This is the ultimate chocolate cake! We’re going to make a sponge from butter, sugar and flour and then enrich it with eggs, chocolate and milk. And as if that’s not enough we’re going to cover it with chocolate ganache and fill it with chocolate butter cream. So this really is death by chocolate. So there’s a lots going on. So as you can see – an awful lot of butter and chocolate but this is an indulgent, special treat. and this is exactly what we’ve been asked for and exactly what we’re going to do. So first thing our butter goes into our mixer and then sugar. All the ingredients are listed down below and you will need them, cause this this is a cake and they need to be precise. Not going to lie to you Ben, I’m a little bit excited by this one! So we’re going to beat it until light, fluffy and pale. over here we can look at our other ingredients. We’ve got eggs and we’re going to need those in a moment, so can you hold those, Barry? And here we’ve got some chocolate and milk. Now if you can just put that into the microwave, Jamie? We need to melt that down for 30 seconds to a minute and pour it into our cake mix later on. You can see how much lighter it is now that is all the air, so what was once yellow butter is now pale and creamy. We’ll add in our eggs one at a time. Good, give that a stir Jamie Now don’t add in the next egg until the last one has been fully combined, otherwise you have a risk of it splitting And the last one! So there we go our cake mix. Now the last bit is to add in all of the last few ingredients. Mixer round the side. And then we can add in our self raising flour, cocoa and all of your chocolate. And then we have beat a lot of air into that so for this one we want to try to stir it together a bit more carefully
until it’s all combined and then we can transfer it into our cake dish. So we’re doing a double layer sandwich cake. Woah, two chocolate cakes! There’s a lot of mix there so two chocolate cakes is plenty. So we’re going to spread it out and make it a little bit more shallow
towards the center, because the cake will always rise in the middle. So that will make it nice and even. And then if you two could put that into our oven. 190C for 30 minutes. And the way to check that it’s cooked is just listen to it. After 30mins it shouldn’t make any noise. No hissing. No sizzling. Then you know it’s cooked. Our sponges have come out and had time to cool. Now you can see the cakes come off really easy because of that greaseproof paper. And we can peel that off. That is one amazing chocolate cake. But we’re now going to take it to a level of awesomeness with a ganache and chocolate buttercream. So we put some cream into our pan and it’s an equal quantity of cream and chocolate. We need to heat it up to boil. And Jamie you’ll be in charge of the ganache. Not the white chocolate, we’re going to need that for later in fact it needs to go back into the fridge.
It has to be an equal quantity of chocolate and cream otherwise it won’t ice properly. So if this doesn’t quite work, we know who to blame. And while we wait for our cream to heat up, we’re going to make our buttercream which is just going to go into the middle. So this is butter, a mountain of butter and then twice as much icing sugar to butter for our butter cream. And an equal quantity of chocolate and cream for our ganache. What might be worth doing is just putting a tea towel around it to keep as much of that dust in as possible and then turn it on nice and slow. It’s still escaping!! Now hopefully you can see a nice smooth butter cream and now we’re going to do our ganache, because our cream is hot. Pour it straight over the chocolate. And that should be enough to melt the chocolate, so leave it for about a minute. And then after a minute, Jamie, I want you to stir it into a beautifully smooth ganache. Now we can do our buttercream, which needs to go into a piping bag. You can get it nice and smooth in without getting a mess later on when it comes to squeezing it. That’s plenty for now. So we squeeze that down towards the buttom. So we got all the bits we need and now it’s time to start constructing. So we put one of our cake bases like so. And then around the bottom I’ve got a few pieces of greaseproof paper which you are just going to slide in. It makes the decoration later so idiot proof. The important thing is not joined in the middle but tuck it in around the edges. Now we don’t want to be shy with this filling. Wohohoho! You want the butter cream to almost be as thick as one of those cake layers. Like so. Then the next one sits on top of that. Then we fill in the gaps. We need a nice, smooth edge. So this is where the more time you take in making it look awesome now, the better it will be at the end. This is the ganache. And this is silky smooth, look how glossy that is. That’s just cream and chocolate. Equal quantities of each. And this is were it starts to get messy, because to ice it you just pour it over and let it run. It’ll run everywhere. But don’t worry. You’ve got the greaseproof paper there to save it. Woah! Wow! Like that. Now the great thing about this ganache. Not only does it taste good you can keep it in the fridge for like a week and just melt it down in the microwave, if you need to do it again. And at this point there is absolutely nothing you can do with it but leave it, ok? So leave it for about 10-20mins so that the chocolate sets up and then we’ll show you the very next stage. Now that ganache is set up, we can start to peel this away. As we take this away it should be a quite neat finish on our board. So what’s on that paper isn’t going to go to waste. We can scrape that all back off later. Just grate white chocolate shavings over the top for decoration. Now this is seriously indulgent,
death by chocolate. You guys are going to have some chocolate cake for a while. This is our ultimate chocolate cake – SORTED. Nothing left to do but cut off a great big slice of that beauty I’m so excited about this Look at this. Oh my dear! That is one hell of a chocolate cake! Dig in! I have to! When you say death by chocolate, Ben, is this just going to kill me? Probably if you eat too much of it! Oh gosh! This is awesome! Now I think this is one of the best recipes we’ve ever done, but if you go and have a look at SORTED FOOD dot com you can judge for yourself. There are a ton of other recipes that are on there!