-Now, I have a seriously sweet tooth, and I love my cake -but, I just don’t have time to bake! [Ben] which is where this recipe is absolutely ideal, [Ben] it’s one of the simplest we’ve ever done, [ben] it’s all thrown together in a matter of minutes, [ben] or even seconds. [ben] and it’s cooked in our new box so no baking involved. – Wow, okay.
[Ben] okay, it’s cappuccino cake in a mug [Ben] it starts with our dry ingredients, [Ben] you see, simple ingredients, everyone has got at home [Ben] so grab a spoon, and two tablespoons of each ingredient. [Ben] into the cup, all your dry ingredients. [Ben] so two heap tablespoons of sugar, [Ben] perfect. [Ben] same again of flour, – What type of flour is this? [Ben] um, self raising, so it’s just gonna rise up a little bit [Ben] in the microwave. [Ben] one tablespoon of cocoa – Mm, nice and chocolatey [Ben] yep. [ben] spot on, now give that a quick stir, [ben] obviously you don’t have to make it chocolatey, [ben] we could do other flavours, vanilla, or almond essence. [ben] or something in there instead, but we’re gonna go with the chocolate, [ben] this is ideal cake for one as well. [ben] there we go, so one egg, [ben] starts our cake mix, [ben] starts to, get more like a cake. [ben] and then, we’re not putting any fat in the form of butter, [ben] into this, but we’re gonna put some oil in [ben] more like a carrot cake, or a muffin mix, one tablespoon of oil. – does it cook quicker then if it’s oil? [ben] and it keeps it light and soft as well, it makes it easier to mix together. [ben] and a tablespoon of milk. [ben] perfect. [ben] and then it’s a matter of slopping it all together, [ben] till you’ve got one, nice smooth cake mix. – do you have to do it in a mug? can you do it in different shapes? [ben] you could, the idea of it is it just uses a spoon and a mug, [ben] but i mean, you said you don’t like baking, [ben] why is it that? -it just takes too long. [ben] so this obviously, microwave’s so much quicker, [ben] no equipment, if you haven’t got fancy tins, [ben] works really well in a cup. [ben] just takes all the fuss out of a same great cake. [ben] gonna add some coffee in, about a teaspoon [ben] of coffee in there. [ben] smells amazing. -mm what is that? [ben] it’s a scented coffee, it’s a nice one but any coffee will do [ben] and a few, sort of chopped up chocolate [ben] or chocolate chips, [ben] to make it, all the more special. [ben] and then, if you’ve got into all the corners, [ben] seems like you have
-think so [ben] you’ve got a cake mix there, so just whip out the spoon, [ben] use your finger, to get rid of all of that. [ben] there we go. [ben] and then straight into our microwave, [ben] for two and a half minutes so quickest cake you’ll ever make, [ben] there we go, so it’s two and a half minutes in the microwave, [ben] and before you know it, cake in a mug, done! [ben] and there we go, as easy as that. [ben] two and a half minutes, this cake, now you see how it’s risen up. [ben] there we go, just needs another, sort of minute or so to stand [ben] and you see how it’s soft and spongy it is. [ben] quick dusting of icing sugar, [ben] beautiful. [ben] so if you do really want a simple cake, [ben] without the hassle of baking, [ben] then it’s cappuccino cake in a mug, [ben] sorted!