Hi friends….I am Aayu and I am Pihu Today we are going to make
CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM CAKE Aayu…can we start?….Yes we will have fun…. For this we need Cake….Gems… Dry fruits…cherries Chocolate syrup Vanila Ice Cream Strawberry ice cream First we will cut this cake into slices. Like this Now we will make the first layer. First we will put the cake and then we will cover it with ice cream Aayu…please put dry fruits / nuts in it. Now we will make the second layer Aayu…please add cherries in it. Now the third layer. Now will fill the mould with vanila ice cream We will decorate it with chocolate syrup. Aayu…please put gems on it. Now cover it with cling film. Now, we have to put this in freezer for 5 – 6 hours CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM CAKE IS READY…. Aayu it is looking very YUMMY !!! I will not say a single word….I will only focus on eating You can also make this cake for your mom and dad. Please SHARE this video with your friends.