Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon
and today we are making an indulgent dessert wrapped in a dark chocolate leather. Inside we have got a crunchy chocolate hazelnut
base topped with a raspberry gel, a velvety milk chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries. To make the base we need some butter, brown
sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, plain flour and some hazelnut meal. Place the butter and the brown sugar into
the bowl of an electric mixer and beat that on high speed until it looks like wet sand. Turn the mixer to low and add the cocoa powder,
if you don’t have a stand mixer you can just use a hand mixer for this instead. Add in the flour and all the recipes for this
are written out for you on the howtocookthat.net website and I’ll link to that below for you
… and add in your hazelnut meal there as well and mix that all together. You’ll need to mix it for a few minutes until
it becomes like crumbly but moist crumbs. All mixed in really well. Pour the crumbs into the base of a lined springform
tin. And then use a spoon spread it out and you
want to push it down using the back of your spoon so it compacts all those crumbs into
one piece like big biscuity base. Then you want to bake that in the oven for
about 15 minutes or until you can smell that yummy cooked cookie smell. For the raspberry gel we need raspberries,
sugar and gelatin sheets. Place the sheets of gelatin into the cold
water and leave them to soak and absorb some of that water. And then add the sugar to the raspberries. Heat that over high heat until the raspberries
just start to fall apart. Pour it into a fine sieve, doing your best
not to splash it everywhere. And then use a spoon to push the juices through,
leaving the seeds behind in the sieve. Grab the gelatin out of the water and give
it a good squeeze to get as much of the water out of it as you can. Add it into the hot raspberries and stir that
well, it should just melt really quickly into the liquid. Pour that into a silicone cake tin and place
it in the freezer which will make it a bit more solid and easier to handle when we want
to add it to the dessert. For the chocolate leather you’re going to
need cocoa powder, rice flour, vanilla and some water and we will also need some sugar
to sweeten it a bit later. Add all of that into a saucepan. Place it over the heat and whisk it continually
until it starts to bubble and thicken and the steam fogs up your camera lens! Add in some sugar to that and mix it around,
you just want enough sugar to make it sweet. I’m not making mine very sweet because you’ve
got the sweetness in the mousse but feel free to add more sugar if you want to. Tip half of that onto some baking paper and
spread it in an even thin layer. It needs to be very thin. Repeat that with the other half and then bake
them in the oven until they dry out. I’ve got it on a low oven and it took about
half and hour for mine to dry out. Check it as you go and if you’re peeling it
back and you can still see like a chocolate paste underneath, it’s not ready and it needs
a bit longer. Just pop it back in the oven. It should just peel off. Take you chocolate leather and add it on top
the base around the outside edge of your tin. Now you want it to look a little bit creased
and crumpled not totally smooth so give it some texture in the way that you’re arranging
it. Remove the raspberry gel from the freezer,
take it out of that mold and place it into the base. I found just bending it up a bit and pushing
it towards the edge made it fit really well. For the mousse you’re going to need milk chocolate,
cream, egg yolks, sugar, water more cream and water to soak the gelatin. Place the gelatin in the water and leave that. And then whip the larger amount of cream until
it forms some soft peaks. Put the water, sugar and egg yolks into a
bowl that is sitting over a saucepan. You should have just a little bit of boiling
water in the bottom of the saucepan, the water should not be touching the bottom of the bowl. And then just keep that water bubbling away
and whisk your mixture on top. You can just whisk it by hand or you can use
electric mixers it’s up to you and you want to keep going until that egg mixture is hot
and frothy. Now take your chocolate and melt that and
then set that to one side and take your remaining cream and heat that up in the microwave until
it’s just starting to boil. So now you should have your melted chocolate,
your egg yolk mixture, whipped cream and the gelatin sheets that were soaked, just get
those out and squeeze out the water of them and add them to the hot cream. Once they are melted pour that into the melted
chocolate and stir well together so that you are making like a ganache. When that is looking smooth, pour it into
the egg yolk mixture and gently mix it through. You want to do it gently because we want to
keep as much air in this mixture as we can because that is what is going to make our
mousse light and fluffy and velvety. Pour that into the whipped cream and gently
fold that in too. Now what you want to do is pour that into
your tin, now if you have any gaps in your leather you’ll see like here that it’s going
to start to go through. So try and avoid having gaps but if you do,
don’t worry we can fix it up afterwards. Once it’s been in the fridge for a couple
of hours it will be set and you can remove the tin and clean off any of the mousse that
went through. Add some fresh raspberries around the top
edge. And then slice and serve. The chocolate leather on this dessert gives
it a really modern look and the flavours combine really well to make it one of those desserts
that you that you don’t want to stop at just one slice. Subscribe and press the BELL to turn on notifications
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