Hello folks welcome to my virgin kitchen today
we are making some absolutely gorgeous chocolate brownies off the back of the hoverboard video
you guys were like how do you actually make those properly so I am going to show you how
to do it they are super stonkingly good if you would like to have a go hit pause write
down all of these ingredients this is how we do it.
The first step could not be simpler all we are going to do is get a bowl put flour in
it and also put your cocoa powder in it like so and just mix it together like this. Face
optional like that. Yeah so just a mix like that to incorporate
it together congratulations you are now cooking put it to one side. The next step involves
the butter and the amount we need is slightly less than a block of butter so snip a bit
off like this I did already cut that I cannot rip butter and then just wax on wax off karate
kid style greasing your proposed baking dish and the rest of the butter goes into a bowl
like this. Yeah so we have a greased dish and this slab
of butter we will just unwrap this it is already at room temperature as you can see just going
to break it up a little bit oh yeah my hands are clean but you should really use a knife.
Looking back quite a silly thing to do. Washes hands.
Alright so the chocolate bash it up like that and pour it straight into the bowl loads of
chocolate in there and we need a bit less than 2 bars in there so yeah.
Alright so that is going in the microwave ok 30 second blasts until all melted together
the chocolate and the butter combined you could do this over a pan of simmering water
if you like I always do it that way but thought I would do a shortcut today.
So that was 2 minutes in 30 second blasts it is quite warm though we will put it with
our cocoa powder mixture here to cool down. Alright boston what are you doing mate, thinking
about brownies are you. Right so we are nearly there we are cracking three eggs in a bowl
do a hunt like a forage for shell we do not want shell in a bowl we are going to add the
sugar in there in goes the sugar coating that now there are 2 ways to do this, get an electric
whisk or you can go crazy man style I am going to do that for the old school people for the
veterans, and of course make sure there is no shell in it. Need to get a shell t shirt
made up I think I am done. Amazing so it is nice and light and doubled
in volume check this out this is our room temperature chocolate mixture going right
in there make sure it is room temperature ok do that for me please do it all we do is
swirl it through that marble effect is gorgeous by the buttocks of henry the eighth loving
it. Look at that Augustus gloop would love to
swim in that, lets get the flour and cocoa powder so in goes our flour and cocoa powder
if you are feeling posh you can sift it in there the most important step is to fold it
through like folding a shirt lift it through we want to get as much air in it as we can.
The brownie mixture is ready I believe a brownie recipe is brown so it should not have white
chocolate in it but if you want to you can at this stage now I am going for rough chocolate
so taking chunks and then halving it so I have nice shards so do that grate it up if
you want or use chocolate chips anything you want baby just do not eat it.
What do you think of all this mate, happy, good.
Chocolate chunks are all in just a little fold to randomise it. Lets pour the chocolate
brownie recipe into that bowl. Get as much of the bowl as you can, of course you can
lick the bowl with any leftovers you have and just smooth it out.
Oh yes and now it is time folks to bake it inside our pre heated oven here is some options
of what you can do while you wait for it to bake.
You could pretend to be the king of England. You can wash up but that is mandatory. You
can dance with your dog. You can play a child friendly video game. Or of course you can
do the sensible thing of keeping your eye on it when it bakes.
So this is just under the twenty minute stage I want to show you it has a bit of a wobble
to it that is not good I reckon it will be about twenty five minutes ok I will let you
know. Oh my twenty five minutes wobble free it smells
incredible in here The only thing I also hate waiting for is for it to cool down so I will
take boston for a little walk then have a taste.
Alright I am back from my walk and I am going to cut them in a tray like that nice and simple.
Do not even need to cut it the knife is so soft and sliding through it I am going for
nine big squares like this so good. Shiver me timbers I have whacked them down
on a plate and they are looking so good I want to lick them up and down til they say
stop. It is time to bite one oosh. It is so rich and delicious and if you do
not take my word for it guys my friend gary just turned up so while you check out links
to last videos lets get his reaction too. Oh wow, all good? Oh yeah my mind is telling
me no so good r Kelly moment see you later guys bye!