(rooster crows)
(lion roars) – Welcome to Good Mythical More. – Shoulder Talk! (crew laughing) – We worked it out. Don’t worry about it. – Okay– – The Lord of the Wings! – I’m very interested to find out which ones we got right, because– – But before we do, I just wanna say that we’re gonna taste the Pizza
Hut Hershey warm and gooey. We’re gonna taste, I think this must be the Hooter’s chocolate cake. – Holy moly.
– Good gosh. – What is this big pound cake? – The Buffalo Wild Wings chocolate cake– – Ooh, where’s the pound cake from? – [Crew Member] Look at
the city on the back. – Kentucky. KFC. KFC serves a Bundt cake
apparently or a pound cake. This is obviously from Domino’s. And then, the brownie. The triple chocolate chunk
brownie, from Wingstop. I don’t know what they got in here. – Man look at that.
– Oh it’s like little– – Little Bundt cakes.
– Molten chocolate situation. – [Stevie] Lava. – So we’re gonna rank all those. – Lava cake. – [Stevie] Lava. – The first thing I would like to know is, was Rhett right, did Rhett trick me to vote for Hooters– – Hooters, KFC.
– Or was? – [Stevie] No it was Hooters,
so you got it right, Link. – Ha! You gave me one. – Yeah, but it– – That’s why you should have this. – Honestly–
– Except you shouldn’t. – It wasn’t a trick. I was thinking it was
Hooters the whole time and then, the fact that KFC had a wing entered into my mind and I was like, oh this would be an opportunity if it is. And then I think when you said
KFC later, you were right, wasn’t he right? – [Stevie] No, you said
Hooters for the next one and that was KFC, but
Link had said WingStreet for the KFC one. – So neither one of us got KFC right. – Okay so what other one did I get right? – [Stevie] Buffalo Wild Wings, the two top-tier ones. – Yeah the ones that clearly are like a different level of wing, which I’m glad we ranked in that way. I got those correct.
– Right. We know what a good wing makes. – [Stevie] Was Domino’s– – Yeah so I said WingStreet. Yeah, I knew it was one
of the two fast food ones. – [Stevie] And then the WingStreet
one which was number five you said Domino’s–
– Yep. – [Stevie] That’s interchangeable
but Link said KFC– – If I hadn’t gotten
the Domino’s, Pizza Hut, ’cause I’ve had both of
them and I just know that they come in the, like you said, they come in along with the pizza– – A little soggy. – If I had have gotten those reversed, it would have been four correct. And then if I had have
just gone with my instinct with Hooters, see, I did
what I used to do on tests and I just, I started overthinking it. – Started to wig out. – I shouldn’t even be wearing this, and by the way it’s kinda hard
to wear it and eat chocolate at the same time, so you wanna wear it? – [Stevie] But also Link reversed Wingstop and Buffalo Wild Wings. But he did guess that
those were the best ones. – Yeah, right. – Let’s start with these two because they are basically the same. If you look at, well they’re not, but they’re very close,
they’re like chocolate– – Pieces of cake. – So you got a fork there. – Thanks. – Let’s try this Hooters.
– Thanks for letting me know. (Rhett chuckles) – Mm, that is a good cake. But I think this one’s gonna be better. – I think they’re all
gonna be pretty good. – I think this one is cookies and cream. – I don’t know, that
has a little bit of a, made somewhere else and
brought to the store kinda taste to it to me. Just to be completely honest. Which is gonna be the case with all these. – This one has a, like a white sauce, is this cookies and cream? – [Stevie] So are you
laying these out like from, you’re comparing those two and deciding which one is better
and then ranking that way? – That’s not bad. – Yeah, this is better.
– That’s better. – Get rid of this. Yeah I think that’s what we’ll do. This beats–
– We gotta figure out what is the best overall by doing that? – Oh, and then these two are very similar and then those two are very similar. So let’s pit these two against each other. – That’s just a tin of brownies. – Just a tin of brownies from, from Hershey’s.
– Pizza Hut. – Right, is this Pizza Hut? Am I crazy? – [Stevie] Yeah. – This is what they call co-branding. – Let’s eat off the same brownie, ’cause I like to conserve this for the Mythical crew to dine upon. Ooh. Mm-mm, I don’t like that. – It’s not as good as the cake. – No, it tastes a little burnt. – It’s not a bad brownie, but it’s just, it’s a brownie compared to cake. – I’m gonna throw that away. So this is not better than that. This is better than– – I’ve never had the Wingstop brownie. But Wingstop is so–
– I like how they’re individually packed.
