Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my
virgin kitchen it is Barry here today we are making something that involves peanut butter,
whipping, oreos and cream and no it is not that type of video it is an amazing chocolate
and peanut butter fridge cake with oreos and peanut butter cups oh my it is naughty, it
is that naughty I should not really be doing this video it is that bad I should be in trouble
but anyhow guys hope you give it a go, this is how you do it.
Start off by whipping the cream first of all, so pour the cream into your bowl whisk it
together with an electric whisk until nice and thick and keep it in the fridge for the
time being. Next whizz up two thirds of the oreos in a food processor with some knobs
of butter you want to whizz them together until they are nice and fine like breadcrumbs
and that butter would have merged together. Press it into the bottom of your dish, use
a spatula to get it nice and even and you have formed a really sexy oreo crust.
Uh huh, I told you it was naughty and we are only just getting started, thanks to David
for emailing me this recipe, yeah lets carry on. In a separate bowl mix together the cream
cheese, the peanut butter you could use smooth or crunchy and two thirds of your icing sugar.
Mix together until nice and smooth peanut butter coloured oh my gosh that looks good,
then add in half of the whipped cream from the fridge fold that through and what you
want to do once it is all nice and combined is make your second layer by spreading it
all over your oreos oh my gosh. The next layer is nice and simple grab two
thirds of your peanut butter cups that have been roughly chopped and just sprinkle them
all over that layer let them sink in get it nice and evenly covered and that is amazing
as it is on it�s own. Next up we make our naughty chocolate pudding
layer, so in a bowl combine the powder with the milk get it all nice and dissolved through
like so add in the remaining icing sugar again get that in there that on its own is nice
but then you want to add in the remaining cream from the fridge, fold that all the way
through it will make it thicker and that is so so good and all you want to do then is
spread that all over your peanut butter cup layer, oh shiver me timbers.
Yeah, definitely one of the naughtiest things I have ever made and to finish it off and
on your remaning chopped up peanut butter cups and some roughly chopped oreos get them
all on there then you have to put them in the fridge for at least 3 hours so while you
are waiting for that in 3 hours get on a treadmill because you are going to need exercise.
I can tell you guys it is so worth the wait, not only is it cooler, all those ingredients
have merged together you have that oreo crust the peanut butter cream and chocolate layer,
those peanut butter cups hidden in the middle plus the oreos and peanut butter cups on top,
so so naughty, only have a little bit give it the 3 hours if you can I actually had a
power cut in between making this so has gone a little bit mushy so I will whack it back
in the fridge but for this purpose of showing you how to make it it is devastatingly good
so if you have a go at making this send me a picture @myvirginkitchen sorry!
I have to put it down, if any of you guys want to come round my house and share some
of that with me right now please help me out so thanks David for sending the recipe if
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let me know down below what you want to see next, mr lazy got to be mr unlazy now and
go for a run, oh my gosh, see you next time.