– Oh, Hi guys. Didn’t see you there. I was just cleaning the
fingerprints off my fridge. And there I watch you guys, uh, care about that. Anyway, welcome to “My Virgin Kitchen”. I hope you’re well. We’re doing a little more
static shots for you today. We’ve got a phenomenal recipe. Rob’s very excited. We’re making a chocolate brownie cake. – [Rob] Whoo! – See, it’s like excitement down the camera for you. Get excited, get involved. You’re gonna need the
following ingredients. You are gonna need some butter, some flour, that’s plain flour, and three eggs, which
we’re going to separate. You’re need both the egg
yolks and the whites. Some chopped hazelnuts, some chocolate that’s
broken up into pieces, and some caster sugar. Apart from some white
chocolate and icing sugar to garnish, that’s optional. You don’t have to garnish it. You could make it and just (chomps). It’s up to you. So, I don’t want to show you this scene of me filling the pan up with water, ’cause you guys didn’t really like that. So, I’m gonna do that now. Jump cut I just filled it up with water. You didn’t want to see that. (pan sets on counter) So, we’re gonna melt
our chocolate in here. So, let’s just get it up to heat. We figure out from the last food that eight is quite hot, so we’re gonna go for eight. All right, I’m gonna introduce you to a new camera we’ve got. This is uh… Well actually,
you guys can let us know what you want to call it. I was gonna call it Barry Cam, but I think it needs a name like Colin or something like that. So, aye. This camera is gonna enable me to just sort of take you around with me and be like (gasps). So we can see exactly what we’re doing. Right now, we’ve got a bain-marie. Oops, slammed you down. (camera falls on counter) Really slammed you down. (Laughs)
– [Rob] It’s a lens. – Yeah. Rob’s teaching me how to
be careful with lenses. I’m kind of getting used to it. They’re actually quite expensive things. The bain-marie is just warming up, make sure the water does not
touch the bottom of the bowl, otherwise it will seize your chocolate. It’s nearly coming to a boil, low simmer. We’re gonna melt our chocolate and butter. Bain-marie is simmering away there, amazing you could just
put your face over it get a bit of a facial, but, no, we’re gonna push your chocolate right in there, like so. It’s gonna sort of melt away but it’s not going in there on its own. We’re gonna shove in our butter,
this is room temperature. I could break it down, but I’m not. I’m gonna leave it as a bit
of a slab, and then also just to add to this healthiness, in goes our caster sugar. Grab yourself a wooden spoon, and then just start to
gently mix it around. But, to be honest, this
early initial stage you’re just gonna let the heat do the work and sort of start to break it all down. It’s starting to look a little nicer now. That looks a teeny bit more
appealing, a little bit like a fudge brownie texture going on. Let it break down, still keep mixing it. You’ve still got a few
little icebergs of butter but they will break down, or butter-bergs. Butter-bergs, sounds like
a really bad aftershave. The butter is going. The sugar, look, you wouldn’t
even know it was there. Oh folks, look at this. Yes. Do you want to jump in there? I do. I see you in there. Grab your armbands. So, our chocolate is nice and melted but with luxury comes danger, folks. Be very careful. Look at that steam coming
off, it’s very very hot. We’re gonna plunk it down
there, our bowl of chocolate, and all we’re gonna do
is just let it rest. It just needs to relax and
just be (moans) soothed. This next step is egg-cellent,
intentional egg pun. We’re gonna separate our eggs basically, and it gives us a little time while the chocolate is cooling down. So, we’ve got our large bowl which is gonna to collect our egg whites. We’re gonna whisk that up later. Forgot my electric whisk
so it’s gonna be a, a little bit labour intensive, and then the yolks we’re
gonna collect in here. It’s gonna help to
thicken up for the cake. So grab yourself a chicken’s egg, or an ostrich egg if you
wanna make a massive cake. (cracking egg) A little cracky-crack. (cracking egg) Catch the yolk and then
just sort of pass it. You gettin’ that Rob? – [Rob] (mumbles) – That’s looking good, right? Egg whites in there, dollop the yolk in. Third egg, (cracking egg)
break this up, pass the yolk between the two, like that. Don’t get too over confident
or the yolk will eventually just go (blows raspberry) give up, and then, boom, in there. Egg whites for whisking, egg yolks for firming up. Grab those egg yolks and plunk them straight
in there like that. Look at that. We’re gonna do… Put the bowl over to one side, grab our spoon, mix it all through. Oh yeah, it looks a little bit like a chocolate orange actually. Look at it all nice
and mixing and binding, so you can’t see it in there any longer. Happy with that, and now we grab our plain flour and just push that in, don’t need to sift it just
push it straight in there. All good, and again, just push
and work that through, into that chocolate mixture. Last thing, if you’ve got a nut allergy you’re not gonna like this step, but it is pushing in
those chopped hazelnuts, which are of course optional. You could use pine nuts or
almonds instead if you like. So I just push them in there. Get ’em in. And then we just, this round, oh my gosh, I feel like some small chocolate
making factory right now, and just staring, coating, getting the chopped
hazelnuts all in there. Coating the chocolate, nice and randomised into that mixture, and you can really see how much
it has actually thickened up compared to when we first got it in there. So the flour and the egg
yolks have done their job. All we need to do now is put it in a tin. (scoff) I forgot me egg whites. Let’s go get ’em. All right, so I was a bit of a plunker, and I forgot my electric whisk, I think I mentioned that
at the start of the video. If I didn’t, I’m telling you now. Basically, I’m gonna have
to do it manually so… it can take a while.
