Hey guys! Every time I get off Changi
Airport, I have a huge craving for Chinese traditional desserts and I have beautiful places to show you guys, this is the tradition kinda of place. This is Ah Chew Desserts house. It is so quirky and I have to show you why. So although it here during the day the
best time to come it’s definitely at night. First, get
yourself a table, check out that menu and remember to get
your table number. Place order at the counter, give that
table number, head back to seat and they will bring you
order to you. And if you’re not sure what to order,
here are my three favorite desserts to try. This is almond paste, this is mango pamelo and this is glutinous rice made with red beans with some toasted almonds at the top, so ,
without further a do, you should have some! Ah Chew Desserts is located at 11 Liang Seah Street, it’s
about halfway down this one way street, on the right hand side. So if you’re using public transport, you can
get here using the Bugis MRT, exit out the Bugis Junction Taxi stand and
it’s just across the street. Thanks for watching and don’t
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