Hello everyone, I’m Aarti Madan and you’re welcome to my channel. You’d have eaten Golgappa or Pani Puri that are spicy and tangy. But today, we’re going to give it a twist and make it a dessert. We’ll coat the Golgappas with chocolate, the fillings will be sweet, and the pani will a refreshing paan milk. Let’s get started with the recipe We’ll need paan (betel) leaves, paan masal, milk, ice cream, gulkand, sugar, golgappas, that you can find in any store dark semi-sweet chocolate, tutti frutti, dark and coloured sprinkles, and chocolate chips. We’ll begin with chopping the chocolate. I’ve taken dark semi-sweet chocolate, but you can use any chocolate of your choice. The chocolates are all chopped now. We’ll melt it using the Double-Boiler Method where we put water in a vessel and cover it with a bowl filled with chocolate. We’ll melt it using the steam generated. Leave it for 3-4 mins You can also melt it in a microwave by stirring every 30 seconds. After 3-4 mins, it’s starting to melt. Heat it further till you get a smooth consistency. The chocolate has melted. Let it cool down to attain room temperature. To make the paan milk, we’ll first take the paan leaves. You can use any variety – Calcutta or Banarasi. Remove the stem and break it into small sizes. You can get the paan masala at any paan shop. It has cherries, coconut, etc and is easily available. It’s not expensive either. You can add a little at first and add more if you want extra paan flavour. Next, add Sugar and Gulkand. Gulkand can also be bought from Paan shops. This adds a really good flavour to the paan milk. Now add just a little bit of milk to it. Blend it well to get a fine paste. The masala for Paan Milk is ready. This masala has a really good aroma to it. Now add the rest of the chilled milk to it. Blend it to get a smooth paan shot mixture. You can see everything has blended well. Next add Vanilla Ice Cream to it. I’ve shared the recipe before and you can find its link in the description box below. It’s very easy to make. You need only 3 ingredients to make Vanilla Ice Cream. The Paan Shot milk is ready. You can use it as is. Or you can add few drops of Green Food Colour. It’s entirely optional though. The Paan Milk is ready to be chilled. The chocolate has attained room temperature. Coat Golgappas with it. Golgappas have a hard and a soft side you can break it from the soft side. Using a finger, dip it into chocolate and rotate. Some people use fork, but I prefer using finger. Use a spoon to coat the Golgappas evenly. Now take a plate and line it with parchment paper. It’s very important. If you don’t use it, then your chocolate will stick to the plate when you refrigerate it. Immediately top it with sprinkles of your (kids’) choice. It adds to look of the recipe. I’ll show the coating of another Golgappa. Your fingers may get messy but we all love chocolate, don’t we? Top this one off with dark sprinkles. Likewise, I’ve coated all the Golgappas and we’ll refrigerate it for 10 mins. While the Golgappas are in the refrigerator, go ahead and subscribe to my channel and click the bell icon. Because this Diwali, I’m making many innovative recipes and whenever I upload them, you’ll get a notification. After refrigeration, the Golgappas are all set. They will easily come off the parchment paper and are coated well from all the sides. They’re ready to serve. For Paan Shots, I bought these shot glasses from Amazon. You can buy it from the link in the description box below. The Paan Milk is chilled and ready! These are absolutely delicious. If you make them, then do share on Instagram using #AartiMadan. Do follow me there for regular behind-the-scenes & food-related updates The Paan Shots are ready. Now to serve the Golgappas, fill them with Mini Chocolate Chips. It gives a very chocolate taste. In the second one, I’m filling Tutti Frutti. These are homemade and you can find the recipe in the description box below. During this festive season, you can also fill it with Motichoor Ladoos or Kalakand. The Chocolate Golgappa with Paan Shots is ready! Enjoy them this festive season with your family and friends. So how did you find this twist of turning a spicy Golgappa into a dessert? Do let me know in the comments below Just be mindful of few things. Do make this recipe and let me know in the comments below. Also let me know if you want me to share more such innovative recipes. Until next time, this is Aarti Madan. Keep enjoying good food.