together I always have my pie out of moat why would
you say pie is so much of a comfort suit almost everyone has a memory of eating
apple pie as a kid it’s just one of those one of those things that makes you
feel good when you eat it and it kind of brings you back to a place where you
feel at home and uncomfortable and the feeling of this is delicious
I will melt away my bad day it’s an American classic we make all of our
crust in a food processor written batch at a time really simple ingredients we
use pastry flour butter little bit of sugar and kosher salt and then we’re
gonna process it a little bit before we out of the water okay sir I’ll handle
that dump all of those crumbs and kick the
blade out we don’t want that unfinished I know that would be a hazard right
there get in there with both hands exactly now it’s with a star so we’ve
got a whole bunch of different different apples the more varieties you use the
more interesting the flavor is oh we’re gonna food processor and that is as many
apples as goes into one pie like three pounds we’re gonna add another little
pinch of salt mmm that one was really good that was a really good one I don’t
know what tech that was and that was delicious jump all that right in there
brown sugar oh you make things so good a touch of
cinnamon and we’re ready to load this pie up and top it off beautiful let’s
bake this thing apple pie beautiful we’ve got our homemade sodas I
just can’t wait they get super melty that’s how I like on the apples I’m a
crust person that is one of my favorites it’s super flaky it’s got great flavor
apple pie warm with the scoop of ice cream it’s like one of my dad’s
favorites it just reminds me of home growing up just great memories is said
that apple pie ala mode was actually invented at the Chicago World’s Fair so
this is a truly Chicago invention it’s a Chicago thing I get it with Chicago girl
Chicago classic news Chicago’s best you