Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon
and this is The Sweetest Thing. And this week Brad from Alchemy is going to show us how
to make this beautiful Toblerone mousse dessert with sugar shards coming out of the top and
a surprise sitting on the side. Long before I started doing YouTube videos
every Friday and chatting to my subscribers for a couple of hours after the video first
goes live in the comments, Dave and I used to run a youth group. And during the day we’d both work, Dave worked
as a journalist and I was working as a dietitian at the time. And then once we finished work,
in the evening we’d drive down to a rough part of Western Australia where we lived and
we’d run a youth program. So we’d do that every Friday night and we
just loved it, we’d just spend all our spare time helping young people and making Friday
nights fun and a safe place to be as well for them. And there were no events for young people
in the area at that time so our group of leaders got together and we decided that we’d donate
some money and star this event which we called Slingshot, which was an annual music festival
at the local public pools. And we had skate park and we had motorbikes doing tricks and
all sorts of fun stuff and just a safe environment for these kids to come.
And within a couple of years there was 2000 young people showing up to this event. And
you have to remember this whole thing was all being run by a group of volunteers, which
is just amazing. And it was such a good group of leaders and they all become really close
friends and we still keep in contact with some of them today.
But occasionally at youth things got crazy. Once Friday night I remember in particular
because this gang came in in the middle of youth and they were after one guy who was
a new guy, he hadn’t been coming for long and they thought he’d dobbed them in to the
police for something, so they were out to get him and they just ran up to the stage,
spotted him in the crowd and just ran at him. And this fight ensued. Dave tried to break
up the fight, I helped take one of the other guys outside, only to find out there was more
of them outside and a bigger, angrier crowd out there. One guy broke a bottle and started
threatening me with a broken bottle. Fortunately at that stage, right in time the police rocked
up and they all scattered. And they were known to the police and the
police said that if we tried to press charges they’d be back every Friday so we weren’t
really sure how to handle or what to do exactly. So what we did the next day, our whole group
of leaders rocked up to the house where a group of them lived and then I think they
were a bit worried because we were outnumbering them at that stage. But we weren’t there to
fight. What we did was we cleaned up their yard, we picked up the rubbish, we mopped
their floor, we cleaned their windows. There was quite a mess and we just tidied the whole
place up. They were a bit confused at first and then they were just a bit amazed that
anyone would do that for them, especially after what they’d just done to us.
And we never had any trouble with them after that. In fact sometimes they’d drop in just
to say hi and not to cause any problems. Some kids come from crazy backgrounds and
they can do some pretty messed up stuff but I believe everybody deserves a second chance.
And as I travelled around looking for different chefs and different desserts that I could
show you on the Sweetest Thing series, I came across Brad in Brisbane.
Not only does he own two restaurants, he’s won awards, he’s cooked for the Queen Mother
and as well as that he’s got a kitchen of 40 staff and he prides himself on giving anyone
a go no matter what their background. Thank you so much for having us today and
showing us how to make this amazing indulgent dessert. No problems, anytime. On top you have this super thin chocolate
decoration with silver flecks on it, can you show us how you made that. So we’ve got some silver dust, we are just
going to blow it onto the actual accetate. Then pour the tempered chocolate on top and
spread it out really thin, so it’s really delicate.
I’ll put all of the recipe quantities on the Howtocookthat.net website in grams, ounces
and cups and I’ll add a link to that below. It’s still a bit soft which is fine because
it’s not going to crack. So what we can do is basically outline the shape that we want,
usually we get about 3 out of each side here. And what we do now is little shapes and molds
just to make it a little bit different. What we’re going to do is going to do a little
round cut out here and then we’ll do another small one.
And you’re not centering them, just random? Just random patterns.
Then put them in the fridge with another baking sheet on top so they set flat. Piped in the middle there you’ve got the Toblerone
mousse. So this one here very easy to do.
Milk chocolate, cream, cream and milk, egg yolks, frangelico, ice water and gelatine. What we do is we put the two sheet of titanium
in there to soak. Then whisk the first quantity of cream into soft peaks and melt the chocolate
over a bain marie. Then for anglaise we need … With this one here it’s milk and cream and
then we’re going to heat it up to the boil. Then squeeze that water out of the gelatine.
