made by kate yeeeet Mean yeah, do you want to close or do you want to be able to see all the plan? It’s Tana mojo, welcome to my channel or welcome back to my melinda. Lee not gonna do the intro down to the veterinarian kamilla So guys Tana’s actually not here today, we are taking over her channel for her. Hi guys, so Ryland is dressing in my clothes for a week Where’s your We’re gonna fucking sample The hamburger in here looks leave Basically we’re just eating Chili’s right now and we’re gonna film it Or they’re clicking offs What you guys like breathe, so my video is just happening. There’s loot involved Tina’s here So it’s like I’m doing it we can drop the cup or two if it feels too like me Every time I can make a wish which I love doing it and come over and I just start like talking so much shit with them and then I’m like The fact that I’m literally creepy enough to know the name of one of Shane’s make-a-wish kids and follow him is so creepy and the fact that they were just like Oh Makita like Gabriel like that side are do me like they’re like Lisa Marie. I gather there’s an to sign all up in it What are they like I know these just like but the Queen girls this year me They terrify the fuckin because they’re all not clean. They’re all I just fucking boost Going through You know One day this week Actually, do you think me I love this it was only really gonna make me throw a guy over than some fucked up shit We were talking about you and he goes then he goes, you know what though? Like wow like cuz he knows he’s stereo and he’s like she was late and she needed fuckin. It’s me Wow. Oh my god No, but I’m just a fucking Almost like well like you’re like no box Not afraid not showing up – Jeffrey It’s manner and you’re Desmet not reply, right? so stupid I’m gonna just fucking I shouldn’t even I should’ve um I should never have that opportunity Like that really was kind of we could likely jump rope with it kind of I feel like you’ve come a long way though Cuz I Sally Jane I was like, well don’t get prepared for her to show up But I feel like lately. She’s been showing up – thank you I’ve been really showing up but I’ve been agreeing to Lovelace, you know, the clout is not maximized Every time I say something like stupidly teaching your daddy lingo. Oh my god. Happy holidays next Jake, you know Girl into jail, what are these these like egg rolls or something? Girls like that loves me because they like cause like this shelter like rich life How do they see me out at a party like oh my god They’re like I was just like hey, I really need nature’s love you should know more about you Hey, I love you. She openly tells me I’m not gonna post on social media but next year Year, do you think that’s like her mom’s lawyer though being my own man talk but it sucks because I feel like she didn’t even Want to go to college a little I think the mom does I really want my her daughters to like well She wouldn’t tell her. Well, they’re friends like yes, they’re at USC. Whoa. I’m not trying to get to be for that back Like it was like a Chili’s actually reads from what Jesus or whatever chance this weight like that. I know that means like something is happening Okay, so you and Jay We just said that in our new video, but you told me not to film this video so I might not upload it It was really like harder than like It’s honestly part lies your documentary Yeah If you tell me how to it was so she came to me and she said hey I want to do a sociopath attachment Jake And I want you to come in and surprise him and like to read the questions like dr Phil and I was like that’s iconic I Would literally of course I would do that because I started thinking about it like well people already mad at me but associate hot stuff I mean, I don’t want I kind of want to get involved not again How’s it well about you Jake. So it’s like, you know, maybe one of you has it so I think everybody has something I don’t know I would say honest to person like even mind like hating myself and depression. Ah suddenly Oh, there’s probably a name for this I should figure it out So the video went well, that was the first moment where I was like wow We always had her probably meant to be like really awake and like that was that when a deeper everyone was like wow I really really like meant to be like maybe how they gonna last feeling I’m gonna say no But I will say this I do think that I like that jake has somebody who he can be himself around you can clearly see I mean, I really like I know the series got a lot of shit, whatever He’s one of the sweetest youtubers that part the sweetest you do ever I’ve ever met I’d say you guys agree very pump Very nice polite Jake cause the only youtuber that’s been in this house. It’s a real person besides him But he was only that it was really nice to meet I think it’s good that even if you guys are friends or whatever it is. I like it. I think you guys are Did I was ashamed sample reward on me You got my Anna stamp of like oh, that’s not gonna end it like a drama get it Good like using like I don’t know or hemming Lila and you guys Like what did you say? No, I’ve never done that a lot of people I know have a lot