Welcome to ‘The K-Kitchen’ today we are going to make ‘Chicken 65’ The story behind the name of Chicken 65,
as to where this name came from, is quite interesting, Some people say that this dish has
65 ingredients into it, some say that this was made in the
year 1965 for the first time, And some say that in a very popular restaurant, No. 65 was the number assigned to
this fried chicken dish on the menu, Hence, the name Chicken 65! Chicken 65 is a fried chicken dish, which after frying is tempered and
then toss it in a pan with few spices, So let’s begin with Chicken 65 For Chicken 65, first of all, we will take some chicken pieces, Here I am using boneless chicken, We will add some lemon juice, salt, some garlic paste and ginger paste, And in goes some not little but a lot of red chilli powder, In goes some black pepper, and cumin seeds powder,
A little extra helping of cumin powder, Next, we will add some yoghurt to it, and mix it well, Now, we will prepare its outside coating, We will add 3 tablespoons of refined flour, Two spoonfuls of cornflour and one spoon rice flour, Because we have added rice flour and cornflour to this, this will become quite crispy from
the outside after frying, We will add a pinch of salt to this, Next, we will dunk the chicken into
this mixture and roll it nicely, Lightly coat it and put it out, Do the same with others as well, others as well, Alright! We will now fry it in hot simmering oil, They are cooked, they have turned very crispy from outside, and nice and juicy from the inside, This is fried and ready, It looks awesome! Now we will toss it into the tempering, For making the tempering for Chicken 65 Add some oil to a pan, I know firstly deep fry and then again oil in the pan! Just heat it up,
In goes some chopped garlic, just lightly sauté the garlic, along with some chopped green chillies, We don’t have to sauté it too much, Just light sautéing Lots of curry leaves, Now basically what has happened is, there is a lot of garlic, chillies and curry leaves
flavour infused in the oil, Now we will transfer the chicken into the pan, and toss it well, And it’s done! Before removing just add some coriander leaves, One toss, Two tosses and three tosses we will complete it This way they stay together, and
they stay warm for a long time, A little tempering from the top,
some more coriander leaves It’s a beautiful looking dish and it’s addictive!