– Focused on wings that I don’t expect this to be that good. Oh but it’s very fudgey. – Fudge cutter. – That’s a much better brownie. – Much better brownie than this brownie, which isn’t as better. – Let’s just set those–
– This sucks. – Next to each other for a
second and come back to ’em. – Mm-hm. – KFC gives you a whole cake. They have no shame. – Well it’s like a family style thing, you get a bucket of chicken
and a Bundt full of cake. – But you know there’s people who are getting this for themselves. “I want the individual cake.” And then they get this thing. – I recommend getting a
little frosting on it. That’s got like a centrally
manufactured feel to it. – There’s nothing there,
it’s like one-note. – One-note. – I think that came out of my mouth. – And went into mine. (crew laughing) Whoops (chuckles). – Now, boy. I love the way, look at that. This is the future, look at that, this is how food was
wrapped in Total Recall, you know what I’m saying?
– I love the things that make you excited.
(Rhett blows from mouth) – Look at that, now, once that happens, that’s a little underwhelming, but– – Rhett doesn’t often get
happy, but when he does, it’s for a weird reason. – (chuckles) Well no the packaging man. – Exactly (chuckles). – And then when you’re
done, you just fold it up and put it in the recycling bin. – Oh this has got a nice
crunch on the outside and then a gooey center. We got a tough job, guys. It’s not easy being us. – They overcooked these a little bit. – Yeah, I don’t even wanna eat it. – [Stevie] Do you agree,
this is my opinion about Domino’s. – I don’t like burnt chocolate stuff. It makes me angry. – [Stevie] Okay. – I’m gonna eat this one because– – [Stevie] But the
thing about Domino’s is, and I think this extends to the lava cake and the pizza, as soon as
it’s, when it’s really hot, you’re like this is good, and
then as soon as it cools off– – It’s an illusion! – [Stevie] Yeah, you’re
like, you can taste that it’s not good–
– That it sucks. Yes! You’re exactly right, Stevie, yet again! – [Stevie] Thank you very much. – It’s an illusion! – Okay.
– As happy as you were about the packaging, I’m equally as angry about the contents. – All right we gotta make a decision. Cake versus brownie. – This is an individually packaged piece of goodness. – And so is this (chuckles). – This looks like a shareable size to me. That’s a huge frickin’ piece of cake. – Yeah that’s the difference
between me and you. When I get a piece of cake, I think, that’s my piece of cake. – If you went to like visit an in-law or a family reunion or even some sort of, stumbled upon a park potluck that you weren’t actually invited to and you ate this cake,
you’d be turning back flips. You know? Like people off the street just
don’t make this stuff, man. Like family members and what-not. (crew laughing) I mean when you park on the street and you walk to a potluck. – There’s a lot to that scenario. I think I gotta disagree with you though. A home-made cake may not have, like a lot of times– – It’s gonna be hard to top
that with a home-made cake, you gotta be famous for the cake for it to be better than this cake.
– But taste-wise, it’s not as good as a home-made cake. It’s got lots of– – It’s not as good as
the best home-made cakes which are few and far between. – The things to write home, but, you don’t even–
– Turning back flips. – You don’t even like cake.
– I don’t even like cake! – Yeah so I don’t think, it still has a store-boughtness to it. Like a preservativeishness to it. It’s not as good as a home-made cake. This brownie I believe may be as good as a home-made brownie. – This brownie looks, it looks nasty, it looks old. Look at the top of it. – But it’s a really good brownie. – Perfect tasting. – I think I gotta give
Wingstop, I didn’t even know it. I never even had their frickin’ brownie. I’m gonna give Wingstop,
they got the best wings and the best dessert. – Manufactured for Wingstop
restaurants, Dallas, Texas. Best by and it gives the
dates so that way you know. – Man, what’ll they come up with next? (chuckling) They got dates
on things now to let you know when it goes bad. – We are crowning this brownie the winner. We’re crowning the brownie. Buffalo Wild Wings– – Buffalo Wild Wings has
got a good piece of cake. It’s not as good as, I mean you’ll turn back flips over it. – At a potluck.
– If your grandma gets this and brings it to you. – Listen, before you go to a potluck, swing by the Buffalo Wild Wings, but make sure you have your own container. Say, “I pre-sliced them.” – Yeah, pre-sliced. “I pre-sliced them, and they
got these nice containers “at Buffalo Wild Wings. “I put ’em in there ’cause
of the convenience.” Don’t hurt yourself. – Got it. – [Rhett] You can get GMM
logo tees in different colors. They come in men, women, and kids’ sizes. Go to amazon.com/mythical.