A small amount of water comes out, not a lot. And add that into the hot cream.
Just going to pop the sugar and the eggs together. Give it a bit of a whisk just so it starts
to cream up a little bit. Pour in the cream mixture and then whisking
them quickly so we’re not cooking our egg yolks. This is going to be a nice rich creamy
sort of a mousse. And then we are going to pour that one into
the chocolate. Chocolate has been mixed in with the eggs
and the cream and the milk, the frangelico can be added now. And then you can fold in
the cream. Are you going to put it all in at once?
No I’ll pop a smidge in to start off with. You can be rough with the first bit and then
after a while you can just fold in the last little bit. So that there’s the mousse. Put the mousse into a piping bag, pop it in
the fridge and let it cool. Down on that bottom layer you’ve got that
soft fudgy chocolate fondant. What goes into that?
Dark chocolate, unsalted butter, icing sugar, egg yolks and we’ve got some plain flour.
So what we’re going to do first is start off with a bain marie, so the chocolate goes in,
the butter… And just melt those over a medium heat.
Add the egg yolks and we’re going to whisk them
And you want icing sugar So basically this sugar wants to be dissolved.
Once they’re pale sift in the flour onto the egg yolk mixture and just fold that through.
So as you can sort of see it is a bit thicker than what it was before. That’s going to bind
the cake together. Then add in the melted chocolate and butter
mixture. And what was the first dessert you ever made?
It was croquembouche. You made a croquembouche as your first dessert?
Yeah first dessert I made. You started big.
I started big. Did it work?
Yeah it did work, I was doing it in airconditionaing and Igot it done but it started to melt a
little bit like anything. Did it collapse?
No it didn’t collapse. At that point you went if I can do this I
can be a pastry chef. There you go, I can do it.
We are just going to pour it on there. A light bang just to get the bubbles out.
In the oven just for 6 minutes, take it out it should be wobbling and then you can pop
it into the fridge. So this is one here that we’ve finished now.
So that’s nice and cold. Yeah. With a hot knife, very carefully we
are going to get 8 portions out of it. Nice and generous serves.
That’s it. What we are going to do here is just make
a little crumble for the top. We’ve got more melted white chocolate and some toasted almonds.
Lightly heated and then we’re going to pop these toasted almost in there. Pour that one
in too. Lay it on the tray.
Pop it in the fridge, let it cool and then just going to chop it.
So you get medium chunks of chocolate and almond crumble like this.
Now on the side there you have this sort of steaming liquid nitrogen bomb, how do we make
that? Start off with milk, a bit of cream, mixed
berry compote, sugar and lime zest. What we are going to do is bring it to the
boil. All in at once, you can do the lime.
A bit more. Yeah a bit more, make it a little bit spicy.
Bring it to the boil then we are going to strain it off, pop it into the creamer. Give
it a quick charge of gas, fantastic. To plate this amazing looking dessert place
one of the chocolate fondants in the centre of your plate.
The mousse is set to a nice form, we’ll just do about 5.
The almonds in there as well. Yeah the almonds and the white chocolate.
This just gives it a little bit of crunch and then from there the disk as you can see,
it’s got the flecks on it. So that was from the dust earlier.
Lemon balm is always a nice little spicy addition. And then we’ve got these red stretched isomalt
sticks. By putting those sticks … gives it a bit
of height doesn’t it. Just through the mousse like so.
Looks very good. That just takes it from a pile of components
to gorgeous. Something a little bit different isn’t it.
So what we have done today is we are going to incorporate this dessert which is the mixed
bomb of berries into this dessert. So what we are going to do is pop the bomb into the
actual liquid nitrogen. And then place it onto the side of the dessert.
Okay you ready? 3, 2, 1 go. Because it’s only bound together with a little
bit of the cream it just disintegrates straight away.
That is awesome. It just melts. You get a nice flavour in there, yeah it’s
amazing. Just the berries just come through, that’s
awesome I love that. You’ve got the crunch underneath with the
white chocolate but then there’s also a bit more texture with this bottom part. And a
little bit of zing from the lemon. Subscribe to HowToCookThat for more cakes,
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