Welcome to howtocookthat.net. I’m Ann Reardon.
For a printable copy for any of these recipes, head over to the website at howtocookthat.net. Today we are going to make a Chocolate Cremeux
which is a really rich, creamy chocolatey dessert which you can use in a range of different
desserts. I’ll put a link in the description below this video to all these different recipes
for you. It can be a little bit tricky but when you
know how to do it, it’s quite simple. To start with you need to place your chocolate
in a bowl. We’ve got a mix here of dark and milk chocolate. Really you can use what you
want. If you want to use a mixture of white and milk or anything. Chuck it in the bowl
and place your sieve over the top ready to go. You have to have that ready. Next place your egg yolks and your sugar in
a bowl. For the quantities that you need for this recipe just go to the website howtocookthat.net.
There’s a link in the description just below the video and you’ve got all the quantities
there. Whisk together your egg yolks and your sugar.
Put your cream in a saucepan and bring it to the boil. Make sure you are watching it,
because when it actually does bubble up and boil, it can boil over quite easily. Once
it’s boiling turn the heat down. Whisk your egg yolks while you pour in a little bit.
Whisk it round, pour in a little bit more. And then return the whole thing back to the
saucepan. Turn your heat down to a low heat as you don’t want to overheat it. Because
If you over heat it, it splits. So what that means is the oils separates from the liquid,
and then it’s no good, then you don’t get a nice smooth, creamy result. Now continue to stir until it reaches 85 degrees
centigrade or 185 degrees Fahrenheit on your thermometer. I like to take it off just before
it reaches that because otherwise it can over heat. Bring it over to where you have your
chocolate waiting in the bowl and pour it in over the top. You may find down the bottom
you’ve got a little bit that’s started to separate or curdle because when you’ve tipped
it you’ve left a thin layer on hot pan. Don’t scrape that in just leave it as it is. Allow the rest to drain through, and then
just leave that as it is for about 5 minutes for the chocolate to melt and then we’ll stir
it through. It’s been sitting for a few minutes, now you
should just be able to stir that chocolate that’s melted around. Keep stirring until
it’s nice and smooth and evenly distributed. If you’ve still got lumps of chocolate like
a couple of little ones here, just leave it for another minute for those to melt and stir
those in, and then after that you are ready to either pour it over your cake base if you
are using it in a layered cake, or in this case today I’m gonna pour it into some glasses
to use in a dessert. Whenever you are icing bags or piping bags
or Ziploc bags for this sort of purpose, always fold down the top edge. That way if you get
any mixture around the top then once you unfold it you don’t have it where your hands are
and where you’re going to be working. Now I want to tip it into these glasses. I
want it to set in the glass, but I don’t want it to set flat I want it to set on an angle.
That’s why I’ve got these sitting in a muffin tray on an angle like that, so that we can
get that nice effect. And then allow it to go into the glass. About to there is the level
I want. Once you’ve filled all your glasses, place them in the fridge. Now that they’re set we can add some raspberries.
I find adding the frozen or fresh raspberries to it gives it a bit more of a tart taste,
something to offset the richness of the Chocolate Cremeux. And I’m going to add some packet
raspberry jelly over the top. Make sure you make up your jelly and then allow it to cool
to room temperature before pouring it over your Cremeux or you are going to melt the
surface of it, and then it’ll mix together and it won’t be clear. Then you can put your
jelly in the fridge to set. And once it’s set you can top it off with some chocolate
decorations to make it look pretty. You can also use your Cremeux in more complex layered
desserts. I’ll put a link in the description below this
video to a few different recipes. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed and
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You guys are amazing. Thank you.