Do you like eclairs? Yeah. Do you like ice pops? Absolutely.
Well, that’s what we’re making. We’re making ripple
eclair pops, all in one. SHE LAUGHS This is the ultimate
ice cream lolly, enveloped in an irresistible crispy
chocolate shell. First of all, the eclairs. To make the choux pastry,
add 125ml of milk to the same of water,
and 125g of butter. I just want to heat the milk
and the water up, until the butter’s melted.
That’s it. Add a pinch of salt and
two teaspoons of caster sugar to 150g of plain flour. As soon as you’ve got that flour
in there, spatula straight in and give it a really good mix. And what that’s doing is that’s
cooking that flour out a little bit. And you can see, as I mix it,
it’s just coming together, into one… ..mound. Let that cool before very slowly
adding four beaten eggs, and then give it a really good stir.
A little at a time, don’t be tempted to put all of it
in at once. Patience is a virtue
when you’re making choux. This is the kind of thing
that I like to teach my kids all the time, I’m like, “Guys,
who wants to learn how to make “choux pastry? Come and mix.” Keep mixing until you’ve added
all your egg. Drop that off the spatula. And what you should be left with… a V shape. That’s perfect. For the perfect eclairs, I always take the time to pipe. Push forward, pull back. And then flick. Keep going. Back, flick forward. Perfect every time. Top tip, put your finger in some
water, and then just dab the top, and then you’re going to get
a lovely smooth, rounded eclair. The oven’s at 180 right now,
so really nice and hot. And now, I’m going to reduce
the oven to 160. And we’ll whack these straight in
for 25 minutes. So that’s the tricky bit done,
now for the really, really easy, really simple bit –
our raspberry ripple ice cream. To whipped double cream,
add golden syrup, two tablespoons of icing sugar, and a splash
of vanilla essence. There’s no way you can have
a get-together in the summer, and not have some sort of ice cream,
you’ve got to. And raspberry ripple
is my absolute favourite To make it explode with
summer flavour – pureed raspberries, fresh or frozen. Look at the colour on that. It’s gorgeous. We’re going to drop that straight
in there. Drizzle it all over. And then ripple it. Can you see those gorgeous ripples? So easy, and utterly delicious. Just give it a little squeeze. SHE GASPS
Look at that! And that’s going to go straight
into our eclairs. Check those out. You should be able to hear it. They’re lovely and crisp,
and they’re hollow. Pierce the eclairs to let
the steam escape, and pop them back in the oven
to crisp up for five minutes. Once they’re fully cooled, you’re ready for an ice pop
spectacular. Can you see when I’m squeezing? You can see that it’s filling up, and then I’m going to, kind of,
twist it round, and fill up the other side. You know it’s full when it’s heavy. So that’s those filled. And now, this is the pop bit, this is what makes them
an ice lolly. Lolly sticks. So, grab one of these, and then
just, kind of, poke it straight in, until you’ve got enough,
just to hold. You know, we can all buy
ice lollies, but this is just so much more fun. It’s like a little bit
of everything. And now, I’m going to stick
these in the freezer for at least an hour. Presentation at a party
is everything. Here’s an impressive frozen
centrepiece that couldn’t be simpler. We’ve got some filled with flower petals. And then we’ve got mint. And then I’ve got this lovely slab, filled with herbs. Smash that up. We’re going to go all out. Let’s get these pops in their summer
party dresses. A treat is not a treat
without chocolate. You can just grab one of these pops,
and these are frozen, remember, so I’m going to dip them
straight in. Oh, look at that! Toasted hazelnuts on top. And then I’m going to pop that
straight onto the ice, and it’ll set straight away. I’m going to dip this one
in some white. I think we’re going to put some
dehydrated strawberries on that. Think of all the things that you
could put on top, whatever you want. How pretty does that look? How good does that look? Everything about this
makes me smile. What’s not to love? Just look at that pile of beautiful
eclair goodness.