What’s up guys? Welcome to Inspire to cook! Have you seen those cool chocolaty decorative things that you can actually eat? well, what if it was so easy to do, that you can actually do it at home today, I am going to show you how to make super cool, very easy to make and completely beautiful chocolate baskets edible chocolate baskets! we are going to need some chocolate chips as well as a microwave safe bowl a zip lock bag a small balloon as well as aluminum foil and a plate to put it on first thing I am going to do is I am going to grab some aluminum foil and put it right on top of my plate so we have it ready when everything else is falling into places there we go just like that we are going to grab our balloon and blow it up just a little bit about this size is enough. I will tie it up and rinse off in the water then we are going to grab our chocolate chips and take it to our microwave we will put the chocolate chips in the microwave for 30 seconds, mix it up and stir it and repeat it until it’s completely melted our chocolate is nice and melted so we will transfer it into our zip lock bag we are going to turn these corners just like that and put it right into your hand and we are going to start putting the chocolate right into it this way, when we are done, the outside of the bag is not dirty there we have it. All the chocolate is in we are going to go ahead and close the zip lock bag in and we are going to let all the air out on the top corner so no that our zip lock bag is ready we are going to leave it alone we will grab the balloon and we’ll put some spray oil on it and we will rob it in to make sure it covers all the surface if you don’t have a spray oil, just use regular oil we’ll grab the zip lock bag an cut a small whole on one corner of it we will take the balloon, flip it upside down and will start drawing circles on it just like that! you want to make sure the circles are overlapping and we’ll make long circles along this side just like that! and we’ll place it on our foil and we’ll do the same with the other balloon we’ll make this one much smaller cause our chocolate is running out you can put the rest to the base so it’s nice and flat when you set it up I have more chocolate left so I will put it to good use [spelling mom love] and it’s time for the refrigerator after about an hour and a half in the fridge, I think it’s all settle so we will remove the balloons you don’t want them to pop super quick, so we will stretch them out right at the tope and make a small whole and slowly, very slowly let the air out there you go these chocolate bowls/baskets look amazing! and if you put those strawberry roses in them that will just complete the look you can find out how to make the strawberry flowers in the previous video we made them for the mothers day we’ll spread out the strawberry pedals JUST. LIKE. THAT and when you lay it out on the nice white plate it looks [email protected] I hope you enjoyed this video. Do hose lovely chocolate baskets for you loved ones! And we’ll see you next time! [crazy laughter!] Speaks Russian: come on! wow, finally you came back! -Hold on – hahahah – he was hitting me – hahaha umm, that taste of dark chocolate! Speaks Russian: you want some? watch next by Inspire to COok: