What up guys welcome to the Double Chen show! It’s Dan. [It’s Mike!] You guys know that Mike and I both love to cook But we love to cook in different styles. Yeah, you’re more like the complete western Fancy schmancy whatever you do… 100 percent! I’ve got like 18 different knives. I got my measuring cups I follow recipes to a tee and you’re literally the exact opposite Yeah, I just toss things in in good hearty old Chinese classic style That’s right both styles definitely work, because both styles can make great tasting food But we thought it was fun to show you guys the differences Check it out Time to make some rice Gotta get the perfect amount no more no less and now the water Perfect. 2 to 1! That’s about right. Can’t wait to make some classic French beef stew I’m gonna make a Chinese stir-fry with a lot of traditional ingredients Chinese sausage, tofu, duck blood, pig feet, pig ears, and intestines… I got my large saute pan imported from France to my miniature saute pan imported from Switzerland Ooh! A miniature saucepan for the sauce, a large saucepan for the soup, a strainer for the noodles and you can’t forget all the tools I got my trusty wok here to stir fry Chopsticks The key to a great Western dish is using the best, finest Extra-Virgin olive oil you can find and just the right amount not too much The key to a good Chinese dish is going to the Chinese supermarket and buying the cheapest vegetable oil you can find All right, this is what the recipe calls for: half a pint of peppers, a dash of oregano Tablespoon of ginger, a little bit of chicken stock and a little bit of dry white wine and the seasoning we’ll be very precise with this… a teaspoon of salt a level teaspoon of sugar there we go, and… a pinch of pepper I love it when I follow the recipe perfectly some mushrooms a little bit of vinegar a little bit of Chinese vinegar, a little bit of soy sauce a little bit of sesame oil, you got to be careful here… a little bit of rice wine And now for some flavor enhancement: some thyme Italian parsley and a single bay leaf; really bring out that natural flavor of that hormone-free beef This is the secret ingredient to make your Chinese dish even more flavorful: MSG That must be the oven! The beef is done! It needs a couple more minutes. Oh, I gotta grab something from the oven Soy Sauce, Chicken Broth Needed a plate. For dessert, a traditional custard For dessert, a classic Don’t you just love an organic green salad to start the meal? I wonder what dressing I’ll use… maybe that champagne vinaigrette Come on… Chinese people don’t eat salad Hi guys, so those are some of the differences between the Chinese or Asian style cooking versus the western style cooking Yeah, we’re definitely more freehand That’s right, and you know the funny thing is this is exactly how Mike and I cook I actually, all those things you saw, I brought those from my house, and he literally had nothing in his house We actually had a scene where he asked me if I had one of those whisky things… [Whisks.] Yeah! Whisk! I can’t believe you don’t have a whisk! He literally thought I had… Why would I need one? Know what you can use instead of those? [beating…] Chopsticks? [Okay, but chopsticks can’t beat flour?] Uh-uh-uh have you met a chopstick? Chopsticks can beat anything. No way bro. And come on dude, your butcher knife? It didn’t even cut! It was so dull! That’s the whole idea. [Oh.] You’re supposed to chop. It’s a chopper. It’s a chopper man. I gotta say though despite our differences Mike definitely makes some delicious food I’m sure you guys know you watch this trick – the dumpling channel And let us know in the comments below if we’ve missed out on anything All right guys. Thank you so much for watching See ya! Bye!