Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today we’re making a chocolate coconut dessert that looks
like a coconut 🥥 First thing we need to do is make some dragon’s beard candy and it
can follow the recipe on the howtocookthat.net website for how to
make that, there’s a video for that one too. Place the water in the saucepan with
the sugar and the vinegar and of course the glucose syrup, if you
don’t have glucose syrup you can swap that for corn syrup. Let that boil
unstirred until it reaches a hundred and thirty-three degrees centigrade and then
remove it from the heat and pour that into your silicon muffin tin … you
don’t want to pour it into a metal one or you won’t be able to get it out and
then we’re just gonna leave those for several hours to cool. While that’s
cooling take a balloon and dip it into some tempered dark chocolate, it needs to
be tempered otherwise it’s not going to stay set at room temperature. Lift it up
and give it a bit of a shake to get off the excess chocolate and then just place
it onto some baking paper to set. Repeat that for the number of coconuts that you
want to make … these ones are quite large so they need to be shared as a dessert
between two or three people. You can make smaller ones using water balloons if you
want individual desserts. Now that this candy is cooled it’s set really hard so
you need to microwave it to soften it and then pull it to make the dragon’s
beard candy. If you’ve never made this before then I’ll link you to my video at
the end that explains all the tricks you need to know to make this successfully.
I’m not going to make it super fine today I want it quite coarse so that the
strands look like the husks on coconuts. 🥥 Now dip the dark chocolate covered
balloon into milk chocolate and turn it upside down onto a bowl. Arrange the
dragons beard down over the top … now if you look at a coconut the strands all
run in one direction a bit messily but they’re going from one end around to the
other end of the coconut. So try and keep all the strands going the one way. Once
you’ve got a good covering of the Dragon’s beard add some
more milk chocolate over the top and spread it out so that you can still see
the strands of the candy underneath. This pulled sugar with the crisp chocolate is
going to give that nice crunchy element to our dessert. Once that’s set you can just
make a small cut and let the balloon down slowly just squeezing it to pull it
away from the edges and away from the chocolate and then you can just take
that out of the bowl. Now you can just use sharp scissors to cut around the
edge at the level where your dark chocolate was so you have a nice neat
coconut that looks like it’s a coconut shell being cut in half. If you prefer
you could leave it untrimmed if you want to have more of a rough edge to your
dessert. 🌴Now for your mousse we’re going to need coconut cream sugar gelatin and
water and we’ll also need at some normal whipping cream as well in a minute. Put
the gelatin sheets into the water to soak and as always all the recipe
quantities are on the howtocookthat.net website and there’s a link to that below
for you. Then put the sugar in with the coconut cream and then I’m going to add
a little bit of vanilla you could use some rum or some banana liqueur or
whatever you like here I just want to keep it good for kids so I’m just using
vanilla. Now you want to heat that until the sugar is melted and then squeeze the
water out of your gelatin sheets and add them into the pan and keep stirring
until they’re dissolved. Then you just want to leave that to cool to room
temperature don’t refrigerate it we don’t want to chill it we just want to
take the heat out of it. Once it’s cooled whip your cream until you get stiff
peaks and then fold through that cooled coconut mixture. Now you need to
immediately spoon that into your coconut shells … this mousse is not very sweet
because you’re going to get plenty of sweetness from the chocolate if you’re
making the mousse just on its own you might want to up the sugar a little bit.
Fill each half with mousse and then place them in the fridge to set. Once it
is set cut a little way in with the circle cutter just
to mark where the center of your coconut is and then using that as your guide
spoon out some of that mixture from the middle to make it look like a coconut.
Warm the back of your spoon and rub it along the inside just to smooth where
you’ve scooped it out. Now the question is what to put in the middle you could
put coconut water in it but I think I’m going to put some nice fresh fruit
because I think that’ll go well the creamy rich coconut mousse and that
crisp crunch from the chocolate and dragons beard candy. I took one of these
outside to try and get a photo in the natural light and the birds were very
curious … one magpie was extremely brave and came right up to where I’m sitting
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