(whisking) It can take a really long while.
(whisking) Actually, it does feel
like I’m cooking a bit more rather than just shoving an appliance in and just going (buzzes). It feels like I’m as one
with these egg whites. (whisking) You got a sweat band I can borrow or… (whisking) (air puffing) Cheers, that’s good. What is that thing? (whisking) Hang on a sec, we’ll
get Lizzie to help out. (whisking) (exhales) (whisking) She’s got a good technique. She’s done this before. (huffs) I had to come outside
to get some fresh air. To be fair, there was supposed
to be a hurricane today, but it’s lookin’ pretty nice. Any storm that’s goin’ on is me whippin’ up a storm in this bowl. So maybe it was a little bit
whisky takin’ it on manually, but my arm has survived
and the last thing is, we’re gonna push this in with
our cooled chocolate mixture. Let’s do this. (laughs) I love the
dollop. (imitates sound) Straight in to the bowl, the
egg whites there all whisked. Shaky, shaky off the whisk
if you can, every little bit. So we grab the wooden spoon and this you can sort
of fold in a little bit just to keep a little bit of the air in, don’t wanna flatten the egg whites. So just lift it through, and eventually it will
basically go back again, to looking like a chocolate mixture. You’ll start to get these sort
of thicker lines of chocolate coming through going,
“Yep, this is what we are.” So just making sure there’s
nothing at the bottom, just givin it a little push just to ensure it’s all fully mixed together. It’s got the nuts, the chocolate, the eggs all in there together. It’s a good party. It’s a chocolate party,
Willy Wonka heaven. There we go folks, a lovely chocolate mass has been achieved. – [Rob] (laughs)
– Just in a little… (laughs) Is that right? Chocolate mass? – [Rob] (laughing) That’s right. – (laughs) – [Rob] I’ve just got the giggles a bit. – So I push that in and nothing at the bottom. All consistent, and
we’re ready to bake it. – [Rob] (talks in background)
– (laughs) So here’s a proper
money-shot coming up folks. We’re gonna just pour this batter mixture into our cake tin. 20 centimetre cake tin
that I’ve lightly greased. Get it all in there, looking gorgeous, and all we’re gonna do
is just get a spatula, just push in any excess
that’s trying to escape. It wants to join it. Honestly, you want to be in there mate. It is great. All we do now is bake it in an oven, preheated for 35 to 40 minutes. All right folks, that has
been 35 minutes to be precise. I’m gonna put it down there. It’s got a lovely crust on it. That is what you are looking for. As soon as it crusts over like that, be careful cause it can burn,
just leave it like this. We’re gonna let it cool down before slicing up with a little
bit of icing sugar on top. Whoo! It’s sufficiently cooled down now. We’ve got our nice little cheeky
camera there for a close up because we’re gonna get some icing sugar. That is in here. I’m not gonna have a pint of beer. There is icing sugar, or
confection sugar in there. So, we’re gonna give it
a light dusting on top. Ah yeah It’s like letting it snow all over it. I was tempted to put white
chocolate on top of this, but I didn’t want it
to steal the limelight. This is all about, like,
dark chocolatey goodness, not the white chocolate. The icing sugar will do that job there, nice sort of contrast. Now I think that looks really really cool. All that’s left to do now, is take a wedge out of that and have a good ol’ bite on it. (grunts) Okay folks, let’s uh, take a wedge out of this. Oh my gosh! (exclaims excitement) Oh yeah. Look at that. Bit ol’ fat wedge of
brownie cake right there. I want that in my chops now. (moans) (moans) Stonking! Rob do you wanna try some? – Do I?
– Rob is gonna have some. I’ve got a fork ready for you right here. Here you go. – (mumbles) – There you go. Just spreading it, it keeps me alive. – (moans)
– You like it? – That good? Nice. Now it’s your turn folks– – So good.
– You really like it? – (mumbles) – Perfect. So there you go folks. I hope you enjoyed the video. Don’t forget to subscribe for
regular recipes and food fun. Let us know down below
what you wanna see next, and (laughs) we’ll see you again next time. – You can have the rest. – (laughs)
– (laughs) – Okay. – See you later. (rippling water)