Hello everyone it is Barry here welcome to
my virgin kitchen today please control yourselves we are making an absolutely gorgeous chocolate
banana bread, if you follow me on twitter you would have seen last night I was excited
to make this I almost had a sleepless night I was so excited so without further a do lets
get on and do it. Wahoo excited noise. First thing we are going to need is a large
mixing bowl and we are going to push in some room temperature butter in fact we need to
give this a little blast in the microwave just to soften it up do not soften it up too
much but it will help with this step unless you use an electric whisk which I do recommend
but we go natural with some sugar in there too we manually whisk ok so cream this together
and keep going keep whisking until all combined but keep going after that until light and
fluffy it really does effect the consistency there we go that is the texture we are after
nice and creamy. Next up we add both the eggs in there I prefer to use a spatula for this
step the whisk does its work when creaming together but I feel by using a spatula you
can scrape the bowl get every nook and cranny right I will justput the batter to one side
here I have some bananas I am going to peel and mush with a fork until we get a nice big
pulp like this looking good that will add some serious flavour in there, in goes the
banana smells amazing I am like a monkey right now I want to eat it anyhow that is in there
we also add a teaspoon of vanilla extract alright then give a mix through in the sieve
here we have some plain flour cocoa powder and bicarbonate of soda we are going to sift
this all into our wet mixture lets get going, looking good we just fold that through that
is an amazing sight I am in love with this right now, I know why I dreamt about it, do
not tell mrs barry. I am loving these little chunks of banana popping up amongst that chocolate
we now add in sour cream you could also use natural yoghurt if you like this is going
to make it really moist, this is 100 grams of chocolate chips you could use any colour
you like white dark but I will save some of those for the topping at the end a little
surprise mix this through oh my gosh so cool, there it is all mixed together nice consistent
colour we need to bake it in a lined loaf tray for an hour because it is a slightly
wet mixture with the sour cream in there trust me when it comes out it will be worth it,
alright I have taken it out of the oven looking gorgeous that was the full hour about 40 minutes
in you may think it is done but put a toothpick through it and if it comes out still batter
like keep going and that is it I think we should finish this off.
Lets take a slice out of this ideally you want to put it in the fridge to set the chocolate
on top but hey I am in a bit of a rush right now lets eat it check that out. So good.
It smells amazing just having a little bite going to shove it in amazing to try it lets
have a go wow shiver me timbers that is a stonker it has a lovely chocolate crust on
it the sponge is nice and moist and the chocolate chips just enough banana taste so good, if
you try this recipe let me know how you get on send me a picture on twitter and Instagram
@myvirginkitchen let me know what you want to see cooked next and I will see you next
time, bye.