of your favorite youtubers are goofy. No they just have Everybody it’s like kind of oh, it’s Lindsay. I guess I’ve never used one No, it’s not like Harvey you definitely could easily do that I’ve never done I swear I god I feel like in Vegas back in the day like my mommy you might shuffling my rave phase You know Molly and other drugs they’re buddies, right? It doesn’t hit you faster than about like it doesn’t even hate you just time to make sure but no Good you bring out like me Whoa, let me say that go get your holy and I you say that a lot No Barbie we’re gonna get it if the whole internet notebook pooping is and I had no idea. I’m gonna feel so let down pooping once well, I Don’t really know lingo my age so much more than everybody Friends, what’s my same shape? Actually our air probably with my best friends tell you guys I feel worried about letting people in and like a lot of these youtubers Are just like really my played with Morgan’s probably the first person I met like in the YouTube space in I mean he was a College that I maybe don’t want to date stupid people or at least like they have to be stupid and like She said they were monogamous I always like don’t really want to be monogamous unless you like the love of my life mouthal So, what would your party aren’t every cool enough to be invited to you know It’s funny as I have this whole thing where I’m like, I’m not going to write that. Those are not going to show up But I couldn’t invite you so they said oh my god Riley. Will you come in like Boop some shit with me? Yeah, maybe had so many better things so better than sister what are you gonna the party For I didn’t know that she was in contact with people and not hiding in the mansion no That’s where my brains that we listen maybe she didn’t know but then I heard that maybe she posed with a book like if she posed with a boat the I actually posed for the rowing You know, did you think it was like a like a cute? Well, no, I’m sure it’s like her mom is probably like you can keep doing your youtube If you go to college, it’s just like okay, I’ll take this picture She doesn’t know anything else that no, I imagine going into your mom like If someone was like sit in this boat let us take your picture and you can go to call it who wouldn’t do it or even for the parents because the kid I Are at USC and like we’re gonna be so disappointed in you if you don’t go, you know, it’s like just a library well Do you think she’s like relieves that she doesn’t have to work right now you live your whole life in the shadow of like Becky’s Daughter and finally get this one thing that’s like your own one thing right and then you have to shut it down That’s your next series. Maybe you’re making the life. So they’re lucky the mind of Olivia You’re going to jail she could write me reek licking my tracks while we’re talking I’m sorry, you must think Americans the wedding. Am I the flower girl is more going on. We wanna have a carnival Does anybody know this? Do you wanna be oh my god, did you see who she just fucking sent ya? Oh My god, this is like a throwback to three years ago when you were on his podcast, that’s so weird three whole years old literally crime I first met Tanner when we first started dating she came over to Each other at the end of it is A private room the waiter was like, you know you are so right like literally days up to the tampon series chamber on us like an Andrew Morgan everyone to an Italian restaurants and like we could get sat there over breadsticks while I across the table was like I Don’t think is still like that. You’d have to be my friend after seeing me all know that happen We were talking about like how bad our extensions. All right, let me like bondage Done yelling, you’re like okay your extensions But it’s still ended with you know, he’s sending both of you lots of hugs and taxis. It’s beautiful anything else How much is really mean about my voice? Okay, we should You said it was no big deal like Jake wants a pajama, but I think you and I can make a collective ass decision so Planet kids people could find I know you would play that. Well, I don’t think anything would go wrong like that I just don’t associate if that’s the right, you know The clock calculator is equal but my sign signal so Jordan declines Well, I’ve heard through the grapevine that he’s not enough fan and you so wake up do my Screen I was like if you don’t love Shane Dawson, if you don’t know credit rate doesn’t everything wake up There’s a whole subculture of people on YouTube that just pretend that they don’t know that Shane exists Yeah He was Chili’s, you know, I mean, I we canceling chili Okay The janitor cotton carnival wedding. Okay, so Jana cannot see their 21st birthday. I’m waiting for my invite. I’m gonna invite you but you’re not gonna show up and it’s a beautiful thing I didn’t go to judges party and that’s big like I sure but are like things I should know about I’m cold. Like what’s a good news big kids are doing? SoulCycle that’s like saying you soul cycling would be when you go to some psycho possibly no They were all forget they’re such an acrylic you know what though? It’s Black screen Baptist